Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town Lockpick Well House Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 16, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town Lockpick Well House is also one of the important Romanian Houses you may want to explore and clear while playing the video game developed by Capcom, even though this specific house is not a key location in the game’s plot.

If you are a completionist, then getting the Search Completed objective for the Resident Evil Village West Old Town Lockpick Well House is mandatory, and as usual, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you where to find all hidden items in this house, as well as a Collectible, and a Cooking Ingredient.

So, let’s get to it and clear this West Old Town House, which, as you can guess, features a Well in the courtyard and a Lockpick icon on it.

Where To Find The West Old Town Well House In Resident Evil 8 Village

The house in question is found southwest of the Workshop we already covered, and for two reasons, it is best approached after you find the House With The Red Chimney.

The first reason is that by reaching the Red Chimney House, you’ll unlock a small shortcut in the barn, as explained here.

Additionally, on your way toward The House With The Red Chimney, you’ll get the Well Wheel, which is required for the Well found close to the house we are going to explore.

You can see it below, marked in red.

Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town House Items Locations

So assuming you have this Key Item, head back to West Old Town and start your search from the back of the house (opposed to the Well).

West Old Town House Items Locations

In order to make the guide easier to follow, you’ll want to respect the exact same order as the one below.

Simply follow my steps, and you’ll get everything inside this section.

Where To Find The Crate

The moment you enter the backyard, turn right to spot a crate you can break.

This crate contains a random item. In my case, it had some Sniper Rifle Ammo.

As you can see, it sits at a dead-end.

Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town Well House Items Locations
Smash the crate in the backyard

Where To Find The Beast In West Old Town

If you open your map, you can see the icon of a goat close to this house. If this icon is not there, you may want to progress through the story and get back here after the second boss.

The Beast in question is actually a pig. A black one; that is found in the barn behind you.

Go through the northern door, then kill the animal to get 2 units of Meat you can use to cook at Duke’s shop.

This is the second item here.

Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town Lockpick House Items Locations
Kill the black pig inside the barn

Where To Find The Lockpick

Good, now exit to the front courtyard, and the next item you’ll want to get is a Lockpick. This will help you open the drawer inside the house.

Simply approach the Well and use the Well Wheel to get it.

Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town House Search Completed
Get the Lockpick from the Well using the Well Wheel

How To Open The Locked Drawer

Now that you have the Lockpick, you’ll want to go back to the barn where you found the pig and then exit the backyard.

Enter the eastern door, then under the kitchen sink, you’ll find a drawer that is locked.

Use the Lockpick to open it and get a random item.

Resident Evil Village West Old Town House Search Completed
Open the drawer under the sink

Where To Find The Outhouse

Next, head back to the front courtyard (where the Well is found), and the moment you exit the pig’s barn, turn right to spot the Outhouse pictured below.

Open it since it counts as a collectible.

Resident Evil 8 West Old Town House Search Completed
Open the Outhouse in the courtyard

Where Is The Last Hidden Item (Search Completed)

The last hidden item in the West Old Town House is also the trickiest.

It is found in the southeastern building, which is also a barn.

When you enter, simply look to the ceiling, and you’ll spot a Golden Bird Cage (pictured).

Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town House Last Item
The last item here is a Bird Cage

Shoot it down, and you’ll get some Shotgun Ammo.

After you collect the Shotgun Ammo from the ground, the Resident Evil 8 Village West Old Town Lockpick Well House Search Completed objective is achieved.

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