Resident Evil 8 Village Dimitrescu’s Two Holes Necklace Treasure: Where To Find The Three Pieces

May 19, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Dimitrescu’s Two Holes Necklace or the Necklace With Two Holes is the most difficult Treasure you’ll need to craft and also one of the most expensive compared to Miss Madalina and the Wooden Goat Toy we already assembled.

That’s because the Resident Evil Village Necklace With Two Hole requires two additional pieces you have to find, and these pieces are very well hidden.

Regardless, if you don’t know how to use the Necklace With Two Holes or where to find all pieces while playing the video game developed by Capcom, below I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

So, there are three pieces you have to find to complete Dimitrescu’s Two Holes Necklace. Let’s get them one by one.

Where To Find The Necklace With Two Holes In Resident Evil 8 Village

The Necklace With Two Holes is quite easy to find, but it requires a Key Item.

It is found in the Well behind the Village’s Church, and you may remember that we collected it in this guide.

Now, the problem is that the said Well can’t be accessed without the Well Wheel, which is a Key Item.

To obtain the Well Wheel, you’ll have to work your way toward the Red Chimney House (also fully explore here).

So basically, this is obtained after you deal with Lady Dimitrescu.

The Well Wheel is behind the Iron Insignia Gate in West Old Town.

Once you get the Well Wheel, you’ll go back to the Church and pull out the Necklace With Two Holes pictured below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Necklace With Two Holes
Get the Necklace from the Church Well

How To Use The Necklace With Two Holes

After you get the necklace, it’s very important not to sell it.

If you do, you won’t be able to complete Dimitrescu’s Necklace, and Duke will pay you only a fraction of its total value.

So keep it in your inventory and get the last two pieces.

Where To Find The Second Necklace With Two Holes Piece (Pigeon Blood Ruby)

The second piece you need to get for this amazing necklace is the Pigeon Blood Ruby; however, just like the first piece, you’ll need a Key Item.

This item is the Crank, and it is obtained in the Reservoir’s area known as the Drowned Houses.

If you followed the guide for all Drowned Houses Items, you already know that it’s part of the story, so you can’t miss it.

After you get it and deal with the third boss, you’ll return to the village and head to East Old Town.

The western house here has a Mechanical Door behind it. It is the house in the middle, and it’s pretty easy to spot on the map because there is a Chicken Icon behind it.

Open the said door using the Crank, and behind it, you’ll see a ladder.

Climb it, then turn left and follow the path around the cliffside until you see a roof on the left side.

Jump on it, and inspect the corpse on the roof. Next to it, you can spot the box in my image below and inside the Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Resident Evil 8 Village Necklace With Two Holes Pieces Lcoations
The second piece is in East Old Town

Get the second piece, then head back to the Altar.

Where To Find The Third Dimitrescu’s Two Holes Necklace Piece (Large Pigeon Blood Ruby)

The third piece for the jewelry is the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby, and it can be found as soon as you get the second piece.

To do this, head to the Altar, cross the Lone Road and use the Crank on the Drawbridge. Take the boat and head north, then disembark and head left.

Eventually, you will reach the Craftsman’s House outside the Tower of Worship.

Head inside the house, then exit through the window on the back.

Next, use the Well Wheel on the well to pull up a ladder. Enter the well to reach the hidden cave we fully inspected earlier.

There is a small puzzle you must solve here by moving the wooden platforms, then when you drop inside the room on the other side, you’ll find another chest.

If you need help clearing this cave or solving the puzzle, this guide will surely help you.

Resident Evil 8 Craftsman's House Items Locations
Retrieve the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby from this chest in the cave

This box contains the second and final piece for the necklace in question.

Last but not least, you’ll have to return to Duke, and after you combine the three pieces, you can sell Dimitrescu’s Necklace for 50.000 Lei, or the price of a house in Romania.

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