Resident Evil 8 Village Miss Madalina Treasure: Where To Find The Doll’s Body & Head

by Vlad
May 11, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Miss Madalina is a Treasure that can bring you 20.000 Lei if you manage to find both the Doll’s Head and & Body while playing the video game developed by Capcom.

Because these two pieces are quite far from each other, the Resident Evil 8 Village Madalina Treasure is best approached before leaving toward House Beneviento or before fighting the second boss in the game.

Assuming you have followed the Village Collectibles guide, then you know that in order to get to House Beneviento, you’ll need the Four-Winged Key from The House With The Red Chimney.

Get that key first, then return to Duke, and he will show you the location of all Treasures in the Romanian Village.

Although Madalina is not one of them, she is a treasure, and we will use one of these treasures’ locations to pinpoint the first part of the doll.

Where To Find Madalina’s Body In Resident Evil 8 Village

Before we begin, you should know that besides the fact that Madalina is a very cute and expensive doll in Resident Evil 8 Village, her name is also very common in Romania.

The correct pronunciation for Madalina is m-uh-d-uh-l-ee-n-uh.

Good, so now let’s go claim this doll, and we will start with Madalina’s Body.

Open your map after Duke reveals all treasures in the game, and in West Old Town, you can see Maestro’s Collection Treasure icon.

This is, in fact, the Luthier’s House, and you can’t open it unless you deal with the second boss.

But you can get the Madalina (Body) part.

This item is found in the barn just south of the Luthier’s House (or the Maestro’s Collection).

Enter the barn, and grab the Gunpowder on the left, then the Handgun Ammo from the box in the side room.

Right in front of you is Madalina’s Body in my image below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Madalina Body Location
Get the body from the Luthier’s House Barn

How To Get Madalina’s Head

Good, so now that you have the doll’s body, it’s time to get the head.

Unfortunately, the second piece can be obtained only after you deal with the second boss on the western side of the map.

After you clear House Beneviento, you’ll have to return to the Village, and two new areas are unlocked in the Garden.

Make sure you follow my Garden Collectibles Guide to get everything, or if you want just the Doll’s Head, then follow the path north in the Garden area to find the Gardener’s House.

Near the said house, you will see a well.

Use the Well Wheel to find Madalina’s Head pictured below.

Resident Evil Village Madalina Body Location
Get the head from the well in the Garden

Awesome! So now get back to Duke and assemble Madalina from your inventory, then sell it.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you sell Madalina’s parts independently, you’ll lose 15.000 Lei since the whole doll costs 20.000 once assembled, while the parts cost 2000 Lei (Madalina’s Head) and 3000 Lei (Madalina’s Body).

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