Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Rooftops: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 12, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Rooftops section is one of the trickiest when it comes to hidden items and getting the Search Completed blue marker on your map while playing the video game developed by Capcom.

That’s because the Resident Evil Village Castle Rooftops is a big area, and you’ll need to find a Crystal Fragment, which is almost impossible to see.

However, if you follow this guide, you’ll get the Resident Evil 8 Village Rooftops Search Completed in a matter of minutes because I’ll share with you all items’ locations.

As usual, chronologically.

Resident Evil Village Castle Rooftops Items (Search Completed)

So to make the whole guide easier to follow, there are several things you should know.

First, that there are no collectibles to be found here, as explained in the full Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Guide.

Second, during your first visit, this section may look confusing, even though it’s not.

Just to keep things simple, your objective is to reach the highest spot on the rooftops, where you will find a zipline you can use.

Good, so now, let’s clear the Resident Evil 8 Village Rooftops.

Rusted Scrap (Crafting Material)

Since you’ll approach this area from the Attic where you have found the hidden items, we will start from the moment you exit the previous section.

Follow the linear path in front of you, and on the left side, you’ll see the broken section of a balcony. It is just before the elevator.

Go through the hole, then turn left and look down to spot the vase in my image.

Resident Evil 8 Village Rooftops Search Completed How To Turn Blue
Break the vase on the lower roof first

Break it to get some Rusted Scrap, although remember that the contents of the vases are random.

Lei (Money)

Now, retrace your steps and get to the lift (or elevator).

Go around it (right side) to spot another vase you can break to find some Lei (or something else).

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Rooftops Items Locations
Check behind the elevator next

Lei (Money)

Good job! Now for the next item on the Rooftops, simply turn around, and you’ll spot it behind you.

It’s the vase in my picture below, and again it may contain some Romanian old currency.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Rooftops Items Locations
The next vase is close to the previous one

Crystal Fragment (Treasure)

Now comes the tricky part. From your current location, hug the balcony on the right and keep going until you reach the southeastern part of the rooftops.

If you look around, you’ll be able to spot some snow in the corners of the roof.

Here you’ll have to go up to find the zipline; however, before doing that, look to the tower nearby.

On it (look up), you’ll see a glowing dot. As you know, you’ll have to shoot it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Rooftops Items Locations
Notice the glowing crystal

When you do that, the Crystal Fragment falls on a small ledge. Grab it because this is most likely the last RE8 Rooftops item you’ll need in case you already found the rest.

Gunpowder (Crafting Material)

After you get the previous item, remain on the same roof, but turn around.

Move towards the eastern side, and near the large castle window, you’ll find this box containing Gunpowder.

Resident Evil Village Rooftops Items Locations
Get this Gunpowder box near the large window

Lei (Money)

Now, to complete this area, there is one last vase you need to break.

From the previous item, retrace your steps toward the tower where the crystal was located, then turn right and go up.

When you reach the top of the roof, you’ll see the vase below your position.

Resident Evil 8 Rooftops Items Locations
Get the final vase to complete the Rooftops

After you break the final vase, the Resident Evil Village Rooftops Search Completed marker appears on your map, and you can zip down to reach Belfry, where three hidden items await.

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