Resident Evil 8 Village Riverbank Treasure House Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 19, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Riverbank Treasure House is a key location featured in the video game developed by Capcom, and it can be unlocked only after dealing with the third boss known as Moreau.

Located north of the Vineyard, the Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure House is quite rich in loot, and it is worth investigating, especially because it also comes with a small puzzle.

As such, below we will cover the Riverbank Treasure House in RE8 Village, and I will tell you everything you need to know about it, including how to get the Search Completed objective and how to solve the puzzle inside.

How To Get To The Riverbank Treasure House In Resident Evil 8 Village

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to get to the Riverbank House.

As said, you will be able to clear it after you return from the Reservoir Area because you will need the Crank obtained from the Drowned Houses.

With the Crank in your inventory, you’ll need to lower the Drawbridge next to Lone Road, then use the boat there and get to the northern section of your map.

Just as a side note, you may want to approach the Riverbank House after you check the southern Drawbridge cave explained in this guide and also after you clear the Craftsman’s House outside the Tower of Worship.

But that’s totally up to you.

After you reach the northern Drawbridge, disembark on the dock nearby, then follow the path up the hill (right side).

Riverbank House Items Locations

Since this area includes a very amusing puzzle, before moving forward with all items you can collect within the Riverbank House, it’s worth knowing that to open the doors inside the house, you’ll have to follow several steps.

So the guide below lists all items you can get and also features a Riverbank Treasure House walkthrough you can use to solve the puzzle here.

Therefore, let’s begin by opening the front door.

When you enter the house, simply follow the corridor straight ahead, and you’ll reach a rather large room with three doors. All of them are locked.

Right Side Door & 2 Breakable Crates

From the main chamber, we will open the room on the right side first.

To do this, aim at the swinging brazier, and shoot it so it can swing. Your objective is to light the brazier on the right.

It’s actually really easy, as you can see below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Riverbank Treasure House Items Locations
Open the room on the right by shooting the singing brazier to light the one on the right

Once you light the brazier on the right, you’ll open the door to the room with two Breakable Crates.

Collect the items from the crates first, and if needed, kill the enemy that spawns from the hole.

Left Side Door & Lei

After you get both crates in the room on the right, return to the main hall and repeat the same step as above, but this time you’ll want to light the brazier on the left.

Obviously, by shooting the swinging one, as you can see below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Riverbank Treasure House Puzzle Solution
Light the brazier on the left now

This will open the door to the other room and inside you’ll find a table with a lot of money.

Grab everything, then return to the main hall.

Central Door & Treasure Room

Now, things will become quite interesting. Just so you know, the hole in the room on the right side will constantly spawn enemies, so take your time and don’t rush.

Your next goal is to set on fire one of the slow enemies that follow you, and you can do this in two ways:

  • You can shoot the swinging brazier while the enemy is close to it
  • Or you can lure the enemy into the brazier

The idea here is the same. You have to set one enemy on fire.

Once you do that, head through the central door, and you’ll find the third brazier.

Let the burning enemy follow you, then lure him towards the brazier. When the enemy bumps into the brazier, it will set it on fire.

Just as you see in my image.

Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure House Puzzle Solution
Light the third brazier using the burning enemy

Now, after you open the last door, look around the room with the third brazier for a Breakable Crate. It should be on the left side when you enter the room from the main hall.

Finally, head inside the actual treasure room and check the table in the middle.

Resident Evil 8 Village Riverbank Treasure House Chest

From this table, you can get:

  • Magnum Ammo (inside the box)
  • Golden Lady Statue, which is, in fact, Dimitrescu’s Statue and a treasure Duke is willing to buy for 20.000 Lei

Now that you are done with the treasure, open your map and notice that the Resident Evil 8 Village Riverbank Treasure House Search Completed blue marker appeared.

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