Resident Evil 8 Village Church Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 13, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Church Search Completed objective is something that you’ll definitely stumble upon in the video game developed by Capcom because it can only be achieved by finding a tricky Crystal Fragment; however, the Church in the Romanian Village is a key location that you should carefully explore.

In both the actual Church and the Church’s Graveyard, you can unlock using the Iron Insignia Key; you’ll find collectibles (remember the Village Collectibles Guide) as well as some cooking materials.

Capcom developed this specific Village section, knowing that the churches in my country always played an important role in the lives of Romanians. Especially in Transylvania and Bucovina.

Thus the RE8 Village Church is an important area that we’ll cover below, and I’ll tell you where to find all items you have to collect.

Resident Evil Village Church Items (Search Completed)

Now, before we start, it’s important to point out that even if the Church can be accessed early in the game, you’ll have to return here more than once.

I’ll also cover those time frames, so you don’t miss any hidden Church items.

Now let’s see what you need to get here.

Goat Of Warding (Collectible)

The very first item you’ll have to focus on during your first visit after the Prologue is a Goat of Warding.

Since you already have a handgun, save a bullet, and as you enter the Church’s courtyard (through the gate from the Graveyard), look to the roof.

Resident Evil 8 Goats Locations
Shoot the goat on the Church

Shoot it down, then head inside.

Maiden Crest (Key Item)

Next, as you enter the actual Church, you’ll find a Typewriter where you can save your game, and on the altar on the left side, you’ll find the Maiden Crest, which is a Key Item you’ll need to progress through the story.

While I won’t spoil the game for you, pay close attention to the modifications, the villagers made to the altar. Normally, Romanian churches have altars where you can find pictures showing Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, etc…

But on this specific altar, there are other characters. Don’t worry, you’ll meet them soon enough.

For now, grab the Maiden Crest below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Crest How To Use
Get the Maiden Crest in the Church

Village Map

Next, after you get the crest, turn right, and you’ll spot a chair with a map on it.

This Village Map reveals the whole village, and you don’t want to miss it since it also counts as a collectible.

Resident Evil 8 Village Church Search Completed How To Turn Blue
Now grab the map on the chair

Crystal Fragment (Treasure)

After you get the map, the next item is a Crystal Fragment, quite hard to spot, especially early in the game.

Look for it above the altar where you have found the Maiden Crest, and you’ll see a glowing dot. You’ll have to shoot it down and then collect it from the ground.

The Crystal Fragment can be sold to Duke after you meet him.

Resident Evil 8 Village Church Items Locations
Don’t miss this crystal

Church Computer (Collectible)

The second Church item you can find inside is the Church Computer you can see in my screenshot.

This is a collectible, but you won’t find it on your first visit. You’ll have to return here after you deal with Lady Dimitrescu in the Castle (don’t forget to follow the Collectibles Guide when you enter).

Once you return from the castle, the Church Computer spawns for you.

Resident Evil 8 Church Items Locations
Read the file by accessing this computer

Awesome! So now you have all the items inside, and the Church Search Completed objective is achieved. But there are more items outside.

As such, exit the building, and go around behind it.

Necklace With Two Holes (Treasure)

Inside the well behind the Resident Evil 8 Church, you can find a beautiful Necklace With Two Holes which is a tricky Treasure.

That’s because in order to get it, you’ll need the Well Wheel, which can be obtained on your way towards The House With The Red Chimney, explained here. Keep in mind that the said house is story-related, and you can’t miss the Well Wheel.

Once you have it, return to the Well and get the Necklace With Two Holes.

Resident Evil 8 Village Necklace With Two Holes
Get the Necklace from the Church Well

Now, investigate it, and you’ll notice that it is incomplete. To finish the actual treasure, you’ll need to progress through the story and get the Pigeon Blood Ruby and Large Pigeon Blood Ruby.

These, however, require the Crank obtained from the area where you fight the third boss. If you need help finding them, simply follow this guide.

Good, so once you have the previous item after you return from Dimitrescu’s Castle, you can open the Iron Insignia Key gate to the east and reach the Church’s Graveyard.

Inside there are more items waiting for you.

Goat of Warding (Collectible)

On the right side, as you enter, behind the crypt, there is the Goat of Warding pictured below.

Make sure you destroy it.

Resident Evil Village Graveyard Crypt Goat
Find the goat behind the crypt in the church’s graveyard

Crate & Poultry (Cooking Ingredient)

Now from the current location, turn around, and on the other side of the Graveyard, you’ll find a crate you can break (as opposed to the Goat), as well as two chickens that run around.

Shoot both of them (pictured) to get 2 Poultry which is a Cooking Ingredient you can use to make some special dishes.

Remember that cooking in RE8 Village is unlocked by progressing through the story.

Resident Evil 8 Village Church Poultry Locations
Kill both chickens in the small graveyard behind the church

After you get the last two items above, the Resident Evil Village Church is fully explored.

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