Resident Evil Village (RE8) Moreau’s Boat House Item Locations

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May 17, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Boat House is the third area you’ll get to explore on your way to the third boss in the video game developed by Capcom, and also one of the areas that include some missable items. Although confusing at first, the Resident Evil Village Boat House area is actually a small section that is quite easy to explore.

This specific region stretches from the western side of the Reservoir, starting from the Mine Tunnels we already covered, up to the Gatehouse area in the south. Because there are two missable hidden items here, you may want to follow the guide below, which walks you through Moreau’s Reservoir Boat House section so you don’t miss anything.

The Boat House in Resident Evil 8 Village, or the boat’s location in Moreau’s Reservoir, is reached via the Windmill and the Windmill Tunnels. If you need help, simply follow these two guides that will walk you through both sections:

After you get the Boat Key from the northeastern cave in the mines, return to the main tunnels and open the gate west. Once you do that, you’ll enter the Boat House area or the area where the boat can be found.

Before we start our hidden items guide, again, I’ll remind you that some items here can only be retrieved after you deal with the third boss or Moreau. Simply follow this guide, and I’ll list them chronologically.

The Reservoir and Giant Fish Collectible

As you exit the tunnels with the Boat Key found in the Mines, as explained, you’ll find yourself on top of a hill. This section is quite small, as you’ll notice.

So, head down the said hill and enter the Boat House on the right. Carefully, as you are not alone. On the table, you’ll find a note named The Reservoir and Giant Fish, and it’s a collectible that basically tells you where to find the keys to the boat.

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau's Boat House Items Locations

Breakable Barrel #1

After you get the previous item in the shack where the boat is located, head outside, and you’ll see the next one, which is a Breakable Barrel. It’s impossible to miss since it’s close to the boat’s location.

Resident Evil Village Moreau's Boat House Items Locations

Awesome! Now it’s time to take a boat trip. Again, if you don’t have the Boat Key, follow this guide to get it. Assuming you have the key to the boat, get inside and head through the tunnel west. In fact, this is the only path you can follow, and it will lead you to a dock where you can disembark. Now, you’ll want to pay close attention, or you’ll miss two items.

Large Fish

The moment you disembark the boat, you’ll want to advance on the docks in front of you up to the point where you’ll see a tent. However, before entering the tent, take a right turn and follow the path ahead. It will lead you to an underground lake where you can find 2 Large Fish. Look around, and if you can’t find them, try spotting the bubbles that appear on the water’s surface.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Boat House Items Locations

Large Crystal

The second item that can be missed in this area is inside the same cave. After you get the fish, look at the cave’s upper walls. On the left wall, you can see a glowing dot, especially if you use the Sniper Rifle.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Boat Tunnel Items Locations

Shoot it down to get a Large Crystal you can sell to Duke, and remember that if you enter the tent, you won’t be able to get back here. After you get this crystal, the Resident Evil 8 Village Reservoir Cave Search Completed marker appears on your map, so head all the way back to the tent mentioned above.

Once you enter it, you’ll trigger a cutscene that, again, I am not going to spoil; however, after the said cutscene, you’ll reach the southern area. Now, you’ll need to pause the guide a bit and deal with the following sections:

After you exit Moreau’s Clinic and deal with Moreau, make sure you grab the final items in the Reservoir Tunnels (as explained), and before exiting Moreau’s area, pay another visit to the Boat House to clear it. As you are about to notice, several things have changed, meaning that there is no water left here. So, let’s complete this section.

Breakable Barrel #2

After the water has been drained in the Reservoir, head left on the path in front of the Boat House, and inside the mill, you’ll see this barrel. Break it to get a random item.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Items Locations

Goat Of Warding

Moving on, immediately after you exit the mill above, turn left. You’ll see a pile of garbage; however, if you look closely, you’ll also spot a Gate of Warding. Shoot it down.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Reservoir Items Locations

Silver Angel Statue & Large Fish

The last items in this area are a Treasure and some Cooking Ingredients. After you get the previous goat, continue down the path, and you’ll reach a pond. First, check the boat on the right to spot a small chest. Open it, and you’ll get the Silver Angel Statue that can be sold to Duke.

Then, look around in the pond where the boat is located, and you should see some catfish. There are 2 of them here, and you may want to get both. If you can’t spot them, look for the bubbles on the water’s surface.

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau's Reservoir Items Locations

Once you get these last three items (the Silver Angel Statue and the 2 Catfish), your Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Boat House area search is completed, and you did not miss a single item.

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