Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles: Where To Find All Files, Weapon Parts, Key Items & Maps

by Vlad
May 8, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles are by far the hardest to find, but mandatory if you wish to get 100% completion in the video game developed by Capcom; so below, we’ll talk about their locations and where to find them chronologically.

The Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu, which is inspired by the Romanian Castle Peles, is not only big but also dangerous. In reality, Peles Castle is a cozy place.

The good thing about Resident Evil 8 Castle Dimitrescu collectibles and the path you need to follow is that it’s quite linear; so if you want to get all Files, Weapon Parts, Key Items, and Maps, you can do it in a single run.

However, there are also some puzzles you’ll have to solve, a secret treasure, and some windows you have to destroy.

No worries, though, because they are explained below.

Therefore, assuming you want to get all Resident Evil Village Collectibles in Castle Dimitrescu, simply follow the guide below.

Resident Evil Village All Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles

After you get the Vineyard Collectibles and meet Duke, make sure you also unlock the pre-order bonuses, then simply head to the castle’s gate.

The moment you enter, your search begins.

Guest Book

The very first collectible you can find is the Guest Book pictured below.

It sits on a table on the left side while facing the large painting in the Entrance Hall on the first floor (1F). For the remaining items Entrance Hall search items, feel free to check this handy guide.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Locations
Get the Guest Book from the table in the Entrance Hall

Once you get it, head through the left door and keep moving straight ahead; then, once you descend the stairs, go through the next door and turn right to enter the Hall Of The Four.

From this room, open the southern door to enter the Merchant’s Room.

The Labyrinths

Inside the Merchant’s Room, you’ll see a small replica of the castle, which is, in fact, a puzzle we already covered here.

For now, grab the file pictured below from the chair on the left side of the said replica.

Resident Evil 8 Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Locations
Get the file next to the replica in the Merchant’s Room

After you get this collectible, head back to the Hall Of The Four and inspect the large iron door on the left side.

This will trigger a cutscene, and the events will take an unusual turn that I am not going to spoil.

But you will wake up in the Bedchamber.

After you escape the Bedchamber, feel free to do some exploration, and don’t forget to get the Crimson Glass from the desk. You can sell it to Duke.

Now, exit through the door and inspect the chimney to find an escape route.

Maroon Eye Ring – Key Item

In the next tunnel, simply head forward, and you’ll find a statue (pictured below).

From it, you’ll acquire the Maroon Eye Ring.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Key Items Locations
Get the Maroon Eye Ring from this statue and remove the Maroon Eye

This is a key item you’ll have to investigate closer. Open your inventory and rotate it to extract the Maroon Eye. You’ll use it a bit later.

For now, go through the crack in the wall in front of you.

In the next section, go through the door on the left to get back to the Hall Of The Four, where you will see 4 statues. These statues represent your way out, but there is a long road ahead.

Next, follow the stairs on your left side to get to the Main Hall (collecting all Items to get Search Completed), then head left and climb the wooden stairs to the next second floor.

Here you’ll see a wooden door. On it, you can read Wine Room.

Winemaking History

In the Wine Room, get the file on the central table.

It’s quite easy to spot, as you can see.

Resident Evil Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Locations
The next collectible is in the Wine Room

After you get the file, inspect the stand behind the table. This is the Silver Flower Bottle Stand, and you’ll use it later.

Now, head back to the Main Hall and unlock the southern door.

Keep exploring the area and break all vases if you want, and when you are ready to proceed, head back to the Merchant’s Room, where you’ll find Duke.

The funny character tells Ethan that Rose might be in Lady Dimitrescu’s private chambers.

This means that you’ll have to retrace your steps to the Main Hall, then back to the second floor where the Wine Room is found.

How To Open The Prioress Door

Instead of going through the door, however, go right around the balcony to find another statue on the left side. This is known as the Prioress Door.

To open the Resident Evil Village Prioress Door, place the Maroon Eye (not the whole ring) into the statue’s left eye slot.

In the corridor behind this door, get ready to run.

The path ahead is linear, and it will lead you to some planks in a wall.

Break them quickly to escape, then drop through the hole in the floor.

A Maid’s Diary

The moment you drop into the Basement, look around to spot a small table in front of you.

From it, grab the A Maid’s Diary file in my screenshot.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Files Locations
Get the file in the Basement (B1)

After you get this collectible, follow the tunnel ahead, then crouch and go through the hole on the left.

Wait for Lady Dimitrescu to leave, then explore the Testing Room.

From this room, you’ll want to collect the Handgun Ammo, then move through the northern tunnel to enter the Hall of War.

Hall of War Puzzle Solution

The Hall of War features a small puzzle you need to solve.

Basically, all you have to do is to light both braziers by pushing the burning chandelier.

You don’t have to shoot the chandelier. Just push it by moving against it and towards the braziers.

After you unlock the next door, you’ll enter a very dark dungeon.

Explore all cells and keep following the main path until you see a torture table.

Treatment Candidates

The next collectible is a file standing near the table mentioned above.

As you can see below, it’s on the right side while facing the said table.

Resident Evil 8 Castle Dimitrescu Files Locations
The next file you need to get is by the torture table

Good, so now, keep moving through the dungeon and go through the cell on the left.

Observation Report

Once you exit the next cell, move forward, and the next file is waiting for you on a wooden table.

It is in the cell right in front of you, behind the torture table above.

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Files Locations
The next file is in a cell behind the torture table

After you get this one, you’ll have to do a bit of exploration and get ready to fight some ghouls.

As you progress, you’ll cross the Chamber of Solace, where more enemies await.

The path ahead is not complicated, but there are a lot of enemies waiting for you.

Take your time to take them out and explore every inch for crafting materials and ammo; then get ready to run because, in the next section, you’ll have to fight one of Dimitrescu’s daughters.

This fight takes place in the kitchen, where you may want to shoot the windows.

A Cook’s Diary

After you deal with the first daughter, there are two important items to get from the Castle’s Kitchen.

The first one is the file in my picture below. You’ll find it on a wooden shelf, as opposed to the large table with meat on it.

Resident Evil 8 Village A Cook’s Diary File Collectible
The Cook’s Diary file is in the kitchen

Sanguis Virginis – Key Item

The second item you’ll need to get is the Sanguis Virginis.

The Resident Evil 8 Village Sanguis Virginis is a wine bottle that must be placed on the stand in the Wine Room.

This Key Item is also found close to the large table with meat on it.

Resident Evil Village Sanguis Virginis How To Use
The Sanguis Virginis bottle must be placed on the stand in the Wine Room

LEMI – Recoil Compensator Weapon Part

When you are done investigating the Kitchen, exit the next door, and right in front of you, there is a metal box on a desk.

You can see it below, and it contains the LEMI Recoil Compensator. Use it to customize your handgun.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Weapon Parts Locations
Get the LEMI Recoil Compensator on your way out of the kitchen

Awesome, so it’s time to get a new key item.

Once you get the Compensator, open the door on the left, and you’ll enter the Dining Room, where you may want to get both hidden items for Search Completed and shoot the two windows for the Hooligan trophy/achievement.

Unlock the next door, then you’ll enter the Main Hall. From here, follow the stairs up to get back to the Wine Room.

Courtyard Key – Key Item

In the Wine Room, place the bottle of Sanguis Virginis on the stand pictured below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Silver Flower Bottle Stand How To Use
The Resident Evil 8 Village Silver Flower Bottle Stand requires the bottle from the kitchen

In exchange, you’ll open a secret room where you will find the Courtyard Key, which requires your presence back into the Dining Room.

The key is located in a small wooden box on the right side.

Use the key on the large Dining Room door to exit the Courtyard, where you may want to find 5 hidden items (Search Completed).

There are two doors here, but the one you’ll want to open next is the southern one.

Castle Map (Main)

Once you get to the next area, behind the courtyard, head upstairs.

Now follow the main corridor, and in the middle (as opposed to the door that requires Dimitrescu’s Key), you’ll find the map.

It’s by the window, as you can see.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Map Main Location
Get the Dimitrescu Castle Map next to reveal all sections

Goat Of Warden #5

After you get the map above, enter the Hall of Ablution and solve the Statues Puzzle.

It’s quite accessible, it unlocks a new area, and if you need help, I already explained it in detail.

Head downstairs, then descend the iron ladder.

When you turn around, you’ll spot the Goat pictured below. Destroy it and keep in mind that it is the fifth goat if you followed my guides up to this point.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Goats Locations
Destroy the Goat when you descend the ladder

From this Goat, you can take a small break because, in the next section, you won’t find any collectibles, so instead, focus on surviving.

The path ahead leads to the Distillery, and it’s partially covered in water. There will be a lot of enemies waiting for you and also a lot of resources.

So explore the whole area, and then you’ll have to use a small lift to get to the Terrace.

Here your Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu collectibles’ hunt continues.

Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary

Once you reach the Terrace, you’ll eventually trigger a cutscene during which Dimitrescu can be seen talking on a phone.

After she leaves the room, jump through the window and grab the file on the couch by the window.

Resident Evil 8 Village Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary
Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary is on the couch

Good, now it’s time to leave Dimitrescu’s Chambers, and you can do this using Dimitrescu’s Key found on the right wall by the window.

Grab it, then open the door, and get ready for a surprise.

After the next cutscene, you’ll find yourself on floor B2.

Ahead of you is a Dungeon you’ll have to explore and, again, more enemies.

Further north is the Hall of Sorrow you’ll need to reach.

Until you get there, don’t worry about collectibles.

Mask of Sorrow – Key Item

The moment you escape Dimitrescu and get to the Hall of Sorrow, you’ll need to get the Mask of Sorrow placed on the statue below.

This is a Key Item you’ll use to escape the Castle.


Now you’ll return to the Courtyard, so it’s time to use Dimitrescu’s Key on the northern door, which leads you to the Opera Hall.

Castle Map (Annex)

Immediately after you enter the northern section, you’ll want to get the Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu Castle Map (Annex) below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Map Location
Get this map on your way to the Opera Hall

It’s by the stairs on the right side.

This map reveals new areas, so don’t miss it. Additionally, use this Opera Hall Hidden Items guide to get the Search Completed marker on your map.

Grand Chambermaid’s Notice

Good, so now head upstairs to the second floor, and right in front of you is the next collectible.

As you can see, it’s standing next to a clock on a cabinet.

Resident Evil 8 Village Grand Chambermaid’s Notice
The Grand Chambermaid’s Notice is in the Opera Hall

Further Observations

From the previous collectible, check the southeastern corner of the Opera Hall.

Here you’ll find another cabinet with a book on it (pictured).

Make sure you examine the book to make it count as a collectible. Otherwise, you’ll miss it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Further Observations
Examine the book to make it count

Flower Swords Ball – Key Item

The next important item you don’t want to miss is the Flower Swords Ball.

This Key Item is found on the second floor of the Opera Hall, in the northernmost room.

There is also an enemy here, and the Flower Swords Ball is inside a chest by the window, as you can see.

Resident Evil 8 Village Flower Swords Ball
Don’t miss the Flower Swords Ball in the Opera Hall

Grab it and check this guide on how to use the Resident Evil Village Flower Swords Ball.

Now, your next collectible is another file.

From your current location, head to the first floor, and in the middle of the section, you’ll see a piano.

Insect Observations Journal

Close to the said piano is a book you’ll have to examine.

It’s on the chair in front of the chimney. Remember that it is mandatory to examine the book to make it count.

Resident Evil 8 Village Insect Observations Journal
The Insect Observations Journal is on a table near the piano

Now we are moving to another Key Item, which happens to be the Iron Insignia Key.

Iron Insignia Key

The Resident Evil 8 Village Iron Insignia Key is found in the Opera Hall.

Resident Evil 8 Village Iron Insignia Key Location
The Iron Insignia Key is found in the Opera Hall inside the piano

To get it, you’ll have to complete the Piano Puzzle on the first floor. If you need help, simply follow this comprehensive guide on how to solve the Piano Puzzle, and you’ll see all keys you need to push.

This item is basically next to the previous collectible.

Play the Piano, get the key, and head back to the second floor to open the door toward the Library.

Inside you’ll have to defeat the second Dimitrescu daughter. Use the switch on the wooden pole in the middle of the Library to beat her, then explore the room to find all 5 hidden items.

When you are done, enter the Hall of Joy.

Mask of Joy – Key Item

The Mask of Joy is the second Mask you’ll need to get to escape Dimitrescu Castle.

This is obtained in the Hall of Joy by interacting with the large statue pictured below.


Once you get the mask, head to the Atelier through the Iron Door.

Here, you’ll have to solve the Bells Puzzle by shooting 5 bells found in the room.

When you do that, you’ll be able to move through Dimitrescu’s Portrait, obviously after you get Search Completed by finding the 2 hidden items. Now you’ll need to climb a ladder and get to the Attic.

Goat Of Warden #6

The moment you reach the top of the ladder, turn around to spot the sixth goat in the game.

This is one of the Castle Dimitrescu collectibles you don’t want to miss and also the first Attic hidden item.

Resident Evil 8 Village Dimitrescu Castle Goats Locations
Get this goat on your way to the Attic

Moving on, you have more collectibles in the Attic.

Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map

The next one is the Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map, found by the breakable box pictured below.

This Map is used to reveal the treasure in the Dungeon (B1) Special Chambers. It’s an easy puzzle you have to solve there just before leaving the castle.

Resident Evil 8 Village Dimitrescu Caste Attic Treasure Map
The Treasure Map leads you to the Dungeon

Rumors of a Dagger

Several steps away from the map, there is a file you should also get.

It sits on the table, on the right side, while facing the table with the map. Don’t leave the attic without it.

Resident Evil Village Rumors of a Dagger File
The next collectible is also in the Attic

F2 Sniper Rifle – Weapon

Finally, here you’ll find a new weapon that sits right in front of you.

You’ll get it as you move up the stairs when you leave the Attic.

Resident Evil 8 Village F2 Sniper Rifle Location
Check out your new weapon

Great then. So you are done with the Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles in the Attic, which means you can exit to the Rooftops.

Obviously, here you’ll want to fully explore the area for a lot of useful items outlined in this guide, but there are no collectibles.

Your goal, however, is to reach the top of the roofs, where you’ll find a zipline.

Use it when you are done with this section, then you’ll get to the Tower of Rage.

Mask of Rage – Key Item

When you use the zipline to reach the Tower of Rage, right in front of you, there is a statue with the Mask of Rage.

This is the third mask you’ll need to escape the Castle.


After you get this mask, use the iron ladder nearby, then the lift to return to the main area of the castle.

From here, you’ll want to get to the Main Hall, then use the stairs to get to the second floor (2F).

Now, head south towards the Hall of Pleasure and use Dimitrescu’s Key to get inside, collecting all 4 items revealed here and the Search Completed objective.

Mounted Animal Skull & Animal Skull – Key Item

From the Hall of Pleasure, head to the Armory, where Dimitrescu’s last daughter is waiting for you.

To defeat her, use a Pipe Bomb to destroy the cracked wall, then the cold wind outside will help you.

When you are done, again fully explore the area for more loot (there are 7 hidden Armory items you have to get).

The most important one, however, is the Mounted Animal Skull above the chimney.

Resident Evil 8 Village Mounted Animal Skull How To Use
Examine the Mounted Animal Skull to retrieve the Animal Skull

Get it, then examine it from your inventory to remove the screw and get the Animal Skull.

Mask of Pleasure – Key Item

With the Skull in your inventory, head back to the Hall of Pleasure, and retrieve the Mask of Pleasure pictured below.


After you get it, install the Animal Skull in its place to exit the room.

At this point, you are done with the Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles and ready to face her; however, once you place the four masks in the Hall of the Four, thus dealing with her, you will leave Castle Dimitrtescu, and you won’t be able to get back here, unless you reload a previous save or start a new game.

There are additional trophies you can unlock here and a lot of puzzles to solve, so make sure you take your time to explore this amazing place.

If you get stuck, check these Resident Evil Village guides, and I will also share with you some neat details about my country.

Now, before we wrap this up, assuming you want to leave the Castle, head to the Hall of the Four to place the four masks you have found.

How To Place The Masks On The Hall Of The Four Statues

The correct order to place the Masks on the Hall of the Four statues is this (from left to right while facing the door):

  • Mask of Sorrow
  • Mask of Pleasure
  • The Mask of Joy
  • Mask of Rage

Once you do this, you’ll need to go through the next door towards the Tower of Worship, where you’ll find a coffin. Interact with it, and get ready to face Lady Dimitrescu.

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