Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage: How To Find The Owner’s Stash

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October 23, 2021

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt revolves around the Star Rocket Brewery owner and his stash, which you must unlock to acquire one of the 49 Unique Weapons in Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry game.

The Liquid Courage Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt also features a small puzzle you’ll need to solve to get the said stash or chest.

At first, the brewery puzzle may look complicated, but if you follow the steps outlined below, you’ll finish it in less than 5 minutes.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Guide

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage side-mission requires your presence at Star Rocket Brewery in the Noventarmas Area of Valle De Oro.

You can see the starting point below.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Guide

When you get to the brewery, make sure you read the note in the orange box on the table inside the brewery.

Again you can see it in my screenshot, and you’ll need to read the Liquid Courage Note to trigger Treasure Hunt.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Upon reading the note, head inside the actual brewery through one of the doors near the barrels.

Next, you’ll want to read another message from the white console on the ground floor.

This note tells you what you have to do next, and you’ll receive another objective.

Your goal now is to turn up the pressure in the brewery.

Liquid CourageTreasure Hunt: How To Turn Up The Pressure In The Brewery

To turn up the pressure, you’ll need to find four valves.

As such, start with the one on the ground floor, near the door to the room where you found the first note.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Turn Up Pressure How To

Next, look for the valve near the containers on the wall that is opposed to the previous valve.

It is on the left side of the stairs.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Turn Up Pressure Valves Locations

The third valve you have to turn is the trickiest.

You’ll find it close to the ceiling (pictured), and you can reach it by following the stairs, then going around the balcony.

Next, you’ll want to jump on the pipes.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage How To Turn Up Pressure

After turning the first three valves, the last one you need to turn is on top of the stairs.

This action will cause a massive explosion and a hole in the ceiling above the stairs.

Use the Grappling Point to pull yourself up, then crouch and follow the tunnel on the left side.

Liquid CourageTreasure Hunt: Where To Find The Office Key

As you follow the linear path in the ventilation system, you’ll eventually have to drop into the room below.

This room is, in fact, the owner’s office.

Follow the stairs up, and turn right to see a green office.

Make sure you get the Office Key so you can get out of the brewery.

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Office Key Location

After you get the key, all that’s left to do is to loot the owner’s stash next to his corpse.

As you can see, this stash contains the Into Orbit Unique Rocket Launcher.

This is one of the 4 Unique Launchers in the video game. If you’re looking for other launchers, check out this guide

Far Cry 6 Liquid Courage Owners Stash Location
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