Resident Evil Village (RE8) Maiden Of War Western House Item Locations

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
May 13, 2021

Maiden Of War Western House is one of those houses that can make you waste quite some time if you’re aiming to get the Search Completed objective on your map, not because of its size but because of a hidden item added by the amazing devs at Capcom. The Western House or the Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Of War Lockpick House is quite small compared to the Eastern one (Leonardo’s), but if you are a completionist, you may want to explore it.

So, in this house, you’ll need to collect a total of 4 items, all their locations being revealed below. Since one of these items contains a Locked Drawer that requires a Lockpick, we will call it the Lockpick House. Now, assuming you found all hidden items in the Maiden Of War area, and you have a Lockpick to spare, let’s get you the Search Completed on the Lockpick House.

To clarify things, unlike Leonardo’s House, the Western Maiden Of War House can be explored at any point in the game. This means that if you have a Lockpick, you can get the Search Completed blue marker.

Scribbled Note (Collectible)

The moment you enter the traditional Romanian house, the first two items you’ll need to get are the Scribbled Note and some Chem Fluid. The Scribbled Note is a Collectible (as outlined in the Village Collectibles Guide), so don’t skip it. You can see it on top of the table below. The Chem Fluid is on the right side and is easy to spot.

Resident Evil Village Scribbled Note

Shotgun Ammo

When you are done with the two items above, move to the kitchen, and on the right side, you’ll see a Locked Drawer (Easy). Use the Lockpick to open it (it’s close to the sink), and you’ll get some Shotgun Ammo from it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden of War Western House Items Locations

Once you get this one, the Search Completed should be marked on your map. Except that it isn’t. Why? Because there is one last item that is a pain to find.

Lei (Money)

To get the last item here from your current location, crouch and simply look under the table in the kitchen. Move around a bit, and you’ll find a bag of money. This is the last item you’ll need to get in the Lockpick House to turn it blue on your map. You can see it below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden of War Lockpick House Items Locations

Now that you got the money from this house, you are free to continue the journey, although you should know that we, Romanians, don’t hide money under our tables. We have better spots!

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