Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers: How To Find The Pirate Treasure

by Vlad
October 23, 2021

Finding the Pirate Treasure in Calavera Cave is the objective of the Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt, featured in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers is one of the most accessible Treasure Hunts you’ll need to complete if you want to unlock all Unique Weapons in the video game.

However, assuming you need help finding the Sword-Crossed Lovers Pirate Treasure, I’ll tell you how to get it throughout the guide below.

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Guide

As you can notice on the map below, the Sword-Crossed Lovers Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt takes place in Calavera Cave on the northeastern shore of Valle De Oro in the area known as Barrial.

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Guide

When you get close to this location, look for the cave’s entrance close to the water.

Again you’ll want to read the Sword-Crossed Lovers Note by the caves’ entrance. It’s inside the orange box.

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Upon reading the note, you’ll find out that you are about the enter an amusement park.

The next thing you’ll want to do is to enter the cave.

This can be easily accomplished by shooting the wooden planks by the entrance (also visible in the screenshot above).

While Calavera Cave is an attraction, the Far Cry 6 Pirate Treasure is pretty much real, and you can see it behind the grates on the left side once you enter the cave.

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Pirate Treasure Location

The chest you see in my image above is the Pirate Treasure; however, it is behind a locked door.

Getting the Calavera Cave Stash is your main objective now. Let’s see how you can do this.

Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Hunt – How To Get The Pirate Treasure Chest

Upon looting everything in the first room of the cave, your next goal is to follow the metal stairs near the chest.

Keep going up until you reach a dead end. At this point, you should look up to spot a Grappling Point.

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers How To Find The Pirate Treasure

Use the Grappling Point to pull yourself up, then swing and land on the stairs above.

Keep following them, and you’ll eventually exit the cave.

Now, you’ll want to hug the left side and use the marked ledges to go up the mountain until you see the entrance to the cave on the right side.

Descend the stairs, and shoot the planks at the bottom (pictured).

Sword-Crossed Lovers How To Find The Pirate Treasure Far Cry 6

Now, you’ll want to follow the stairs on the right side in the next area, but be advised that they are broken, so watch your steps and jump when needed.

As you progress, you’ll reach another dead end.

If you look down, you’ll see a pirate ship and on it a cannon (also pictured).

Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers Cave Puzzle Solution

Reaching that cannon is your next goal, so jump down or use the Grapple Point on the ceiling to descend to the pirate ship.

Now, approach the cannon and interact with it. Or fire it.

The explosion will create a large crack in the cave’s wall and clear the path for you.

Using the Grapple Point on the cave’s ceiling, head back to the upper area. Make sure you swing to get there, then go through the crack in the wall.

As you descend the next tunnel, you’ll see the Pirate Treasure Chest below.

Far Cry 6 La Petite Mort Grenade Launcher Location

As you can see inside the Far Cry 6 Sword-Crossed Lovers Treasure Chest, you’ll find La Petite Mort, one of the four Unique Grenade Launchers in the game.

After you get it, head to the Star Rocket Brewery and collect the Into Orbit Unique Rocket Launcher.

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