Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Houses Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 16, 2021

The Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Houses are extremely rich when it comes to hidden items that can help you survive longer in the video game developed by Capcom; thus, it is imperative to find all of them when you first reach the Garden Area.

Furthermore, the Resident Evil Village Garden Houses include an important treasure, crafting and cooking materials, and a bunch of Collectibles; therefore, throughout the guide below, we will cover the Garden section or, if you want, the Gardener’s Houses.

This area is not related to the game’s story, but you want to explore it carefully for obvious reasons.

Where To Find The Gardener’s House In Resident Evil 8 Village

The Gardener’s House in RE8 Village is found on the road leading to House Beneviento, but it uses the same mechanics as those in Potter’s Field.

This means that you won’t be able to access it on your first trip to Beneviento’s House, so you’ll have to deal with the boss there first.

On your way back to the Village, you’ll notice that the main path is blocked, and the game somehow forces you to take a detour through a new area which happens to be in the Garden area.

In fact, you are near the Gardener’s Barn.

Garden Houses Items Locations

In order to keep the following guide as organized as possible, we will deal with the southern section first.

This is basically the first area you’ll get to explore, and it is obviously located south of the main road.

So let’s get to work and clear it.

Where To Find The First Breakable Crate

The first item you’ll get in this area is outside, by the southern house wall.

You can’t miss it because it’s a crate you can break, and it’s quite visible.

Keep in mind that you are not alone here, but we won’t go over the enemies here, as there is no point in ruining the game.

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Items Locations
The first item is a crate by the wall

Where To Find The Second Breakable Crate

Now, go around the house, and in the distance, under a shed, you’ll see the second breakable box.

Again it’s hard to miss, and it provides a random item.

Resident Evil Village Garden Items Locations
The second item is another crate under the shed outside

How To Get The Mine & Lockpick

Good job! Now, assuming you are still in one piece, head inside the southern house or the Gardener’s Barn.

There are three items to be found here.

The first two can be spotted in my image below. Inside the crate in the corner is a Mine, and on the window in front of you (right side of the crate) is a Lockpick.

Get both of them.

Resident Evil 8 Garden Items Locations
Get the mine in the crate and the lockpick by the window

Where To Find The W870 TAC

The next item that will also bring the Search Completed objective for this specific house; is the W870 TAC Shotgun.

It is behind you, on the table near the window facing the interior courtyard.

Resident Evil 8 Village W870 TAC Shotgun Location
Meet your new weapon

Now, even though the house is marked as completed, make sure you don’t leave the area just yet.

Where To Find The Sun and Moon Ball & Lei

Instead, exit the house and turn right to spot a rather large tree. While facing it, you’ll see a Golden Cage hanging by a branch.

Shoot it down because it contains 2000 Lei!

Near the same tree is a grave with a box next to it. Inside you’ll find the Sun and Moon Ball.

The picture below shows both the cage and the box. As for the Sun and Moon Ball, we will discuss it below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Houses Items Locations
Shoot the cage and open the box by the grave

Where To Find The Beast In The Garden

The final item you’ll have to get from the southern area is, well, the Beast.

Which happens to be a crazy goat.

Resident Evil Village Garden Houses Items Locations
Kill the goat and get the Meat

Shoot it down, then get the 2 units of Meat.

Now you have to move to the northern side of the Garden. Simply cross the main path and open the gate.

Where To Find Madalina’s Head

The very first item you’ll want to get when you reach the northern Garden House is Madalina’s Head.

It is found inside the well close to the house, as you can see, and if you have the body, you can assemble the doll.

If not, simply follow this guide when you get back to the Village. But get the head using the Well Wheel.

Resident Evil Village Madalina Body Location
Get the head from the well in the Garden

Where To Find The Third Breakable Crate

The third and final crate in the Garden is several steps away from the Well.

Simply move around the house, and you’ll see it near the fence.

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Houses Search Completed
Break the third box next

What Is The Photo Of A Strange Bird Inside The Outhouse

The next two items are extremely easy to find.

From the previous crate in the corner of the courtyard, you can see one of the Hidden Outhouses (pictured).

Open it, and inside you’ll find a cute picture on the left wall. Or the Photo of a Strange Bird. Pay close attention to it because it gives you the location of a Blue Bird, which happens to be the Graveyard we already cleared.

If you kill this bird, you’ll get Juicy Game, and this is the only way to get it in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Resident Evil 8 Garden Collectibles Locations
Open the Outhouse behind the Gardener’s House and get the Photo of a Strange Bird

Great job so far. Now we are done with the exterior so let’s inspect the second house and clear it.

How To Get The Explosive Rounds

The moment you enter the house, at the end of the corridor, on the ground near a shovel, you can find the Explosive Rounds pictured below.

Don’t miss these.

Resident Evil Village Garden Houses Search Completed
These can bring a lot of pain

Where To Find Luthier’s Key

Now, enter the main room, and right in front of you, there is a Typewriter.

Next to it (pictured), you’ll find the Luthier’s Key, which is used to open the Luthier’s House back in the village.

Since it’s quite tricky to clear, make sure you follow this guide when you get back and explore the Luthier’s House.

Resident Evil Village Garden House Collectibles Locations
Luthier’s Key is in the Gardener’s House

How To Get The Gardener’s Diary Collectible

Now, turn around to exit the main room, and by the door (right side), you’ll find another Collectible.

It is the Gardener’s Diary you don’t want to miss. Examine it closely to make it count as found.

Resident Evil 8 Garden House Collectibles Locations
Read the diary by the bed in the second room of the house

How To Use The Sun And Moon Ball

Now the final item that concludes your search is a Treasure.

On your way out of the house, on the left side (just before exiting), you will see a mini-game. Or the Garden Labyrinth Puzzle.

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden House Labyrinth Puzzle
Use the Sun and Moon Ball and complete the mini-game in the house for an Onyx Skull

Place the Sun And Moon Ball inside, and all you have to do is to tilt the replica so the ball can reach the end of the path.

It’s a fun mini-game you should play, and if you complete it, you’ll get the Onyx Skull that can be sold to Duke.

After you get this treasure, the second Resident Evil 8 Village Garden House Search Completed marker appears on your map, and you can return to the Village, collecting all items in Potter’s Field as explained.

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