Far Cry 6 Unique Launchers Locations Guide

by Vlad
October 23, 2021

There is a total of 8 Launchers available in Far Cry 6, and out of 8, 4 of them are Unique Launchers that are required for the Armed to the Teeth trophy and achievement.

Since the Far Cry 6 Unique Launchers are far superior to the Standard launchers, below, we’ll cover their locations to get them as fast as possible.

The Unique Launchers Arsenal tab in Far Cry 6 includes both Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers. 

Far Cry 6 Unique Launchers Locations Guide

Standard Far Cry 6 Launchers

Before talking about the Unique Launchers, it is also worth listing the Standard Launchers you can get in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry game.

As you can see, the list is relatively short, and only one Launcher is obtained by completing a Treasure Hunt.

The rest of them are available for purchase at the Guerrilla Garrison.

  • M-79 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • RPG-7 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • RAT4 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • MGL-6 – Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Reward

Unique Launchers

Good, so now that you know how to get the Standard Launchers, let’s go over the FC6 Unique Launchers.

Remember that these are Unique Weapons, and two of them are inside Yaran Contraband Chests.

El Caballero

Hint: Search the FND Base F.I. Escudo Steel Plant in Corbe Shores

Where To Find: Caballero Unique Grenade Launcher is found in Madrugada Region. Specifically Aguas Lindas.

As you can see on my map below, you’ll need to clear the F.I. Escudo Steel Plant.

How To Get: The weapon is in a shed behind the actual steel plant. To open the locked door, you need the Storage Locker Key.

Refer to this guide if you encounter difficulties finding it.

La Guaracha

Hint: Search Segunda

Where To Find: The Far Cry 6 La Guaracha Unique Rocket Launcher is found in Segunda, a key location in Valle De Oro. You’ll visit it while following Dani’s story.

How To Get: The weapon is at the location on my map below, where you should look for it on a stage. It is just east of the church in the center of the town.

La Petite Mort

Hint: Complete the Treasure Hunt Sword-Crossed Lovers in Muerte Point

Where To Find: In Valle De Oro, you can also find La Petite Mort Unique Grenade Launcher.

How To Get: To get your hand on this powerful weapon, you have to finish the Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt and unlock the Pirate Treasure in Calavera Cave.

This walkthrough can help you if you encounter difficulties.

Into Orbit

Hint: Complete the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt in Del Toro Port

Where To Find: Into Orbit is inside the Star Rocket Brewery in Valle De Oro (marked below).

How To Get: Similar to the previous launcher, this weapon requires you to finish an amusing Treasure Hunt named Liquid Courage.

Check out this comprehensive guide to solve the puzzle inside and get the owner’s stash.

These are all Far Cry 6 Launchers Dani can use to take down Castillo in Yara.

After you collect all of them, check out the Shotguns Locations’ Guide here.

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