Resident Evil 8 Village Wooden Goat Treasure: Where To Find The Wooden Animal Body & Head

by Vlad
May 13, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Wooden Goat is a Treasure that can bring you 15.000 Lei if you manage to find both the Wooden Animal Head and Wooden Animal Body while playing the video game developed by Capcom.

Unlike Madalina, which required Madalina’s Head & Body, the Resident Evil 8 Village Wooden Goat Treasure (which is also a toy) it’s easier to assemble because the two pieces are close to each other.

Obviously, there are several key aspects you should be aware of; therefore, below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Wooden Animal (Head) and the Wooden Animal (Body) you probably found.

The first important thing you should know is that in order to get the two pieces, you’ll have to beat the boss in Castle Dimitrescu. This is mandatory.

Once you do that (and hopefully got all collectibles we have discussed here), you’ll then return to the Village, and Duke will ask you to find The House With The Red Chimney we explored here.

Where To Find Wooden Animal Body In Resident Evil 8 Village

The first pieces of this expensive toy can be found and retrieved from one of the houses you’ll need to explore while looking for The House With The Red Chimney.

So, return to the Maiden of War area, then open your map and notice the eastern house.

You may recall that we named this one Leonardo’s House because of the note found in the kitchen (which, by the way, tells you how to get to the Red Chimney House).

This is the house you’ll need to find.

You can also name it the Maiden of War Eastern House or the Maiden of War Well House because of the Well in from of it.

Now, when you enter this specific house, take your time and explore since it’s quite rich in items and it also has a basement.

If you want to find all of them for the Search Completed objective, you already have a guide with all locations here.

One of the items you can find inside is the Wooden Animal Body. This is found on the first floor (1F) in the backroom. You can see it below, and you’ll be able to spot it on your way out to the backyard.

Resident Evil 8 Village Wooden Animal Body
Get the Wooden Animal Body from the table by the door

How To Get Wooden Animal Head

Now that you got the Body is time to find the Wooden Animal Head, and then you can assemble the toy, just like you did with Madalina.

The good thing is that the Wooden Goat’s Head is close to you, but it requires a Key Item.

This key item is the Well Wheel which can be obtained on your way to the Red Chimney House. You may remember that it is acquired during your second visit to the Village.

So, head to the barn of the house where you found the body above, then move the shelf there. Now, the path is linear, and you’ll have to do some exploration.

If you wish to go straight to the Well Wheel, open your map and notice the small area (southwest from your location) which requires the Iron Insignia. In the area behind that gate is the Well Wheel.

With this Key Item in your inventory, you’ll want to continue your objective (The House Eith The Red Chimney); then, you eventually head back to the Village’s square. Or the Maiden of War.

From your location, head back to Leonardo’s House (where you found the body) and simply use the Well Wheel on the Well in front of the basement.

In this specific Well, you will find the Wooden Animal Head in my picture below.

Resident Evil Village Wooden Animal Body Location
You can get the head from the well outside the house where you found the body

Next, simply examine one of the two pieces, then assemble them to get the Wooden Goat Toy Treasure.

Take it back to Duke and sell it for 15.000 Lei.

That’s how you find the Wooden Animal Head and Body in RE8 Village.

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