Resident Evil 8 Village Mine Spike Trap: How To Escape The Underground Tunnels

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May 8, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Mine Tunnels may prove difficult to escape, even though your only goal is to run without engaging the Lycans; therefore, below, we’ll discuss the path you have to follow and what you have to do to exit in one piece while playing the video game developed by Capcom.

The Resident Evil Village Underground Dungeon is reached simply by progressing through the story the moment you use the Demon & Maiden Crests on the large stone door in the Cemetery.

Or after you visit Luiza’s House if you want.

Once you do that, you’ll enter a cellar where you’ll meet a familiar face.

At this point, all you have to do (since there is nothing you can do) is to enjoy the cutscene, which reveals The Four Lords of the Village.

After the said cutscene, you’ll see Ethan with a pair of handcuffs, which means that you can’t fight, so you’ll have to run.

The problem, however, is that the Lycans are after you, and you have only several seconds to figure out the correct path.

So, here is what you need to do to escape the Lycans in the Resident Evil 8 Village Mines.

How To Escape The Resident Evil 8 Village Mine

The moment you gain control over Ethan, follow the main tunnel. It’s a linear section, so you can’t get lost; however, at some point, you’ll see a Lycan breaking the wall in front of you.

Turn left when this happens, and quickly interact with the wooden wall in my picture below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Dungeon How To Escape
Break this wall

Once Ethan breaks the wall, jump down and try to cross the bridge.

You won’t succeed, but you’ll reach the lower part of the Mines.

In front of you, there are some caged Lycans.

While facing them, turn left to spot another wooden wall you can break.

Resident Evil 8 Village Underground How To Escape
Break this wall in the cellar with the Lycans

Once you do that, crouch and go through the next hole.

Keep following the tunnel ahead, and jump in the large area with the spike roller. This is the trickiest part.

How To Survive The Spiked Roller In Underground 1F

The RE8 Village spiked roller trap in the Mine is deadly, meaning that if the spikes hit you, your journey ends.

Because the area is quite dark, avoiding the spikes can be a bit difficult unless you know where to go.

So, once you jump in the square room while facing the exit, or the actual roller, turn around.

Now to your left (or right if you are facing the roller), there is a small (really small) hole in the wall.

That is your hiding spot, as you can see below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Spikes Roller How To Escape
Get inside this hole in the wall

After you get inside this hole, crouch and wait for the spikes to get close to you. Besides the fact that you’ll survive, they will also destroy Ethan’s handcuffs, setting you free.

Before leaving this room, get the loot from the two wooden boxes (left and right), then follow the corridor ahead.

It will bring you to a wooden door you can unlock.

Behind the said door is a lever you can pull to open an iron door and enter the Vineyard.

Keep in mind that even though there are no Resident Evil 8 Village Collectibles in the Mine, in the next one (Vineyard), there is a hidden Goat you’ll have to find, and even more can be found in Castle Dimitrescu.

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