Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Mines Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 17, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Mines is the second area you’ll get to explore on your way to the third boss in the video game developed by Capcom, and unlike the Windmill, which we already cleared, it is a bit more complicated when it comes to loot and hidden items.

The good thing about the Resident Evil Village Moreau’s Mines is that this area is quite empty, meaning that there are no enemies within the tunnels.

The only enemies you’ll encounter here can be found in the northeastern section, which is explored when you’re looking for the Boat Key.

As such, if you want to get the Search Completed objective while exploring the Resident Evil 8 Moreau’s Mines under the first Windmill, I’ll guide you through them so you don’t miss anything.

How To Get To Moreau’s Mines In Resident Evil 8 Village

To get to the Mines, you’ll obviously have to explore the area above them, which happens to be the Windmill covered by this guide.

Once you clear it, you’ll use the stairs, follow a linear path within a tunnel, then use an elevator.

The moment it reaches the ground floor, you’ll be in the mines, and your hunt begins. So let’s see how you can clear these tunnels.

Moreau’s Tunnels Items Locations

Before we start with the guide and the exploration of the mines in Moreau’s Reservoir, it’s worth knowing that some of the items you can get here can’t be collected until later in the game, after you deal with the third boss.

As such, it’s recommended to follow the guide below and the recommendations to make your search easier.

If you do that, you won’t miss any of the items in the sections ahead.

Good now! So let’s start from the minute you enter the actual mines using the elevator under the Windmill.

Crystal Fragment Treasure

The moment you get the elevator down, if you open your map, you’ll see two gates:

  • One is to the south, and it requires the Six-Winged Unborn Key you will get after the boss fight
  • One is to the west, and it will get you to the Boat House

For now, you’ll need to remember only the second one towards the Boat House.

Now, the only available path is through the tunnel southwest.

Take a right turn as you exit the elevator, then turn left to see the rails used by the mine carts.

Immediately as you spot them, look to the ceiling to see a glowing dot.

This is basically above the starting point of the railway or the entrance to the mine tunnel.

You can see it in my image below, and you’ll need to shoot it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau's Mines Items Locations
Shoot the Crystal above the entrance to the southern tunnel

Good job!

Now, follow the tunnel south until you reach a dead end. Take a left turn through a crack in the wall, then turn right and follow the stairs up.

Arms Flask Key Item

Next, go around the area, and you’ll reach a side room from where you’ll be able to spot Moreau.

The Arms Flask is picked up by Ethan automatically during a cutscene.

Resident Evil 8 Village Arms Flask Location
The Arms Flask is picked up automatically when you sneak peek at Moreau

After you pick this item, shoot the slime on the right side, and you’ll head back to the main area.

Here, you’ll notice that the western gate is unlocked, but don’t exit the mine just yet.

Handgun Ammo #1

Instead, follow the stairs nearby to an upper section.

When you reach the top, on the left side, you’ll see a barrel (pictured) with some Handgun Ammo on it.

Resident Evil Village Moreau's Mines Items Locations
Get this ammo from the barrel

Breakable Barrel #1

Awesome! Now, the next step is to get through Moreau’s Mines and find the Boat Key.

To do that, from your previous location, turn around and push forward up to the point where you’ll see a broken platform. Now your path is blocked by a gap.

To the right, you can see a wooden stick with some yellow duct tape on it. Shoot it and see what happens! Pretty awesome, right?

So, keep moving towards the end of the platform and descend the ladder.

Behind the ladder you just used, you’ll see this Barrel you can break.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Mines Items Locations
Break the barrel behind the ladder

Right then, so from this point onward, you have a linear path to follow just north from this Barrel.

There are no items to be collected within the next section, so move north, and you’ll reach a rather large cave.

The next set of items is inside this cave, which you may want to clear first.

Healing Herb

The first item you’ll want to get inside the mine cave is a healing herb.

This is found in the central area, in the front of the shack, with a Lycan. You can easily find it if you notice the green slime on the ground.

Resident Evil 8 Village Reservoir Mines Items Locations
Get the Herb in front of the house

Boat Key

Next, after you get the Herb, enter the small hut, and on the left wall, you’ll find the Boat Key.

This is a Key Item that allows you to start the boat on the western side of the first mine tunnel. You’ll get there in a couple of minutes.

Resident Evil Village Reservoir Mines Items Locations
Grab the Boat Key inside the hut

Breakable Barrel #2 & #3

After you get the Boat Key, exit the shack through the back door and turn left.

Around the corner, you’ll see another Barrel you can break (pictured below). Make sure you collect the loot inside, then look at the dock in the distance to spot the next one.

In my image below, you can see both of them and a Lycan.

Resident Evil 8 Reservoir Mines Items Locations
Break the barrel by the hut and the one on the dock

Handgun Ammo #2

After you break the Barrel on the docks, the last item you can find in Moreau’s Reservoir Cave is a box of ammo for your handgun.

From the second barrel, turn around, and you’ll spot it on the boat nearby.

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau's Mines Search Completed
The last item in this cave is a box of ammo

Now that you got this box of ammo, you may want to pay attention to what’s about to happen next.

With the Boat Key found, you’ll get back to the main tunnel under the Windmill, and head west to the Boat House, and fully explore it to get all items inside.

This means that you will progress through the story and clear the following sections:

When you are done with the third boss in Moreau’s Clinic, the game forces you to enter the southern section of the same tunnels, and your search continues.

Breakable Barrel #4

After you are done with Moreau, head north from the Clinic area where you fought him, and the moment you see the entrance to the tunnels on the right side, you’ll spot the barrel below.

It’s quite impossible to miss.

Resident Evil Village Moreau's Mines Search Completed
Find the barrel by the tunnel’s entrance after you deal with Moreau

Breakable Barrel #5

Next, push towards the other side of the tunnel, where you’ll see a gate that requires the Six-Winged Unborn Key.

On the left side, you will see another Barrel. Make sure you smash it.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Mines Search Completed
Smash the next barrel by the gate

Now, you’ll want to enter the room on the left side of the barrel above.

Moreau’s Diary 2 Collectible & Six-Winged Unborn Key

From this specific room, you’ll get the final items in the tunnels; however, there is also something I want to share with you as a Romanian.

But first, let’s get the items.

When you enter, turn left and get Moreau’s Diary 2 Collectible on the small stool in front of the TV.

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau's Diary Collectible
Read the diary on the stool

After you get the diary, pay close attention to the table nearby.

On it is the final item and a jar. Examine the jar, and you’ll see the word “Cadou”. In Romania, this translates as “Gift”.

Keep this in mind, and you’ll be able to connect the dots later in the game.

Now, complete your search in Moreau’s Mine Tunnels by taking the Six-Winged Unborn Key from the table.

Resident Evil 8 Village Six-Winged Unborn Key Location
The last item in the tunnels is the Six-Winged Unborn Key

Once you do that, you’ll trigger a cutscene that I am not going to spoil, and you can use the Six-Winged Unborn Key to exit through the northern gate outside this chamber.

The path will bring you back to the first Windmill, and you’ll see the Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Mines Search Completed blue marker on your map.

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