Resident Evil 8 Village Tower Of Worship House Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 19, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Tower Of Worship House, or the house outside the Tower Of Worship, is one of the trickiest houses in the video game developed by Capcom and also one that can be easily missed in case you rush through the game.

The Resident Evil Village Tower Of Worship House, which in fact, belongs to a Craftsman (based on the note found inside), features a hidden area and an interesting puzzle you’ll have to solve in order to reach a room full of hidden and useful items.

Since this house is quite important, as you are about to see, below we’ll cover everything you need to know about it, including how to get inside, when you should explore it, and how to solve the puzzle in the cave beneath it.

So, let’s start from the beginning with its location.

How To Get To The Tower Of Worship House In Resident Evil 8 Village

The Resident Evil 8 Village Craftsman’s House can be reached after you deal with Lady Dimitrescu, so it’s an early location.

It is found outside the Tower Of Worship, on the right side of the Locked Gate that leads Ethan back to the Village.

However, if you approach it after the first boss fight, you’ll only find a handful of items; or you’ll barely scratch the surface because this specific house has a lot more loot.

Therefore, the Resident Evil Village Craftsman’s House is best approached after the third boss (Moreau) because you’ll need two Key Items:

  • First, you’ll need the Crank that allows you to lower the Drawbridge near Lone Road
  • Second, you need the Water Wheel to unlock a hidden passage

This means that after you get the Water Wheel (on your way to the Red Chimney House) and after you get the Crank from the Drowned Houses in the Reservoir, you’ll have to return here.

Preferably once you complete the Drawbridge search covered by this guide.

So, using the same boat at the Drawbridge near Lone Road, you’ll travel north and disembark on the right side dock.

From this dock, you’ll follow the left path to get back to the house outside the Tower of Worship.

Craftsman’s House Items Locations

As you progress up the hill, you’ll eventually reach another Drawbridge you can lower using the Crank in your inventory.

The moment you cross the bridge, your search begins, and in order to keep this guide to the point, I’ll list all items in this area.

Even if some of them can be collected after you deal with Dimitrescu.

Simply double-check the locations and make sure you did not miss any of these items.

Craftsman’s Note Collectible

Enter the house through the front door and look for the typewriter in the main room.

Next to it, you’ll see the Craftsman’s Note Collectible file.

Resident Evil 8 Village Craftman's Note
Check the note on the table

Rusted Scrap

Now, turn around and look for a white cabinet under the sink.

Open it, and inside, you should find some Rusted Scrap.

Resident Evil 8 Village Tower of Worship House Items Locations
Check this cabinet inside the house

Outhouse & Gunpowder

Now, from your current location (inside the house), jump through the window to reach the backyard.

Here, turn left and open the Outhouse. Inside you’ll find some Gunpowder.

Resident Evil 8 Village Hidden Outhouses
The Outhouse is in the backyard of the cabin


After you open the Outhouse, check the well nearby.

Use the Well Wheel, and you’ll be able to pull up a ladder.

Hop on it and descend to reach a hidden cave. As soon as you reach the ground floor, look down to spot a Lockpick on the ground.

Resident Evil Village Tower of Worship House Items Locations
Get the Lockpick at the bottom of the ladder


Now head towards the next room, and you’ll see several wooden platforms.

Once you enter the room with the platform, you’ll want to check the right side, and by the wall, you’ll see a mine.

Resident Evil 8 Tower of Worship House Items Locations
Don’t miss this mine in the room with the wooden platforms

Pipe Bomb

Awesome job! Now, look around this room, and on the other side, you’ll see a door that is obviously locked from the other side.

While facing it, turn right and go up the wooden platforms. You’ll eventually reach the second floor, where you’ll have to solve a puzzle.

But first, look at the grate behind you, and in the corner, you’ll see a Pipe Bomb.

Resident Evil 8 Village Craftsman's House Items Locations
Don’t miss this Pipe Bomb in the dark corner near the grate

Craftsman’s House Cave Puzzle Solution

Now, you’ll need to solve a puzzle and use the console nearby to move the platforms and create a bridge toward the other side of the cave.

Here is how to solve this puzzle:

  • Press the white button in the upper left corner
  • Now cross to the other side where the cart is located, and push it forward all the way to the other side of the track
  • Next, return to the console and press the second white button to pull up another cart.
  • Go behind it and push it forward until it falls to the lower level

Now the puzzle is complete, and you can drop on the crate on top of the second cart; then climb to the wooden platform on the other side where a Breakable Crate is found.

Shotgun Ammo & Breakable Crate

Before doing this, however, you may want to check the area where you pushed the first cart.

Go around the cart, and in the corner, you’ll find some Shotgun Ammo (pictured).

Resident Evil Village Craftsman's House Items Locations
Look for ammo behind the first cart

Now drop on the crate mentioned above and climb to the platform where the crate with yellow tape can be seen. Break it for a random item.

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby, Flashbang & Magnum Ammo

Finally, head forward and notice the hole below your feet.

Drop through it, and you’ll reach the room behind the locked gate in this cave.

From this room, you’ll need to collect 3 items:

  • Large Pigeon Blood Ruby from the chest on the table (one of the two pieces required to complete Dimitrescu’s Necklace)
  • Magnum Ammo which is found under the table (may want to crouch)
  • Flashbang is also found under the table.

You can see what these items look like below.

Resident Evil 8 Craftsman's House Items Locations
Retrieve the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby from this chest in the cave

Now, after you get these items, you’re free to unlock the gate, and if you open your map, you can see that the Resident Evil 8 Village Craftsman’s House Cave Search Completed objective has been achieved.

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