Far Cry 6 Pagan Control DLC: All 10 Chibis Locations Guide

by Vlad
January 12, 2022

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibis are similar to the hidden Chibis found in the previous DLC (Vaas Insanity), meaning that they are very well hidden yet mandatory for unlocking the Vanity Project trophy/achievement.

Furthermore, they allow you to unlock The King of Kyrat Chibi, which you can use to customize Dani’s vehicle, obviously, if you find all of them.

Since the FC6 Pagan Control Chibis are pretty hard to find, below, I’ll share with you their locations.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibis Locations Map

Once again, to make the whole guide easier to find, it’s recommended to use the Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibis locations map below, which shows all the areas you’ll have to visit for these small collectibles.

Although it’s not an interactive Far Cry 6 Map, it gets the job done since it shows the locations of all 10 Pagan Control DLC Chibis collectibles.

Keep in mind that when looking for these items, you are infect looking for small statues depicting Pagan Min.

Your objective is to destroy all Chibis by shooting or smashing them when nearby.

Last but not least, alongside the map, you can also use the screenshots provided if you need additional help with these funny statues.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibis Locations Map

Great, so now that you know where to find all Chibis collectibles in Far Cry 6 Pagan Control, let’s go over all of them in the same order as they appear on my map.

Chibi 01 – In A Tree

The first Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibi is sitting on the branch of a tree.

As you can see on the map above, it is just north of the Dinner Table or the starting area.

Look for a small wooden shack, and above it, you’ll see a branch where the first collectible sits. Shoot it down.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibis Locations Guide

Chibi 02 – On A Rock

The second FC6 Pagan Control Chibi collectible sits on a rock.

To get it, first, complete the Sound And Fury Delusion and climb the top of the tower.

Next, head west and hug the mountain wall, then keep moving north, looking for a burning torch.

The torch is on the mountain wall, and above it is the small Chibi.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control DLC Chibis Locations Guide

Chibi 03 – In A Nest

The next Chibi is a bit harder to spot. From the previous location, head north towards Banapur, the small town where you’ll have to complete the Rewriting Memory.

On your way towards the said town, you’ll have to do some climbing, and if you have the Grappling Hook, you can use it to get to the upper side of the mountain.

The collectible is sitting in a nest, as you can see. If you don’t have the Grappling Hook, you can still get to it by finding the mountain path on the western side of Banapur.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Chibis Collectibles Locations Guide

Chibi 04 – In A Crate

The next Chibi is almost impossible to spot unless you know where to look for it.

First, head to the location marked on my map, and near the golden road, look for a small shack. Or a covered pen if you want.

It’s pretty easy to spot because some chickens run close to it.

Now, under the covered area, look for a crate like the one in my screenshot, and inside, you’ll see the Pagan Chibi.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control DLC Chibis Collectibles Locations Guide

Chibi 05 – On A Roof

For the next Chibi, head southeast from the previous location until you reach the spot marked on my map.

Here you’ll find another small shack close to the river. The collectible is sitting on the roof.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control DLC All Chibis

Chibi 06 – On A Beam

Only 100 meters southeast of the previous Chibi, you can find the next one.

As you can see below, it’s sitting on a wooden beam under the roof of another cottage close to the central lake.

Pagan Control Far Cry 6 Chibis

Chibi 07 – On A Pillar

For the seventh Pagan Control DLC Chibi, head to the location on my map, and on top of a hill, you’ll see two stone pillars.

The Chibi, as you can see, sits on one of them next to a golden egg.

Pagan Control Far Cry 6 Chibis Locations Guide

Chibi 08 – On A Shelf

Fort this Chibi, head to the location on my map.

Just under Memory Link 3 is a cave with a chest inside.

While standing outside the cave, on the right side of the cave, you’ll see a shelf and on it the Chibi.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control Hidden Chibis Locations

Chibi 09 – On A Rope

The ninth Chibi on the Far Cry 6 Pagan Control map above is also tough to find.

To get it, first head to the location I marked for you, then look for a stone bridge near Memory Link 2.

There is a Grappling Point on the said bridge, and the collectible is hanging on the yellow rope.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control DLC Hidden Chibis Locations

Chibi 10 – On A Grappling Point

Upon dealing with Yuma Lau in Durgesh Prison (For King And Country Memory), you’ll have to leave the area using a zipline.

Before doing that, make sure you shoot down the last Pagan Chibi hanging on the rope of a Grappling Point.

This one is easy to miss.

Far Cry 6 Pagan Control DLC All Hidden Chibis Locations

After you shoot the last Pagan Control DLC Chibi, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 Vanity Project trophy/achievement unlocks.

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  1. I appreciate your guide and it is otherwise very well done. However, you should have put the Chibis in the order that they appear in the collection. For instance, when I go to #4 on your map the Chibi actually shows up as #10 in the collection.

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