Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard Items: How To Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 10, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard Search Completed requires a lot of attention when it comes to finding all hidden items because some of them can prove quite difficult to spot unless you know their locations.

The Resident Evil Village Courtyard includes five hidden items you’ll need to locate if you wish to turn this area blue on your map when playing the video game developed by Capcom.

If you are stuck, don’t worry because the guide below reveals all of them.

Resident Evil Village Castle Courtyard Items (Search Completed)

The Courtyard in Resident Evil 8 Village may look confusing at first; however, it is actually a small place with three doors. The one to the north leads to the northern wing and Opera Hall.

The one to the south leads to the southern wing and to Dimitrescu’s Chambers.

Finally, the one to the west is the one that you’ll use to get to the Courtyard from the Dining Room.

Assuming you followed my Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Guide, then you already know you need the Courtyard Key to get here using the door from the Dining Room.

Once you get the said key, when you return to the Dining Room to open the door towards the Courtyard, make sure you collect all hidden items there.

Next, open the iron door, and you’ll be in the Courtyard, where you should focus on the following hidden items.

Metal Scrap (Crafting Material)

When you enter the area, remain on the upper balcony and head right.

In the second corner, you’ll see a vase like the one below.

Break it to get some Metal Scrap.

Resident Evil 8 Village Courtyard Search Completed Items
The jar on the right side as you enter the Courtyard contains Metal Scrap

Money (Lei)

Now, from your current location, turn around and look at the ceiling above the stairs nearby.

You should see a golden cage like the one below. It is the trickiest item in this area.

Shoot it down, then collect the Lei inside.

Resident Evil 8 Village Courtyard Search Completed Items
Shoot the golden cage to get some money

Shotgun Ammo

Now, you’ll want to return to the Dining Room door, and instead of going right (towards the first jar), you will go left.

Stick to the upper balcony to find another vase (pictured) you’ll need to break to get Shotgun Ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard Search Completed Items
Check the balcony as opposed to the first one to find this vase

Herb (Crafting Material)

Good, so now it’s time to find a Herb, which is pretty easy to spot.

Get to the center of the Courtyard and look above the small stone wall (southern side). This is placed in the grass in an area you can’t reach.

But you can collect the Herb.

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard Search Completed Items
Get the herb in the central area next

Metal Scrap (Crafting Material)

The final item you’ll need to find here is another jar.

This one can be spotted as you move towards the Opera Hall door.

While facing it, turn right and follow the balcony. It should be around the corner.

Resident Evil Village All Courtyard Search Completed Items
The last vase is on the right side of the door leading to the Opera Hall

After you get all these items, the area turns blue, and your Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Courtyard search is completed, but you may want to focus on Opera Hall next.

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