Resident Evil 8 Village Vineyard Collectibles: Where To Find All Recipes & Goat of Warding

by Vlad
May 8, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Vineyard area serves as a connection between the Mines and Castle Dimitrescu, and it is a small area where you won’t encounter any foul creatures; however, there are several Resident Evil Village Collectibles you will unlock when you reach it.

Three of them are recipes that are unlocked automatically, but there is also a Goat of Warding that is quite tricky to spot.

So, let’s see what you can do in the Vineyard once you escape the Spiked Trap in the Mines.

Resident Evil Village All Vineyard Collectibles

The moment you exit the Mines, things will calm down a bit since you are almost alone in the Vineyard.

In front of you is a small hill where you can see the imposing Castle you’ll explore next. Inside Castle Dimitrescu, get ready to find a lot of collectibles.

Goat of Warding #4

The only Resident Evil Village Vineyard collectible you have to worry about is a Goat of Warding. If you followed the Village Collectibles guide, this is the fourth Goat.

While facing the hill in front of you, turn right to spot several Scarecrows.

The first one is close to the road, while the second one on your right is close to the mountain.

Head to the second one, and on its left side, on a rock (pictured below) you can spot the Goat of Warding.

Resident Evil 8 Village Vineyard Collectibles Locations
Get this Goat of Warding when you exit the Mine

Shoot it down, then keep following the path toward the Castle, where you’ll meet Duke; or the local merchant.

Mines, Shotgun & Sniper Rifle Ammo Recipes

The next three collectibles are, in fact, three recipes you must buy from Duke.

Once you meet him, you’ll need 10500 Lei to buy all of them; however, if you don’t have the amount required by the merchant, you can also purchase them later.

To see these recipes, you’ll need to:

  • Interact with Duke
  • Pick Supplies
  • Choose Other
Resident Evil Village Vineyard Collectibles Locations
Buy the three recipes from Duke

At this point in the game, you will see the Extra Baggage upgrade, as well as the following recipes:

  • Shotgun Ammo Recipe – Costs 3000 Lei
  • Sniper Rifle Ammo Recipe  – Costs 4000 Lei
  • Mines Recipe – Costs 3500 Lei

You’ll have to buy all of them if you aim for 100% completion in Resident Evil Village.

These are all collectibles in the RE8 Village Vineyard section, but before entering Castle Dimitrescu, remember that you can also claim your pre-order bonuses offered by Capcom; the moment you meet Duke.

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