Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth Puzzle: How To Solve & Use The Flower Swords Ball

by Vlad
May 9, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Merchant’s Room Labyrinth Puzzle is an optional riddle you can complete in the video game developed by Capcom and a funny mini-game that requires a Key Item named the Flower Swords Ball.

The Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth Puzzle, unlike the Hall of Ablution Statues Puzzle or the Opera Hall Piano Puzzle, is not required to progress through the story, but by completing it, you’ll unlock the Get The Ball Rolling trophy/achievement, and a Crimson Skull.

So, below I’ll tell you how to solve the Labyrinth Puzzle in RE8 Village, how to use the Flower Swords Ball, where to find it, and what to do with the Crimson Skull.

But let’s start from the beginning, with the puzzle’s location.

Where To Find The Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Puzzle

The Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village can be spotted in the Merchant’s Room next to Duke.

If you followed my Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Guide, you may remember that I have mentioned it close to the second collectible we have found. A file named The Labyrinths.

You can see both the said file and the puzzle below. It is the small castle replica on the right side of the picture.

Resident Evil 8 Castle Dimitrescu Collectibles Locations

This puzzle, as said, is a minigame that you won’t be able to play until later, even though you can enter the Merchant’s Room quite early.

Assuming you want to finish it, before we move forward with our solution, keep in mind that you’ll want to finish this before leaving Castle Dimitrescu; or before placing the four Masks in the Hall Of The Four.

That’s because once you leave the Castle, you won’t be able to return here unless you start a new game or load a previous save.

Labyrinth Puzzle Solution

The first thing you’ll need to do is to follow the story up to the point where you reach the Opera Hall and finish the Piano Puzzle which unlocks the Iron Insignia Key.

If you don’t know how to get there, things are pretty easy.

First, you’ll have to reach the point where you see Lady Dimitrescu talking on the phone.

Next, you’ll want to grab Dimitrescu’s Key from her chamber (on the right wall by the window).

Then when you try to leave, she’ll start chasing you, and you’ll end up in the Courtyard.

Using Dimitrescu’s Key, open the northern door, and you are inside the Opera Hall.

Where To Find The Flower Swords Ball

In Opera Hall, your next objective is to find the Flower Swords Ball, which is a Key Item for this puzzle.

Head to the second floor, then open your map and go to the northernmost point.

It is a small room with a ghoul around the corner (left side).

Take out the creature, then by the window, you will find the Flower Swords Ball pictured below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Flower Swords Ball

How To Use The Flower Swords Ball

Now that you have the Key Item, head back to the Merchant’s Room.

From the Opera Hall, go back to the Courtyard, then cross the Dining Room and the Main Hall.

Look for the castle replica near Duke and place the Flower Swords Ball inside.

The minigame or the Labyrinth Puzzle is quite accessible, as you are about to see.

How To Solve The Labyrinth Puzzle

Your objective is to tilt the castle, so the ball gets in the central tower with a red flag on it.

The first section is really easy because the ball can’t fall, so tilt the castle to the left, then towards you.

When the ball reaches the front wall, wait for the wooden bridges to align, then tilt the castle to the right, as you can see below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Labyrinth Puzzle Solution
Cross the wooden bridges by tilting the castle to the right

Once you cross the moving bridges, tilt the replica to the right, then to the back.

Now tilt it to the left to get the ball in the courtyard.

Next, you’ll have to be very careful because there are some holes you have to avoid.

So, move the castle to the left, then towards you, then to the right until the ball is close to the tower with the right flag.

Finally, tilt the caste one more time towards you, and you are done.

Resident Evil 8 Village Castle Dimitrescu Labyrinth Puzzle Solution
The ball must reach this tower

How To Use The Crimson Skull

In exchange for solving this cute puzzle or mini-game, you will unlock a new trophy, and you’ll also get the Crimson Skull below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Crimson Skull How To Use
A shiny skull Duke is interested in

This item is valuable, and as with all valuables, you can sell it to Duke nearby.

For the Resident Evil 8 Village Crimson Skull, Duke is going to pay 8000 Lei, which is the old currency of my country, and back in the day, this amount was enough to buy a new car. You won’t get one in the game, though.

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