Resident Evil Village (RE8) Luthier’s House Item Locations

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May 14, 2021

Luthier’s House in Resident Evil 8 is one of the richest houses in the Romanian Village featured in the video game developed by Capcom, mainly because in Romania, Luthiers, who were (and still are) artists, used to be quite rich. The Resident Evil Village Luthier’s House, however, is also a tricky location when it comes to getting the Search Completed objective because it includes a Yellow Quartz that is extremely hard to spot.

Regardless, throughout the following guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this house, how to get inside by finding the Luthier’s Key, and how to get all the items. So, let’s start from the beginning.

Assuming you followed my Village collectibles guide, you already know that the Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier’s House can be reached while searching for the Red Chimney House (which is a key location). Except that you won’t be able to enter it unless you have the Luthier’s Key or the Luthier’s House Key.

You can get some collectibles outside, but this specific house is best approached after you deal with the second boss and clear the Beneviento House. Here is why.

Where To Find the Luthier’s House Key

On your way back from Beneviento House, two new areas open up in the Garden section. The first one is in the southern area, and the second one is in the northern area of the Garden. The latter is the Gardener’s House, and again, if you followed the complete Garden Collectibles guide; you remember that Luthier’s Key is located inside that specific cabin.

As you can see in my picture below, it’s quite easy to find since it’s located by the Typewriter, where you can save the game. Or, simply put, it is on the table.

Resident Evil Village Garden House Collectibles Locations

After you get the Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier’s Key, you’ll go back to the village, and you’ll cross once again through the hole in the barn (Leonardo’s House). Now, continue under the tractor you raised with the Jack Handle from the Workshop, then keep moving until you reach the Iron Insignia Gate between West Old Town and East Old Town. The Luthier’s House is across the street, and it has a sign on it.

Now, destroy the padlock on the gate, and then get inside to claim all the hidden items below. You’ll want to find them in the same order as described so you don’t miss anything.

Hidden Outhouse

The moment you enter,  turn right to spot the Outhouse pictured below. As you can see, it’s blue and easy to find. Open it because inside, you’ll find a Lockpick.

Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier House Collectibles

Goat of Warding

The next two items can be found while remaining in the courtyard. You can see both of them pictured below. It is a crate you’ll have to smash; however, the important one is the Goat Of Warding. While the crate sits on the ground in the area between the barn and the actual house, the Goat Of Warding is on the roof of the small shed. You can shoot it down while on the ground.

Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier's House Items Locations

Madalina’s Body, Gunpowder & Ammo

Now, you are done with the courtyard, so enter the small barn on the right. Here, grab the Gunpowder from the crates in front of you, then turn right, and on the other side, you’ll find some Handgun Ammo in the crates by the window and Madalina’s Body. Make sure you don’t sell the body because you will lose a lot of money, as explained here. Find Madalina’s Head and assemble the doll.

Resident Evil 8 Village Madalina Body Location

At this point, the Luthier’s House barn search is complete.

Note On The Luthier’s House Collectible

So, head to the house and read the note by the door. Don’t miss it because it’s a collectible and it tells you where to find the key.

RE8 Village Note on the Luthier’s House

Obviously, if you follow this guide, you already have the key mentioned above, so you can enter the house.

Ammo, Crafting Materials & Crate

The next order of business is to get all ammo, crafting materials, and crates. Once you enter the house, check the cabinet under the sink. It may contain ammo or something else. Now, get to the other side of the house, and you’ll find the crate below. Next to it is a white drawer. Smash the crate, then open the drawer to get a Chem Fluid.

Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier's House Search Completed Items

How To Unlock the Maestro’s Collection Treasure

Now that you have the previous items, it’s time to claim Maestro’s Collection Treasure. As you probably noticed, you’ll need to open a locker using a code. The Maestro’s Collection Locker Code is quite easy to find. Start by checking the note on Luthier’s working table. It reads: I’ll never forget her 5th birthday. This is the hint you’ll need.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maestro Collection Locker Code

What Is the Locker Code in Luthier’s House

The locker code in Luthier’s House is 270917, and you can find it simply by checking the picture in the house.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maestro Collection Puzzle Code

It’s a drawing made by the Luthier’s daughter, and as you can see above, it has a Happy Birthday message on it as well as a date. Connecting the dots with the hint on the note, you can use the date on the large locked wardrobe.

Maestro’s Collection Treasure consists of two items: the F2 Rifle High-Capacity Mag you can use on your rifle and a Steel Hræsvelgr. The latter is the actual treasure because you can sell it to the Duke for a lot of Lei.

Now, after you get the treasure, the search should be completed. But it’s not. Why? Because there is one last hidden item you need.

Where To Find the Last Luthier’s House Item

The final Luthier’s House Search Completed item is a Yellow Quartz, which is very easy to miss. You’ll find it attached to one of the musical instruments (lute) that is hanging on the ceiling. It’s facing the window, as you can see.

Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier House Search Completed Last Item

Shoot it down, then collect it for Duke. Now, the Resident Evil Village Luthier’s House Search Completed objective is achieved, and you also claimed Maestro’s Treasure in the process and all hidden items outside.

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