Resident Evil 8 Village Workshop Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 14, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Workshop is a key location featuring a small puzzle and several important items that will help you further explore the Romanian Village in the video game developed by Capcom.

Although it is not available until after you deal with Lady Dimitrescu inside her Castle, the Resident Evil Village Workshop area is mandatory to progress through the story.

As such, below I’ll tell you how to get to the Workshop in Resident Evil 8 Village, all items you can find here, how to solve the puzzle in the Workshop, and how to use the Key Item you’ll find inside.

Where To Find All Resident Evil Village Workshop Items

Obviously, the first thing you’ll have to know is how to get to the Workshop.

As mentioned, this area becomes available after you leave the Castle. Hopefully, you got all collectibles inside, following the order explained in this guide.

As you return to the Village and meet Duke, your objective changes, and you’ll be asked to find the House With The Red Chimney (a key location in the game’s plot).

To reach that house, you’ll have to explore the Workshop. Here is what you need to do next.

How To Get To The Workshop

To get to the Workshop, your starting point is the Maiden of War statue.

Once you get there, don’t forget to collect all the hidden items, then look around for a house with large blue gates.

It is Leonardo’s House, and it has a Well in front of it. You may remember that inside, you’ll find the Wooden Animal Head.

Fully explore that house (it has 11 hidden items), then head to the backyard. Now, head to the southern barn and take a look around to spot a shelf you can move.

Once you do that, you’ll exit to another area where you can see a tractor.

Go around it (left side) and then follow the path east on your map to see a large gate with a locker on it.

Shoot it, and you’ll be inside the Workshop. Now your search begins.

Workshop Crate Location

The moment you enter the Workshop on the right side, you’ll see the crate in my picture below.

It sits in plain sight, so it’s impossible to miss. Smash it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Workshop Items Locations
Break this crate first

Workshop Puzzle Solution

Now head inside the actual workshop, and on the right side, you’ll see a locked cabinet.

To open it, you’ll have to find a code.

How To Open The Combination Lock

Good, so the next two items here are inside that locked cupboard.

Turn around, and on the workbench by the entrance, you’ll find a photograph.

Examine it, then turn it around to see a message that reads: Look out the window.

Resident Evil 8 Village Workshop Items Locations
Check the picture in the Workshop next

Awesome, so now that you found the hint, do just that. Look out the window.

When you do that, you’ll see a series of numbers :

  • 07 – On the red house to the left
  • 04 – On the window’s frame
  • YM08 – On the covers outside (right side)
Resident Evil 8 Village Workshop Lock Code Locations
Pay attention to the numbers

What Is The Code For The Locker In The Workshop

Since there are also some letters on the covers outside, and you can only use numbers, then it’s easy to figure out that the lock can be opened using the code 070408.

So, examine the padlock and move each section to unlock the cabinet.

From the cupboard, you can loot two items: the M1911 Handgun and the Jack Handle.

These are the last two items in this area.

How To Use The Jack Handle

The Resident Evil 8 Village Jack Handle is a Key Item that can be used only on the tractor down the road.

Approach the said tractor and examine it, then use the Jack Handle to raise the vehicle.

Resident Evil 8 Village How To Use Jack Handle
Use the Jack Handle on the tractor down the road

Now, crawl under the vehicle, and you’ll get to a new area that grants access to the Luthier’s House, which is one of the richest in the Village. Since, well, the Luthier is a musician. However, you may also want to check the West Old Town House, which has some handy items inside.

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