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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 8 Village Collectibles: Where To Find All Files, Weapons, Recipes, Key Items, Goats & Outhouses



Resident Evil 8 Village area is the largest in the video game developed by Capcom and also the richest when it comes to collectibles, so it’s important to learn where to find every file, weapon, recipe, Goat of Warding, key item, and Outhouse; thus the following guide reveals all Village collectibles locations.

The Village in RE8 is first reached after the Prologue, and assuming you found every collectible in Ethan’s house, now you’ll have to do some exploration for even more collectibles.

Before you start though it’s quite important to remember that the Transylvanian Village you get to explore is pretty big and you will return here several times as you progress through the story; however, not all Village collectibles can be retrieved the moment you enter the settlement.

Or simply put, to get all of them you’ll need to reach certain points in the game. For example, some of them can be obtained after you return from Castle Dimitrescu.

To keep this Resident Evil 8 Village collectibles’ locations guide easy to follow I will outline these points, obviously keeping the guide spoiler-free.

On top of this, you’ll also learn more about my country’s culture or folklore.

Resident Evil 8 Village Collectibles – First Visit

As mentioned above you’ll reach the Romanian Village in Resident Evil 8, the moment you finish the Prologue in Ethan’s house.

You’ll find yourself in the forest and the moment you enter, you’ll have to focus on collectibles.

Mission Briefing

The very first RE8 Village collectible is a File quite easy to find.

When you enter the snowy area of the forest, look to your right and you’ll see a truck and a dead body.

Check the dossier next to the body and you’ll get the Mission Briefing below.

Resident Evil 8 Village Collectibles Locations

The Mission Briefing sits next to a dead soldier

First Aid Med & Handgun Ammo Recipes

The next two collectibles are two recipes that don’t require any effort on your part.

All you have to do is to follow the linear path through the forest up to the point when you enter the actual village.

To do so, you’ll have to explore a lonely house, and eventually as you progress; you’ll see Ethan sliding down a small hill.

When this happens, the First Aid Med Recipe and the Handgun Ammo Recipe will be automatically added to your crafting menu; and you can access them by pressing triangle, then R1 on PlayStation.

You can even craft these items if you have the required materials.

Resident Evil 8 Collectibles Locations

Both Handgun Ammo and First Aid Med recipes are unlocked when you reach the Village

Outhouse #1

Once you enter the Village, feel free to do some exploration and gather all materials you can find in the first area; however, focus on the West Old Town Well.

You won’t be able to interact with it just yet but the next collectible is found nearby and it’s an Outhouse you can open. Make sure you do so the moment you reach the Village.

You can see it in my image below in the right corner and even though it’s empty, you’ll need to open it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Outhouses Locations

The first Outhouse is near the Old West Town Well

Knife & LEMI Handgun

After you deal with the previous collectible, you’ll get your hands on your first two Resident Evil Village weapons.

To get them, head west of Old West Town (the story takes you there) and you’ll find the knife on a desk inside a house.

Resident Evil 8 Village Weapons Locations

The knife is retrieved from this desk in the house where you meet the first villager…and the first Lycan

As said all you have to do is to explore the area. After you get the Knife, destroy the breakable box nearby and then you’ll meet a scared villager.

Unfortunately, you’ll also be attacked by a Lycan, but the good thing is that you’ll get the LEMI pistol from the old man.

Bolt Cutters – Key Item

As you fight the Lycan you’ll eventually end up in the small courtyard behind the Old Man’s house.

Deal with the beast first, then return to the same house through the hole in the wall and in the side-room, you’ll find the Bolt Cutters below.

These are used to cut the chain on the gate behind the house, thus you’ll need them to progress through the story.

Resident Evil 8 Village Key Items Locations

Get the Bold Cutters from the Old Man’s house

M1897 Shotgun

The next important item you need to get is the M1897 Shotgun, but it is also impossible to miss since it’s sitting on a table in the house where the Lycans attack you constantly.

You’ll know you are in the correct spot because the beasts can be observed waiting for you on the roof.

And you’ll need this weapon to survive the ambush.

Resident Evil 8 M1897 Shotgun

Get the M1897 Shotgun from the table while fighting the Lycans

Scribbled Note

Assuming you survived the ambush, head up the hill towards the church.

After you meet the Old Lady, she’ll close the gates behind you and leave. Now, while facing the next large area, check the first house on the left side to find the Scribbled Note in my image.

You can see it in the corner of the room near some candles, however, don’t miss the hidden items here.

Resident Evil Village Scribbled Note

The note sits in a small house where you meet the Old Lady

There are multiple paintings near the door of this house. In Romania, these are called “icoane”.

“Goat of Warding” Placard & Goat of Warding #1

Moving on, exit the house mentioned above, then head towards the Church.

As you move up the small hill, on the right side you’ll see an altar and there are two collectibles here.

The first one is the sign under the altar that you’ll have to read.

The second one is the goat on the altar that you’ll have to destroy with your knife. Make sure you do this before entering the next section.

Resident Evil 8 Village Goats Locations

Destroy the Goat and read the sign on this altar (right side)

Goat of Warding #2

The next collectible you’ll want to find is another RE8 Village Goat.

Feel free to do some exploration if you want but the moment you approach the church look on the roof.

Resident Evil 8 Goats Locations

Shoot the goat on the Church

To get this one you’ll need one bullet because of its location.

Simply shoot it down.

Maiden Crest – Key Item

Now that you got the collectible, enter the Church and on the left side, there is another Altar with the Maiden Crest.

This is a key item you’ll use to exit the village a bit later, but there is a total of 11 hidden items in the Church and the Graveyard behind it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden Crest How To Use

Get the Maiden Crest in the Church

Once you get it you may also want to save your game using the typewriter in the small Church.

Goat of Warding #3

With the Crest in your inventory, head outside and move down the hill, then go left to see a large field.

Your goal is to cross it but as you can guess you are not alone.

Deal with the Lycans or just run, but the moment you reach the hill, instead of going right inside the small house, go left and jump over the wooden fence.

If you look up, on the wall, you’ll see another Goat you can shoot down.

Resident Evil Village Goats Locations

Shoot the Goat before entering Luiza’s house

Good, so now that you got the third goat, retrace your steps back to the hill and inside the small house, you’ll see a woman and an old man.

Outhouse #2

After you talk to them, jump through the window, then turn left and hop on the crates.

Now jump over the broken wall and you’ll find yourself in front of Luiza’s House.

Before doing anything else, turn right again and open the second Resident Evil Village Outhouse.

It’s in the corner of the courtyard, near a white chair.

Resident Evil Village Outhouses Locations

The second Outhouse is in front of Luiza’s house

Next, you’ll want to open the iron gate for the old man and the woman outside.

Once you do this, head inside Luiza’s house.

Dangerous Creatures

The moment you meet Luiza she’ll tell you to wait in the lobby.

While waiting, grab the file standing on the brown chair by the window.

Resident Evil 8 Village Dangerous Creatures File

Get the file while waiting for Luiza

Now, it’s time to meet more villagers, so head down the hallway and enjoy the next cutscene and some unusual events.

Truck Key & Screwdriver – Key Item

After you escape with Elena, you’ll find yourself in a garage, and your objective is to escape the house.

This however requires a key item.

So, while Elena is waiting for you, take your time to explore the place. When you are ready to proceed, look for a side room. There you should be able to see a sink.

Next to it, is a drawer (pictured below). Take the Truck Key, then open its leather cover to extract the Screwdriver.

Resident Evil 8 Village Truck Key & Screwdriver

Get the Truck Key from the drawer by the sink

Now, head back to the truck and escape the house. Things will get a bit messy but as promised, no spoilers.

Demon Crest – Key Item

Finally, once you exit Luiza’s House, there is one last key item you need to obtain.

It is the Demon Crest on the locked altar outside Luiza’s House.

This altar can now be opened, using the Screwdriver.

Resident Evil 8 Village Demon Crest

Get the Demon Crest from the altar using the screwdriver

When you obtain this crest, you are ready to open the next area, and your first visit to the Village is about to end.

These are all RE8 Village Collectibles you can get during your first visit.

How To Use The Demon & Maiden Crests In Resident Evil Village?

The Resident Evil 8 Village Demon & Maiden Crests are used on the large stone gate in the Graveyard (pictured).

Resident Evil 8 Village How To Use Demon Maiden Crests

Place the crests on this gate

From Luiza’s House, head back to the church, open the iron gate, and then you’ll see a very unusual stone gate.

Place the Demon Crest in the right slot and the Maiden Crest in the left slot, then rotate them to re-create an impressive carving.

This action opens the way towards Castle Dimitrescu with a lot of collectibles, but first, you’ll have to escape the Underground 1F Mines and avoid a Spike Trap. Do so, then grab the Vineyard collectibles.

Resident Evil Village Collectibles – Second Visit

Good, so now that you have dealt with Lady Dimitrescu, it’s time to continue your search for Collectibles.

At this point, a lot of them will be unlocked in the Village. But first, let’s get there.

Dirty Flask – Key Item

The first collectible is a Key Item you can’t miss because it is part of the story.

It is the Dirty Flask located on the coffin pictured below, in the room where you defeat her. You’ll also get Crystal Dimitrescu which is a treasure you can sell.

Resident Evil 8 Village Dirty Flask How To Use

After you deal with Dimitrescu get the Dirty Flask from this coffin

Craftsman’s Note

Now head outside the tower and on the right side, you’ll see a cabin.

Explore it a bit because there are two collectibles here and some loot.

The first one is the Craftman’s Note (pictured) by the typewriter saving point.

Resident Evil 8 Village Craftman's Note

Check the note in the cabin outside the tower where you kill Dimitrescu

Outhouse #3

After the previous File, jump through the cabin’s window and you’ll see the third Outhouse.

It’s on the left side as you get out.

Resident Evil 8 Village Hidden Outhouses

The third Outhouse is in the backyard of the cabin just outside Dimitrescu’s tower

Good, now retrace your steps back to the front of the house and head south.

Shoot the locker on the iron gate, and you’ll enter a tunnel.

Here you’ll want to advance through the tunnel and get the Fish swimming in the first pond. It is mandatory if you want to get all the Cooking Recipes.

You can shoot the fish, but it’s better to use your knife.

Winged Key – Key Item

Next, continue down the tunnel and you’ll trigger a cutscene I am not going to spoil.

After the cutscene, get the Winged Key from the box on the Altar (pictured). You’ll use this on the southern door in the cave where you are standing.

Resident Evil 8 Village Winged Key How To Use

The Winged Key is inside this box where you meet the Old Lady

Great! Now you’ll want to exit the caves using the lever on the door nearby. Follow the tunnel and it will get you to the Ceremony Site.

Feel free to explore the area if you want additional Crafting Materials; then head east on your map.

Goat of Warding #7

The next important item is an RE8 Village Goat of Warding. If you followed my guides as you progress through the game this is the seventh.

You can find it as you move towards Lone Road.

When you do that you’ll reach a bridge where you are ambushed by Lycans.

Deal with them, then cross the bridge, then turn left and follow the stairs down.

Turn left again, then you’ll see a small room. Inside, look around to spot it in the left corner as you enter.

Resident Evil 8 Village Collectibles All Goats of Warding

Shoot the Goat under the bridge near Lone Road

After you shoot this goat, go east down the path.

Dont’s waste your time on the Lone Road chest nearby because you’ll need Luiza’s Key to open it; however there are other items worth getting here as explained.

Now open the next gate and you’ll reach the Altar. Nearby you can see Duke.

Pipe Bombs Recipe

During the second visit, Duke sells only one recipe you need. It’s the one for the Pipe Bombs.

You can see it below and this is one of the Village Collectibles you can buy later if you don’t have enough cash.

Resident Evil 8 Village Collectibles All Recipes Locations

Buy the crafting recipe from Duke

If you do, get it now; then, place the Head Flask (former Dirty Flask) in the Incomplete Chalice or altar in front of Duke.

Now your goal changes and you’ll need to find The House With The Red Chimney, but before going there, you’ll want to get some extra collectibles.

From your current location, head to the Maiden of War area and check the southeastern house with a well in front of it.

Leonardo’s Message

On the table in the kitchen (in front of the radio) you’ll find a note.

Read it as it counts as a collectible and provides a tip on what you have to do next.

Resident Evil 8 Village Leonardo's Message

Read the note. Carefully…

Now feel free to explore because his specific house features 11 hidden items you have to get.

Outhouse #4

After you get the Wooden Animal, you can craft the Wooden Goat Toy treasure.

Now, unlock the door nearby and exit the house to the backyard.

Turn left as you exit to find another Resident Evil Village Outhouse. Open it.

Resident Evil 8 Collectibles Locations All Outhouses

Check the backyard of the Maiden of War east house

Now, you will want to return to the Maiden of War Statue because it’s time to find The Red Chimney House.

Once near the statue look south to notice the said chimney; however, getting inside is a bit problematic.

You’ll need to go back to the courtyard of the house above and check the stable (tip provided by the note you found in the house).

Push the shelf there, and you’ll find a secret entrance.

Outhouse #5

The moment you deal with the Lycan that spawn nearby you’ll be able to see a tractor when you exit the barn.

Turn right to spot the next Outhouse.

Resident Evil 8 Outhouses Collectibles

The next Outhouse is spotted when you exit the barn

Good, so now you’ll want to examine the tractor, and then head left towards the large gate with the Do Not Enter sign.

Shoot the padlock to get inside.

Jack Handle – Key Item & M1911 Handgun

Next, examine the picture on the workbench. Turn it around to spot a small message which reads: Look out the window.

If you do that you’ll see some numbers outside, as follows:

  • 07 – Written in white on the red house
  • 04 – Written in yellow on the window’s frame
  • YM08 – Written in blue on the covers outside. The YM however is not important.

So, the code to the Workshop Locker is 070408. Use it to open the cabinet behind you and get the Jack Handle (below) and the M1911 Handgun. You can see a full walkthrough for the Workshop here.

Resident Evil 8 Village All Weapons Locations

Get the Jack Handle and the Handgun inside the workshop

Good job! So now you got a new gun and a Key Item you’ll need to use on the tractor.

Head back to the vehicle and use the handle to raise it, then crawl to the other side.

For the next Resident Evil Village Collectibles and to get to The House With The Red Chimney, you’ll want to move north, then take a sharp left turn to get to the small gate with the Red Insignia Key.

Here you’ll fight a different kind of Lycan with a helmet and some claws.

Defeat him but don’t open the gate yet.

Outhouse #6

Instead, while facing the gate look to the right to spot one of the RE8 Village Outhouses.

It’s impossible to miss and it’s the sixth you’ll have to find in the video game.

There is also a cooking pan next to it. In Romania, this is called “oala”.

Resident Evil 8 Village All Outhouses Locations

On the right side of the Iron Insignia gate

Awesome job. Now cross the dirt road in front of you towards the gate with a note on it.

Read the note (Locked due to missing owner), then shoot the padlock.

Just so you know this is the Luthier’s House and from here you can get Maestro’s Collection Treasure later in the game.

Outhouse #7

For now, though, let’s stick to the Resident Evil Village Collectibles in the Luthier’s House, and the first one is the Outhouse.

You can spot this one when you enter the gate, on your right side.

Resident Evil 8 Village Luthier House Collectibles

Find this Outhouse in Luthier’s House courtyard


Goat of Warding #8

While remaining in the same courtyard, look on the roof of the small shed between the house and the barn.

You can spot the RE8 Goat of Warding below.

Resident Evil Village Luthier House Collectibles

Shoot the Goat on the shed

In the barn, you can also find Madalina’s Head that can bring you 20.000 Lei once combined with her body.

Note on the Luthier’s House

Finally, head to the front porch on the house and you’ll find the note below.

Again pay close attention to the text.

RE8 Village Note on the Luthier’s House

Read the note by the door

Ok, so now you got all collectibles in this area, which means that it’s time to open the Iron Insignia gate.

Well Wheel – Key Item

Cross the dirt road in front of the Luthier’s House and use the said key.

The moment you enter the small yard, to the right you’ll see a building.

Check the backroom and on the barrels, you’ll find the Well Wheel. This item is used on the wells in the Village.

When you do that you’ll get various items and treasures.

RE8 Village Well Wheel

Get the Well Wheel from this barn

Now, retrace your steps outside for more RE Village Collectibles.

Outhouse #8

From the building where you found the Well Wheel, climb the yellow ladder.

While on the rooftop, to the left you’ll see a small courtyard and another Outhouse.

Make sure you open it.

RE 8 Village Outhouses Locations

The next Outhouse is in the courtyard

Eugen’s Diary & Four-Winged Key

Close to the Outhouse above is another ladder.

Use it and from the roof, drop into The House With The Red Chimney.

On the table in the house, there are two items you can get: Eugen’s Diary and the Four-Winged Key found in the small box. You’ll need to examine it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Eugen’s Diary & Four-Winged Key Location 

Get both Eugen’s Diary and the Four-Winged Key from the house with the red chimney

After you get the Four-Winged Key your next visit should be to the Church, but don’t leave this house without finding all 9 hidden items outlined here.

Church Computer

Since the path is clear it’s quite hard to get lost.

So get back to the Village’s Church and examine the computer in front of the Altar.

Resident Evil 8 Village Church Computer

Inspect the computer in the church next

Good job, so now it’s time to get the last two Village Collectibles, then you can continue the story.

The first one is behind the Church you just visited.

Goat of Warding #9

Exit the Church, then open your map, and northeast you’ll see a gate that requires the Iron Insignia you already have.

Open the said gate to reach a graveyard, then when you enter; look behind the crypt on the right to find another Goat of Warding.

Resident Evil Village Graveyard Crypt Goat

Find the goat behind the crypt in the church’s graveyard

Luiza’s Necklace – Treasure

The last collectible you can get during the second visit is Luiza’s Necklace.

This is one of the treasures featuring a small puzzle, and you can find it on the front stairs of Luiza’s House.

Resident Evil Village Luiza's Necklace

Find Luiza’s Necklace in front of her house

After you solve Luiza’s Heirloom Treasure Puzzle, you can go back to Duke.

At this point, he’ll share the story of the Village with you and you’ll also be able to unlock cooking.

When you are ready to proceed, open the gate north of Duke’s location using the key you found in the house with the read chimney.

The next area where you can find a collectible is the Suspension Bridge, then the next one is in the House Beneviento area; followed by those in the Garden (on your way back to the Village).

RE8 Village Collectibles – Third Visit

The third visit to the Village is quite poor when it comes to collectibles, meaning there are only 4 and out of 4, two of them come from Duke.

Explosive Rounds & Flashbangs Recipes

The said Resident Evil 8 Village Recipes are for the Explosive Rounds and for the Flashbangs.

You can see them below and Duke makes them available once you return from House Beneviento.

Get both of them for 6000 Lei.

Resident Evil 8 Village All Recipes Locations

Buy both recipes

Broken Slab – Key Item

After you buy these two recipes, place the second flask you got from Beneviento’s House in the Incomplete Chalice in front of Duke.

Now, what you should do is to go straight to the Graveyard because there is a Broken Slab you’ll need to get right away.

Delay this visit and you’ll miss a treasure.

The Resident Evil 8 Village Broken Slab is in the crypt pictured below. The gates are now open but they will soon close.

Resident Evil 8 Village Broken Slab How To Use

Get the Broken Slab from the crypt in the large Graveyard

Get this slab and backtrack to Beneviento’s Treasure on your map to claim the treasure.

F2 Rifle High Capacity Mag – Weapon Part #2

Finally, head back to the Luthier’s House and use Luthier’s Key obtained from the Garden to get inside.

Solve the Maestro Collection Puzzle (or use code 27-09-17), and in the wardrobe (below), you will find a Steel Hraesvelgr you can sell and a steel case with the F2 Rifle High Capacity Mag.

Resident Evil 8 Village Maestro Collection Treasure Guide

Get the attachment and the Hraesvelgr inside the Luthier’s House

After you get these two items your third visit to the Village ends, and now you’ll have to pay a visit to Moreau.

When this happens you may want to follow the Resident Evil 8 Village Guides listed here as they cover all sections independently and they also explain how to get all hidden items.

Founder and senior content producer at GameClubz, I am the former CEO of & I've been playing video games since 1994, and I like to keep up with the latest video game releases. Feel free to get in touch with me if gaming is your passion.

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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed




Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods is the first area you’ll need to cross when you travel towards the Stronghold in the video game developed by Capcom, and although there are no treasures or collectibles here, you’ll have to fully explore it for a handful of items you may need for what’s to come.

Even though Resident Evil Village Forbidden Woods is one of those sections that doesn’t feature a Search Completed objective if you use the following items’ locations guide you’ll end up entering the Stronghold more than prepared.

So let’s see where to find all hidden items in The Forbidden Woods.

How To Get To Forbidden Woods In Resident Evil 8 Village

To get to Forbidden Woods you’ll need the Six-Winged Unborn Key from the Reservoir.

Since that area is story related; it means that first, you have to kill Moreau; then on your way out, you’ll find the Six-Winged Unborn Key inside his chamber.

Which is in the mine under the first Mill, as you may remember from the previous guide.

With the Six-Winged Unborn Key in your inventory, you’ll want to open the Six-Winged Unborn Gate north of the church, then simply follow the path ahead.

Before doing that; however, make sure you find all items in Otto’s Mill.

You can also return to Otto’s Mill after the Stronghold but you most likely want to get the Cooking Ingredients from the Mill and finish cooking all recipes.

When you are ready follow the path ahead and you’ll enter The Forbidden Woods.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Items Locations

Before starting the guide it’s worth outlining that in this section, there are multiple enemies you’ll have to face.

As such, to get everything in one run, make sure you deal with them first, and only after you clear the area, focus on the items or the loot you have to collect.

Obviously to make things easier, try to follow the order below as you will move from one item to another.


As soon as you enter the Forbidden Woods you’ll see a wooden bridge in front of you.

Hug the left side of the mountain, and without going up the hill, you’ll find a bent tree.

Get the Herb nearby.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Items Locations

Get the herb by the tree the moment you enter

Rusted Scrap

Now, cross to the other side and after you deal with the Lycans, look for a broken cart.

It is opposed to the Herb below but on the southern edge of the map.

Inside the cart, there is some Rusted Scrap waiting for you.

Resident Evil Village Forbidden Woods Items Locations

Get the Scrap in the cart

Breakable Crate #1

Next, keep following the linear path and in the next area, you’ll have to deal with two archers.

Once you do that check the ruins in the middle for a Breakable Crate.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Items Locations

Break this crate in the ruins

Breakable Crate #2

From your current location, move around the ruins and go right.

On the southern edge of the map, you’ll see the second crate.

Basically is at the bottom of the stone where one of the archers spawned.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Search Completed

Close to the previous crate but on the southern side of the map

Breakable Crate #3, #4 & Mine

Several steps away from the previous crate, the moment you enter the actual ruins, you’ll see an explosive barrel on the ground floor.

In front of it, there are three items. Two of them are crates and the third one is a Mine.

Don’t miss these.

Resident Evil Village Forbidden Woods Search Completed

Smash the crates in the ruins and get the mine

Shotgun Ammo

Now that you have cleared the ground floor, you’ll need to follow the ramp on the right side of the ruins, to the second floor.

Make sure you do this and stay alert.

Your search continues on the second floor where you can find another explosive barrel, a gate you need to activate, and two ladders.

Following the two ladders (left and right side of the gate) will lead you to a third floor. On each side of the gate, you’ll find a lever, so there are two of them you have to activate.

As soon as you get to the second floor, head to the other side (north) and look around the corner for a small alcove (pictured).

Ge the Shotgun Ammo from it.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Search Completed

Get the ammo from this alcove

Breakable Crate #5

Next, you’ll want to remain on the same floor and check the left side of the gate you are about to open.

In the dark corner, you will find this crate.

Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods Secrets Locations

Find the crate in the dark corner on the left side of the gate

Sniper Rifle Ammo

Finally, follow the stairs above the crate you just found and when you see the lever you have to pull turn right.

On the balcony sits a box with Sniper Rifle Ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Secret Locations

The box sits on the balcony

Pull the lever now, then once you deal with the Lycans head back to the floor below.

Breakable Crate #6 & Handgun Ammo

Once you get back to the previous floor look for a barrel and a crate in the central area.

They should be on the right side while facing the gate, even though during the fight the crate might get destroyed.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Ammo

Find the ammo box on the barrel

Breakable Crate #7

Finally, there is one last box that can be found here.

It is located on the third floor but this time close to the right lever.

Once you climb the yellow ladder, look for it in the alcove just around the corner.

Resident Evil 8 Forbidden Woods Ruins Items

The final crate is in an alcove close to the lever on the right side of the gate

After you get all these items and pull the second lever, the gate to the Stronghold opens up and you are free to move to the next area because you have found all items in the Resident Evil 8 Village Forbidden Woods area.

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Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 8 Village Otto’s Mill Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed




Resident Evil 8 Village Otto’s Mill is a landmark that is quite rich in hidden items, cooking ingredients, and treasures, thus you should explore it while playing the video game developed by Capcom, on your way towards the Stronghold.

Since Resident Evil Village Otto’s Mill items are required to get the Search Completed objective on your in-game map, knowing where to find all of them is mandatory, thus throughout the following guide, I’ll outline every single item you can get in this imposing structure as well as its surroundings.

This area should not be missed especially because without the cooking ingredients inside you won’t be able to cook all recipes and there is also a file collectible you need to read.

How To Get To Otto’s Mill In Resident Evil 8 Village

To get to Otto’s Mill, you have to obtain the Six-Winged Unborn Key from the Reservoir.

Specifically, from the Mines under the mill, in Moreau’s Room, as explained here.

That room; however, can’t be reached unless you deal with Moreau, or the third boss in the game, so you’ll get the said key on your way back to the Village.

Now, after you get the key, your next destination is the Stronghold behind the Six-Winged Unborn Gate north of the Church.

Just as a side note, when traveling towards the said gate, make sure you clear the Church following this guide.

Once you open the Six-Winged Unborn Gate, stick to the main path then head north (left) to enter the area known as Otto’s Mill.

Resident Evil 8 Village Otto’s Mill Items Locations

As usual, in order to make this Resident Evil 8 Village guide as helpful as possible, we will approach the items in Otto’s Mill in a specific order.

This means that we will deal with the area outside Otto’s Mill first; then head inside the actual building and clear it for the Search Completed objective.

Goat of Warding

The moment you get to the clearing where Otto’s Mill is found you’ll see a river.

Get into the water, then turn right, and under the mill on the left side you’ll see an altar with a Goat of Warding.

Make sure you destroy it.

Resident Evil 8 Village Otto's Mill Items Locations

Find the Goat of Warding under Otto’s Mill

Breakable Crate #1

Now, retrace your steps back to the river.

Cross it towards the locked gate on the other side collecting the random item in the Breakable Crate under the shack (right side).

Resident Evil Village Otto's Mill Items Locations

Get the crate before opening the gate outside the Mill


Once you get the previous crate, shoot the locker on the gate.

When you open it, you’ll see a pig running around. Kill it yo get 2 Meat.

Resident Evil 8 Otto's Mill Items Locations

Don’t let this pig escape!

Breakable Crate #2 & 2 Mines

Also in this courtyard, you can find another Breakable Crate and 2 Mines.

They are sitting under another shack (pictured) where some wood is stored. Look for it in the northern section.

Resident Evil 8 Village Otto's Mill Search Completed

The next 3 items are in this shack

Crystal Fragment

After you collect the previous items, just turn around to spot some sort of a device.

It looks like an engine and inside you can spot a Crystal Fragment.

Resident Evil Village Otto's Mill Search Completed

Turn around and get this treasure from the engine

Grab it so you can sell it to Duke.

Awesome job! Now you are done with the courtyard in Otto’s Mill, so follow the ramp behind the house and get inside.

Shotgun Ammo

The first two corridors inside the mill are linear and there are no items to be found.

Your search continues when you enter the actual mill via the door on the right.

Immediately after you get inside, turn left and go around the large saw. On the right side, you’ll find a box with Shotgun Ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Otto's Mill Search Completed

Get the Shotgun Ammo when you enter the mill

After you get the ammo, you may want to deal with the guy in front of you.

He is busy but you’ll get his attention.

That’s the only way to advance, and from him, you’ll get the Giant Crystal Axe, a treasure you can sell to our friendly Duke.

Handgun Ammo

After you clear the area, close to the same saw where you found the ammo box above, but this time on a barrel; you’ll find some Handgun Ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Village Otto Mill Items Locations

Get the ammo from the barrel

Get it then turn right.

Sniper Rifle Ammo

Close to the previous location and also left from the door with three lockers, you’ll see some stored wood.

Go around it and get the box with the Sniper Rifle Ammo pictured below.

Resident Evil Village Otto Mill Items Locations

More ammo for your shooting needs

Breakable Crate #3

Also on the ground floor, but this time on the right side while facing the door with the lockers, you’ll see a table.

On it, you can spot a Breakable Crate. This is the third in Otto’s Mill.

Resident Evil 8 Otto Mill Items Locations

Get the crate on the working table

Breakable Crate #4 & 5

Next, follow the stairs to the second floor. There are 2 crates here, although if you shot the explosive barrel on the ground floor, one of them is destroyed.

Regardless, in the picture below you can see both items. One is on the left side as you climb the stairs (in the corner of the platform).

The other one is in the crate on the other side.

They are pretty easy to spot.

Resident Evil 8 Village Otto Mill Search Completed

The next two items are on the second floor of the main room

After you get the two items above, this room is fully searched, so head to the ground floor and shoot the three lockers on the door.

Herb, Meat & Poultry

The moment you enter the next room, you’ll see the real treasure in this mill.

On the right side (on the white cupboard) is a Herb,  and on the shelf nearby you’ll find 2 Meat and 1 Poultry.

Don’t leave this room without them.

Resident Evil 8 Village Poultry Meat Locations

Get the Meat and the herb

Fish, Meat, Metal Scrap & Ernest’s Diary Collectible

In the next room, there are even more items you can collect.

Specifically 4.

Start with the Metal Scrap in the left corner of the room, as you enter from the previous one.

Then, get the Meat and the Fish from the table. Finally read Ernest’s Diary also on a smaller table nearby.

Resident Evil 8 Village Ernest's Diary Collectible

A total of four items can be found in this room

Cannibal’s Plunder Treasure Chest

Now, move through the next door, and down the hall, you’ll see the Cannibal’s Plunder Treasure Chest.

Is impossible to miss, and doesn’t require a key.

Inside this chest, you’ll find Father Nichola’s Angel Treasure you can sell to Duke for quite some money.

Resident Evil 8 Village Cannibal's Plunder Treasure Chest

Get the Cannibal’s Plunder Treasure Chest from the Mill

Breakable Crate #6, #7 & Gunpowder

The last three items in Otto’s Mill can be found on your way out.

Simply investigate the shelf on the left side, just before unlocking the door in the mill, from the inside.

Resident Evil 8 Village All Otto's Mill Items Locations

Get the last three items from this shelf on your way out

Now you are free to exit the building and continue your journey, and if you check your map you’ll see that the Resident Evil 8 Village Otto’s Mill Search Completed blue marker appeared, so you did not miss a single item.

The next area where you’ll find a lot of items is the Forbidden Woods covered here.

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