Far Cry 6 Unique Pistols Locations Guide

by Vlad
October 21, 2021

Far Cry 6 Unique Pistols should not be confused with the Unique Auto-Pistols or the Regular Pistols, which you can purchase from Dani’s Guerilla Garrison.

That’s because the Far Cry 6 Unique Pistols, just like the SMGs covered in this guide, must be retrieved from the Yaran Contraband Chests found at specific locations.

In Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry video game, you can unlock 6 Regular Pistols and 6 Unique Pistols.

Let’s see how you can get them.

Far Cry 6 Unique Pistols Locations

Regular Far Cry 6 Pistols

Some Far Cry 6 Regular Pistols are obtained automatically as rewards, while others can be purchased from the Guerilla Garrison.

Those available for purchase can also be found inside crates, and since there are more stashes than weapons, you’ll surely get them by the end of the game.

Here is the complete list of Regular Pistols in Far Cry 6.

  • M9 – Buy from Guerilla Garrison
  • MARK VI – Buy from Guerilla Garrison
  • PMM – Dani’s first weapon
  • 1911 – Finish And The Beat Goes On Treasure Hunt
  • Desert Eagle – Finish The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt
  • P226 – Finish The Lion’s Den Main Operation

Unique Pistols

Unlike the Regular Pistols above, the Unique Far Cry 6 Pistols must be found at specific landmarks inside Yaran Contraband Chests.

Below you can learn about their locations and how to get them, while for the trickiest ones, you can access dedicated guides.

The Autocrat

Hint: Search Fort Quito in Sagrado

Where To Find: The Far Cry 6 Autocrat Unique Pistol is found on the northeastern side of Isla Santuario.

As you can see on my map below, it’s in Fort Quito.

How To Get: To get this weapon, you need to clear the Fort, then check the basement, which is, in fact, a cave.

The Yaran Contraband Fort Quito Chest is in a fenced area under the stairs.

If you need help getting inside, refer to this guide.

Lethal Dose

Hint: Complete the Treasure Hunt The Mongoose and the Man in Aguda Cliffs

Where To Find: The Far Cry 6 Lethal Dose Pistol requires your presence in Madrugada. Here you’ll need to reach Siniestra, marked on the map below.

How To Get: This pistol is inside Alvaro’s Stash, unlocked using the Stash Key.

But to get the key, you’ll need to deal with La Comadreja as part of The Mongoose, and the Man Treasure Hunt, explained here.

Blood Drunk

Hint: Search Jose’s Villa in Serpentino Park

Where To Find: The FC6 Blood Drunk Pistol is found in Jose’s Villa, which is accessed while playing Napoleon El Pequeno Main Operation.

How To Get: Jose’s Villa is on the southern island of Madrugada, as you can see on my map below. Check the building on the northern side.

The Yaran Contraband Chest is on the second floor under Jose’s portrait. 

El Florecer

Hint: Search Admiral Benitez’s office in Fontana Fort

Where To Find: Fontana Fort is on the island in southern El Este.

It is also the area where you need to destroy the Anti-Aircraft Site PSI gun. The Yaran Contraband Chest is under the metal stairs outside.

How To Get: You’ll reach the fort while playing the Harpoon Main Operation, during which you’ll face Benitez; however, if you want to get the pistol before that, follow this guide.

Pistola Sportiva

Hint: Search El Maraton Field in West Lado

Where To Find: The Unique Pistol is found in Esperanza at El Maraton Field (marked below).

How To Get: When inside the field, check the yellow commentator booth.

El Regalo De Clara

Hint: Complete the Operation Against the Wall

Where To Find: As the hint implies, this Unique Pistol is obtained by finishing the Against the Wall Main Operation

How To Get: El Regalo De Clara or Clara’s Gift is obtained automatically via story progression. It is one of the last Unique Weapons you’ll get in the game.

Far Cry 6 El Regalo De Clara Unique Pistol Location

These are all pistols or Far Cry 6 Handguns in the video game, so don’t forget to collect them to complete Dani’s Arsenal; then check out all Unique Sniper Rifles locations here.

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