Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Collectibles: Where To Find All Files, Weapons, Key Items & Treasures

by Vlad
May 11, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Collectibles can be found after you finish the House Beneviento section in the video game developed by Capcom, and there is a total of six important items you don’t want to miss.

The Resident Evil Village Garden Collectibles are mandatory, and they provide tips on various secrets, such as the location of a rare bird; however, there is also a Key Item you’ll need to find and a mini-game you can play.

So, without further ado, here is how to get all RE8 Village Garden Collectibles chronologically and how to use them.

Resident Evil Village Garden Collectibles Locations

The moment you exit House Beneviento, your goal is the head back to the Village. Which means that you’ll go east.

As you are about to find out, several things have changed, and two new areas are now available.

First, you’ll reach the grave where Beneviento’s Treasure can be found.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to grab the treasure there just yet, since the item required for it is in the Village.

So, ignore it for now and head east towards the Suspension Bridge but pay attention to the areas that are now available.

The first one is to the south, and here you can get a new weapon.

W870 TAC Shotgun – Weapon

The W870 TAC Shotgun can be located in the southern area of the Garden after you exit House Beneviento.

Go around the house, killing every creature that spawns there; then, when you enter the door, you’ll find it on a table by the window (right side).

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Collectibles Locations
The W870 TAC Shotgun sits by a table in the southern Garden cabin

Sun And Moon Ball – Key Item

Now head outside, then southeast, and you’ll find a small grave.

You’ll have to walk under a pergola to get to the said grave, where you’ll find a box. Inside is the Sun and Moon Ball you’ll get to use a bit later.

For now, pick it up.

Resident Evil Village Garden Collectibles Locations
Get the Sun and Moon Ball near the grave on the southern side of the Garden

These are the two collectibles you’ll have to find here, but obviously, there is also some loot. So search the area carefully.

Now, when you are ready, head to the main road and go north to reach the Gardener’s House.

Outhouse #9 & Photo Of A Strange Bird

When you spot the Gardener’s House, go left around it, collecting all items you see. For example, if you check the well using the Well Wheel, you’ll get Madalina’s Body which can bring you 20.000 Lei.

Behind the Gardener’s Cabin is an Outhouse (pictured).

Open it, then make sure you get the Photo Of A Strange Bird from the left wall inside.

Resident Evil 8 Garden Collectibles Locations
Open the Outhouse behind the Gardener’s House and get the Photo of a Strange Bird

Gardener’s Diary

Now get inside the actual house.

When you open the door, head to the second room to spot a File you can read. It’s by the bed.

Resident Evil 8 Garden House Collectibles Locations
Read the diary by the bed in the second room of the house

Luthier’s Key – Key Item

Next, in the same room, also by the bed but next to the typewriter, you’ll find Luthier’s Key, which grants access to the Luthier’s House in the Village.

Don’t leave the cabin without this key.

Resident Evil Village Garden House Collectibles Locations
Luthier’s Key is in the Gardener’s House

Onyx Skull – Treasure

Finally, on your way out, just before exiting, on the left side of the door, you’ll find another Labyrinth Puzzle.

The Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Labyrinth Puzzle is similar to the one from Castle Dimitrescu, but this time you’ll use the Sun And Moon Ball you found earlier.

Resident Evil 8 Village Garden House Labyrinth Puzzle
Use Sun and Moon Ball and complete the mini-game in the house for an Onyx Skull

Place it in the Labyrinth, then tilt the replica to guide the ball into the slot on the other side.

Once you finish the puzzle, you’ll get an Onyx Skull you can sell to Duke when you return.

Awesome! You got all Resident Evil 8 Village Garden Collectibles, which means that now you’ll visit the Village for the third time. Make sure you continue following the Village Collectibles guide if you want to get the next batch.

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