Far Cry 6 Unique Shotguns Locations Guide

by Vlad
October 23, 2021

Far Cry 6 Shotguns are divided into two categories based on their quality and follow the same logic as all weapons Dani can use to take down Castillo, meaning that you can use Standard or Unique Shoguns.

Like the Light Machine Guns, for example, the FC6 Shotguns are unlocked by completing specific tasks or by exploring the world; however, while some of the Standard Shotguns can also be purchased, the Unique Shotguns must be found.

As such, the guide below explains how to get your hands on all Far Cry 6 Unique Shotguns and where to find them.

Far Cry 6 Unique Shotguns Locations

Standard Far Cry 6 Shotguns

Although they are not as effective as the Unique Shotguns (without the proper mods), the Standard Shotguns are also worth mentioning in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry game.

There are 6 Standard Shotguns, and five can be purchased from the Guerrilla Garrison, while one of them comes as a reward for finishing a Treasure Hunt.

Here is the complete list of Shotguns that are not Unique.

  • 1887 Sawed-Off – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • M133 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • SBS – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • KSG – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • RMS-18 – Available for purchase at Guerrilla Garrison
  • SPAS-12 – Passing The Torch Treasure Hunt Reward
  • Jungle Expedition Special – Part of the Jungle Expedition Pack

Unique Shotguns

On the other hand, the Far Cry 6 Unique Shotguns require your presence at various locations around Yara.

These superior weapons are inside Yaran Contraband Chests, and while some are very accessible, several Shotguns may prove difficult.

Let’s cover all of them one by one.


Hint: Search the Punto Este Lighthouse in Sagrado

Where To Find: The Far Cry 6 Humidora Unique Shotgun is found on the southeastern side of Isla Santuario.

As you can see in my second screenshot, it’s on top of the Punto Este Lighthouse.

How To Get: To get this weapon, you need to use the two Grappling Points to get to the top of the Lighthouse.

If you need help, refer to this guide.

Ciervo Macho

Hint: Build and upgrade the Hunting Lodge Guerrilla Camp Facility to Level 2

Where To Find: Ciervo Macho Shotgun is at one of your camps. Specifically, the one where you have built the Hunting Lodge.

How To Get: Once you get 110 Medicine and 110 Metal, head to the camp where your Hunting Lodge is found and upgrade it to Level 2 to unlock this Shotgun.


Hint: Search the GDP Oil Platform in Cobre Shores (GDP Oil Platform FND Base)

Where To Find: Far Cry 6 Supercharger Unique Shotgun is found in Madrugada, inside a blue container on the top floor of the GDP Oil Platform.

How To Get: The said Oil Platform is in the top left corner of your map. Once you clear it, look on the top floor for a blue container that is locked. 

To get the shotgun, you’ll need to solve a small puzzle and move the containers. Refer to this guide if you need help with it.


Hint: Search the Taino Peak Relay Station in Bandido Escarpment

Where To Find: The COM.PEW.TER Unique Shotgun is in Valle De Oro Region and Noventarmas.

How To Get: Climb the ladder to the top of the tower at Taino Peak Relay Station, and you’ll find it on the balcony.

The True Loyalist

Hint: Search the Gran Finca Power Station in Cielo Gardens

Where To Find: Gran Finca Power Station is also in the Noventarmas Area of Valle De Oro, and The True Loyalist Unique Shotgun is inside the station.

How To Get: To get this weapon, you have to complete The Truest Yaran Treasure Hunt at Gran Finca Power Station. 

If you need help with it, follow this guide.

El Rubi

Hint: Search the Torre Del Leon

Where To Find: Torre Del Leon is the largest building in Esperanza and Yara. It is impossible to miss since the game’s ending takes place here.

How To Get: El Rubi is found in the back of the lobby. After entering the tall building, go around the front desk, and you’ll see the Yaran Contraband Chest on the ground.

Excavation Execution

Hint: Investigate Santos Espinosa Dam

Where To Find: Santos Espinosa Dam is an El Este landmark, and the Excavation Execution Unique Shotgun is inside the Dam Shed.

How To Get: Upon reaching the location marked on the map below, finish The Long Drop Treasure Hunt and get the key to the Dam Shed.

If you need help figuring out how to complete the Treasure Hunt, check out this complete walkthrough.

These are all Far Cry 6 Shotguns Dani can unlock in her Arsenal, so make sure you grab them as fast as possible and use them against Castillo’s forces.

Or look for the Unique Launchers explained here if you want something more powerful.

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