Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 21, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods is the first area you’ll need to cross when you travel towards the Stronghold in the video game developed by Capcom, and although there are no treasures or collectibles here, you’ll have to fully explore it for a handful of items you may need for what’s to come.

Even though Resident Evil Village Forbidden Woods is one of those sections that doesn’t feature a Search Completed objective, if you use the following items’ locations guide, you’ll end up entering the Stronghold more than prepared.

So let’s see where to find all the hidden items in The Forbidden Woods.

How To Get To Forbidden Woods In Resident Evil 8 Village

To get to Forbidden Woods, you’ll need the Six-Winged Unborn Key from the Reservoir.

Since that area is story related, it means that first, you have to kill Moreau; then, on your way out, you’ll find the Six-Winged Unborn Key inside his chamber.

Which is in the mine under the first Mill, as you may remember from the previous guide.

With the Six-Winged Unborn Key in your inventory, you’ll want to open the Six-Winged Unborn Gate north of the church, then simply follow the path ahead.

Before doing that, however, make sure you find all items in Otto’s Mill.

You can also return to Otto’s Mill after the Stronghold, but you most likely want to get the Cooking Ingredients from the Mill and finish cooking all recipes.

When you are ready, follow the path ahead, and you’ll enter The Forbidden Woods.

Forbidden Woods Items Locations

Before starting the guide, it’s worth outlining that in this section, there are multiple enemies you’ll have to face.

As such, to get everything in one run, make sure you deal with them first, and only after you clear the area, focus on the items or the loot you have to collect.

Obviously, to make things easier, try to follow the order below as you will move from one item to another.


As soon as you enter the Forbidden Woods, you’ll see a wooden bridge in front of you.

Hug the left side of the mountain, and without going up the hill, you’ll find a bent tree.

Get the Herb nearby.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Items Locations
Get the herb by the tree the moment you enter

Rusted Scrap

Now, cross to the other side and after you deal with the Lycans, look for a broken cart.

It is opposed to the Herb below but on the southern edge of the map.

Inside the cart, there is some Rusted Scrap waiting for you.

Resident Evil Village Forbidden Woods Items Locations
Get the Scrap in the cart

Breakable Crate #1

Next, keep following the linear path, and in the next area, you’ll have to deal with two archers.

Once you do that, check the ruins in the middle for a Breakable Crate.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Items Locations
Break this crate in the ruins

Breakable Crate #2

From your current location, move around the ruins and go right.

On the southern edge of the map, you’ll see the second crate.

Basically is at the bottom of the stone where one of the archers spawned.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Search Completed
Close to the previous crate but on the southern side of the map

Breakable Crate #3, #4 & Mine

Several steps away from the previous crate, the moment you enter the actual ruins, you’ll see an explosive barrel on the ground floor.

In front of it, there are three items. Two of them are crates, and the third one is a Mine.

Don’t miss these.

Resident Evil Village Forbidden Woods Search Completed
Smash the crates in the ruins and get the mine

Shotgun Ammo

Now that you have cleared the ground floor, you’ll need to follow the ramp on the right side of the ruins to the second floor.

Make sure you do this and stay alert.

Your search continues on the second floor, where you can find another explosive barrel, a gate you need to activate, and two ladders.

Following the two ladders (left and right side of the gate) will lead you to a third floor. On each side of the gate, you’ll find a lever, so there are two of them you have to activate.

As soon as you get to the second floor, head to the other side (north) and look around the corner for a small alcove (pictured).

Get the Shotgun Ammo from it.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Search Completed
Get the ammo from this alcove

Breakable Crate #5

Next, you’ll want to remain on the same floor and check the left side of the gate you are about to open.

In the dark corner, you will find this crate.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Secrets Locations
Find the crate in the dark corner on the left side of the gate

Sniper Rifle Ammo

Finally, follow the stairs above the crate you just found, and when you see the lever, you have to pull and turn right.

On the balcony sits a box with Sniper Rifle Ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Secret Locations
The box sits on the balcony

Pull the lever now, then once you deal with the Lycans, head back to the floor below.

Breakable Crate #6 & Handgun Ammo

Once you get back to the previous floor, look for a barrel and a crate in the central area.

They should be on the right side while facing the gate, even though, during the fight, the crate might get destroyed.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Ammo
Find the ammo box on the barrel

Breakable Crate #7

Finally, there is one last box that can be found here.

It is located on the third floor but this time close to the right lever.

Once you climb the yellow ladder, look for it in the alcove just around the corner.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Ruins Items
The final crate is in an alcove close to the lever on the right side of the gate

After you get all these items and pull the second lever, the gate to the Stronghold opens up, and you are free to move to the next area because you have found all items in the Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods area.

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