Resident Evil 8 Village Lone Road Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 16, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Lone Road Items should also be retrieved while playing the video game developed by Capcom; for obvious reasons, even though this area is quite poor in loot, as you are about to see.

In fact, the Resident Evil Village Lone Road section includes only 4 items that are within its borders (without counting the Goat of Warding close to the Drawbridge); therefore, below, I will guide you through all of them from the moment you exit the Ceremony Site gate, up to the point where you find Duke.

But first, let’s see how to get to Lone Road in RE8 Village.

Where To Find The Lone Road In Resident Evil 8 Village

The Lone Road is found west of the actual Village in the game, and it can be reached only after you deal with Lady Dimitrecu.

Once you exit the Tower Of Worship (hopefully with all Castle Collectibles already found), you’ll spot a small house on the right house.

Then, close to it, you’ll see a gate and, behind it, a tunnel leading south.

Without spoiling the game’s plot, you’ll need to follow that tunnel, and it will lead you to the Ceremony Site.

There are no items within that area, so the only path you can follow is east, towards the Village.

After you get past the first gate, you’ll enter Lone Road.

Lone Road Items Locations

In order to make this guide as easy as possible, make sure you follow the exact same order.

You’ll encounter some enemies here, so take your time with them, then continue from the last item.

Where To Find The Breakable Crate

The first hidden item you’ll want to get is inside a crate you can break.

Before going down the hill towards the bridge in front of you, head south on your map (or right in the game).

You’ll reach a dead end, and by the fence, you’ll find the crate in my screenshot.

Resident Evil 8 Village Lone Road Items Locations
Break this crate first

Now return to the main path, and follow the road east.

After you cross the bridge (in one piece), you can check the stairs on your left side.

Under the said stairs, you’ll find a room with a Goat of Warding.

How To Get The Rusted Scrap

Awesome! Next, you’ll want to get back to the main road and continue to push east.

On top of the stairs, head right through the first door, and you’ll enter a room.

Turn left, and in the corner, you’ll see the Rusted Scrap in my picture.

Resident Evil Village Lone Road Items Locations
Look for some scrap in the first room on the right

Where To Find The Second Crate

Good job! Head outside now, and cross the main road, then enter the next building (right in front of you). Carefully!

After you clear, it, look around and notice that it’s bigger.

When you explore it, you’ll be able to spot another crate or box you can break on your left side as you move toward the door on the other side.

Resident Evil 8 Lone Road Search Completed
The second crate is in the northern building

Where To Find Luiza’s Treasure Chest

Now, you have one last item you have to collect.

Exit the previous building and once again cross the main path towards the southern building.

Here, on a table, you’ll find the chest in my screenshot.

Resident Evil 8 Village Lone Road Luiza's Chest Location
The final item is a chest which requires a special key

This specific chest can’t be unlocked when you visit Lone Road the first time because you’ll need Luiza’s Key.

Furthermore, this chest is a Treasure named Luiza’s Heirloom. To open it, you’ll have to go back to Luiza’s House and get the key waiting for you on the stairs at the entrance.

With Luiza’s Key, you’ll return here and open the chest to get Cesare’s Goblet, a treasure quite expensive according to the price offered by Duke.

When you open this specific chest, your Resident Evil 8 Village Lone Road search is completed.

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