Resident Evil Village (RE8) Castle Dimitrescu Dungeon Map Treasure Location

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May 9, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map is a Key Item you can find while playing the video game developed by Capcom, and since it’s a treasure map, it will obviously lead you to a treasure that can get you a lot of money.

The Resident Evil Village Castle Treasure Map is not hard to find, but it requires a bit of legwork and a second Key Item, so the guide below explains everything you need to know about it: where to find the Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map, how to open the Dungeon Special Chambers, how to solve the corresponding Puzzle, and how to properly use the treasure item known as the Azure Eye.

Before we begin, though, it’s worth mentioning that you should find the hidden Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map before placing the four masks on the statues in the Hall of the Four because if you leave the castle, you won’t be able to return unless you start a new game or reload a previous save.

Resident Evil Village Castle Treasure Map Location

As you may remember from the Resident Evil 8 Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles guide, the Treasure Map is a Key Item that can be found in the Attic, and it’s one of the 7 hidden items there. You can see it below, and it’s quite easy to find since it’s in the middle of the room on a table next to a breakable box.

Resident Evil 8 Village Dimitrescu Caste Attic Treasure Map

The good thing about it is that by the time you reach it, you already have everything you need to get the treasure. Meaning that you’ll have the Iron Insignia Key obtained by solving the Piano Puzzle in the Opera Hall.

After you get the Iron Insignia Key, the next important step is to solve the 5 Bells Puzzle in the Atelier and go through Dumitrescu’s Portrait. The path ahead is linear, and it will lead you to the Treasure Map above. Pick it up and inspect it to see the following drawing outlining a secret chamber in the Dungeon B1 area.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map

Castle Treasure Location

After you get the treasure, you have to go back to the Dungeon. There are two options here:

  • Option 1: Follow the story and head to the roof via the Attic. If you do this, eventually, you’ll get back to the Main Hall. From here, move to the Dining Room, then to the Kitchen. Follow the northern stairs down, and you’ll enter Dungeon B1.
  • Option 2: From the Attic, go back to the Atelier, then to the Hall Of Joy. Now cross both the Library (collect all hidden items inside) and the Opera Hall, then exit the Courtyard. In the Courtyard, follow the western door to the Dining Room, then the northern one to the Kitchen. Once again, descend the northern stairs in the Kitchen to get to Dungeon B1.

Regardless of which path you choose, your goal is to reach the northeastern door in the Dungeon. The said door requires the Insignia Key you already have.

How To Solve the Grated Coffin/Sarcophagus Puzzle in the Special Chambers

After you unlock the Special Chamber gate, you’ll need to solve a small puzzle if you want to claim the treasure. As you’ll notice, there is a fence that goes up when you enter the room. Start by looking around for a Pipe Bomb. You can find one by the burning candles on the wall on the right side of the room as you enter.

Resident Evil 8 Village Special Chambers Puzzle Solution

Now equip the Pipe Bomb and throw it close to the cracked wall. Behind it, you can see a burning brazier. After you destroy the wall, look on the left side of the door you used to enter to spot some Handgun Ammo. There are ten bullets.

Now get behind the hanging brazier, and while facing the burning one in the wall, aim for the hanging one. Your goal is to push the hanging brazier towards the fire and light it up, just as you see in my image below.

Resident Evil Village Special Chambers Puzzle Solution

Now, as you can guess, you’ll have to do the same with the second one, except that this time, you’ll light it up from the first one. Simply go behind it, then aim while facing the one that’s burning. The result should look like this.

Resident Evil 8 Special Chambers Puzzle Solution

Very good; now it’s time to claim your treasure from the coffin nearby. Open it, and you’ll get the Azure Eye, pictured below. But how do you use it?

Resident Evil 8 Village Azure Eye How To Use

How To Use The Azure Eye

The Azure Eye in Resident Evil 8 Village is Valuable; you don’t want to sell it right away because you’ll get a better price from Duke if you use it properly. As such, you’ll need to combine it with a Silver Ring. If you don’t have it, here is how to get it.

Silver Ring Location

From your location, head back to the Kitchen, then to the Dining Room, then to the Main Hall. Follow the stairs to the second floor, then move south towards the Dressing Room, then to the Hall of Pleasure. Here, you’ll want to open the drawer on the right side of the chimney to find the Silver Ring below. Keep in mind, though, that there is a total of 4 hidden items you have to find for the Search Completed objective.

Resident Evil 8 Village Silver Ring Location

Now, with these two items in your inventory, you can return to Duke in the Merchant’s Room. Open your inventory and combine the Silver Ring with the Azure Eye to get the Azure Eye Ring. The Resident Evil 8 Village Azure Eye Ring can be sold to Duke for 12.000 Lei, which, according to my country’s old monetary system, was enough to buy you an old house somewhere in the mountains. Not a castle, though.

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