Far Cry 6 Cache Money: How To Get The Confiscated Treasure Chest

Written by Vlad Susanu
October 12, 2021

Far Cry 6 Confiscated Treasure, which is, in fact, the Oasis Plains FND Storage Hub Yaran Contraband Chest, is your objective in one of the trickiest Treasure Hunts featured in the latest video game developed by Ubisoft.

The Cache Money Confiscated Treasure is, therefore, one of the Contraband Chests you’ll need to find and unlock in order to get your hands on the 49 Unique Weapons in the game.

The idea here is that Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt is far more complicated than the previous one we have covered, named Crocodile Tears. But not as funny as that one.

Nevertheless, if you follow the guide below, I’ll tell you how to get the Far Cry 6 FND Storage Hub Chest, which is, in fact, the Confiscated Treasure.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide

In order to start this Treasure Hunt, first, you’ll need to reach the FND Storage Hub marked on my map below.

It is, as you can see, a landmark in Madrugada in the Aguas Lindas region.

Look for it just northwest of Esperanza West Checkpoint.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide

The next step is to locate the note that basically triggers the Madrugada Cache Money Treasure Hunt.

Again, as you can see below, the note is found pinned on a kiosk. It’s inside the small orange box in my screenshot.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Once you read the Cache Money Note, you’ll learn that there is a locked bunker nearby.

Your goal? Retrieve the Yaran Contraband Chest inside Bunker 2 or the FND Storage Hub Chest. 

Bunker 2: How To Get Inside

In order to get inside the Far Cry 6 Bunker 2, first, you’ll need to find it.

From your current location, head north around the large building behind the kiosk where you found the note.

On the right side, you’ll see Bunker 2 (pictured), and by the door, another note.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Bunker 2 Location

If you read the Handwritten Reminder by the door, you can learn that the Bunker 2 door is jammed. Not locked but jammed.

Someone named Romero tried to fix the door by using a switch on a roof.

This is the first trickiest part of this Treasures Hunt. So basically, you’ll need to figure out how to open the jammed door to Bunker 2.

Well, you can’t, but you can open another door. Or a hatch, to be precise.

Now, turn around and look up to spot the roof where the switch is found. You can follow the cables if you want.

Go around the building and find one of the ladders that allow you to reach the roof.

Now, locate the switch in my image. Press it, and you’ll see the bunker’s door moving. And that’s about it.

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Bunker 2 Locked Door How To Open

Good, so we have a moving door that won’t stay open too long.

But it will stay open long enough for you to shoot the glowing barrels behind it.

These barrels.

Far Cry 6 Bunker 2 Locked Door How To Open

The explosion caused by shooting the barrels creates enough pressure for the bunker’s roof hatch to open.

So head to the roof and get inside.

Cache Money: Where To Find The Confiscated Treasure

Awesome! So now that you are inside Bunker 2, in the first room, open the next hatch on the floor.

Head down, then follow the main corridor until you reach the storage room.

Here you’ll find a locked door that requires the Officer’s Room Key.

The Far Cry 6 Officer’s Room Key that opens the Bunker 2 locked door is in the fenced area in front of the door.

Far Cry 6 Bunker 2 Officer Room Key Location

Good, so now that you have the key, open the Officer’s Room to notice that is empty! So, where is the Confiscated Treasure?

The clue which offers an answer to this question is found on the green armchair, and it is the Note On Government Stationery.

Read it, and you’ll discover that there is a secret button you need to push to locate a hidden area.

Where is the button, you ask? Behind the desk, of course!

Far Cry 6 Bunker 2 Confiscated Treasure

After pressing the button (don’t forget to crouch), you’ll find the hidden room behind the bookshelf.

Head inside, and then you’ll spot the actual Confiscated Treasure Chest, which is the FND Storage Hub Yaran Contraband Chest that contains the Sobek Special Unique Rifle.

Sobek Special is one of the 5 Unique Sniper Rifles in the game, but you can find the rest following this locations’ guide.

Far Cry 6 Confiscated Treasure Location Guide

After you finish this Treasure Hunt, you may want to head to Monjas Valley and finish the next one named Ida’s Triada Relic.

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