Resident Evil 8 Village Red Chimney House Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 16, 2021

Red Chimney House, or the Resident Evil 8 Village House With The Red Chimney, is a key location you’ll have to find after you return from Castle Dimitrescu in the video game developed by Capcom, and like all important landmarks in the Romanian Village; it includes a lot of Crafting Materials, and items you’ll need to collect.

The Resident Evil Village House With The Red Chimney, however, is a bit tricky to reach, but throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you where to find it, how to get inside, and how to collect all hidden items and collectibles in this specific area.

Obviously, without spoiling the game’s story.

So let’s start from the beginning by answering the most common questions: Where to find the Red Chimney House and how to get there.

Where To Find The House With The Red Chimney In Resident Evil 8 Village

So after you deal with Lady Dimitrescu, you’ll eventually head back to the Village, and after a short discussion with Duke, he’ll tell you that you have to find the House With The Red Chimney.

Your starting point is the center of the village, or the Maiden of War area, where you should collect all hidden items, one of them being quite tricky.

The Red Chimney House is the one south of the Maiden of War’s statue, as you can see in my screenshot.

resident evil 8 village house with the red chimney where to find - GameClubz
Look south behind the Maiden of War Statue

If you look up, you’ll see the red chimney. Getting inside, however, is a different story because the front gate is locked.

Here is what you need to do next.

How To Get To The Red Chimney House

From your current location, open your map and notice the house east of the statue.

It has a well in front of its gate and a lockpick icon on it. This is Leonardo’s house you don’t want to miss because it is rich in treasures.

Now, if you want to find the path ahead yourself, head inside the house and read the note on the table (first floor).

If you want to move faster, head through the front gates, then go through the house and exit the backyard.

Next, you’ll want to search the barn for a shelf you can move. This is quite hard to find without the message on the table.

After you move the shelf, exit on the other side, and you’ll see a tractor.

This tractor requires a Key Item from the workshop.

Go around it and head left (or east on your map) to spot the Workshop’s gate with a sign on it. Shoot the padlock, then fully explore the area.

The item you need is the Jack Handle obtained from the Workshops’ Cabinet by solving a small puzzle (as explained here).

With the Jack Handle in your inventory, return to the tractor and raise it so you can crawl under.

When you exit, you’ll have to move west on your map, then north, then take a sharp left turn. Your objective is the Iron Insignia Gate, as opposed to the Luthier’s House (which, again, you should fully explore).

After you open the said gate, you’ll reach the Well Wheel House. Get the Well Wheel, then climb the ladder to the roof.

The moment you reach the roof, you’ll see the House With The Red Chimney, and your search begins.

Red Chimney House Items Locations

In order to get the Search Completed objective in this area, try to follow the order below, and inspect all sections of this specific house.

I’ll point you to all collectibles, crafting materials, and cooking ingredients.

How To Get The Metal Scrap & Gunpowder

The very first item you’ll want to collect is the Metal Scrap located on the roof.

It’s sitting, as you can see, on a tire.

Resident Evil 8 Village House With The Red Chimney Items Locations
Get the Scrap on the roof

After you get the Scrap, jump to the courtyard, and under the roof where you found the Scrap, you’ll see a stove.

On it (also pictured) is some Gunpowder.

Resident Evil 8 Village Red Chimney House Items Locations
Now grab the Gunpowder

Where To Find The Hidden Outhouse & Large Crystal

Next, from your current location, turn around, and in the back of the house, you’ll see the Hidden Outhouse.

This one, as you can notice in my screenshot, is white.

Open it and retrieve the Large Crystal inside. You can sell this one to Duke.

Resident Evil Village House With The Red Chimney Items Locations
Open the Outhouse next and get the Crystal Treasure inside

How To Get Poultry

Awesome job! Now before entering the actual house, you’ll want to look around for three chickens (pictured).

Kill all three of them to get Poultry or the Cooking Ingredient you can use at Duke’s shop.

Resident Evil Village Red Chimney House Items Locations
Kill all three chickens to get Poultry

Where To Find The Four-Winged Key & Eugen’s Diary Collectible

Now, is time to get inside the house. You can do that by climbing the ladder in the back, where the Outhouse is located.

Then, drop inside the actual Red Chimney House.

Here, the first two items you’ll want to get are Eugen’s Diary collectible and the Four-Winged Key.

Both of them are found on the table in the middle of the house, as you can see.

Make sure you read all pages in the diary for it to count as found.

Resident Evil 8 House With The Red Chimney Items Locations
Grab both items on the table

How To Get Handgun Ammo

Finally, before exiting the Red Chimney House, check the large wardrobe in the corner of the room to find a Handgun Ammo box.

Resident Evil 8 Red Chimney House Items Locations
Don’t forget the ammo

Now, unlock the front door and take a look at your map to see the House With The Red Chimney Search Completed blue marker.

But you have one last area to inspect. The barn in the courtyard.

How To Enter The Barn

If you approach the said barn, you’ll see that the door is locked.

So you’ll need to find another way around, which means that you’ll open the front gates and return to the Maiden of War statue.

Now you’ll have to go back to Leonardo’s House and back to the tractor you just raised. The entrance to the barn is at the crossroads northwest of the tractor.

Simply remove the obstacle to see it (pictured), then get inside, unlock the door (shoot the padlock) and get the Pipe Bomb on the table.

Resident Evil 8 House With The Red Chimney Search Completed
Remove the obstacle and get the Pipe Bomb in the barn

Once you retrieve this last item, you’re done with this section in the Village.

Now the Resident Evil Village Red Chimeny House Search Completed objective is achieved on the whole area.

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