Resident Evil 8 Village Potter’s Field Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 16, 2021

Even if there are only 6 Resident Evil 8 Village Items you can collect in the first area north of the Village (towards the second boss) and no collectibles, Potter’s Field is an intriguing place that can bring you a lot of money (or Lei) in the video game developed by Capcom.

As such, the guide below explains how to clear Resident Evil Village Potter’s Field section, which stretches between the Suspension Bridge we already covered and the Village’s Altar where Duke installed his shop.

So if you want to get all items in Potter’s Field, let’s get to it because these are quite important.

Where To Find Potter’s Field In Resident Evil 8 Village

Potter’s Field is found just north of the Altar, behind the gate that requires the Four-Winged Key.

If you followed my guides, you may remember that the Four-Winged Key in RE8 is obtained from the House With The Red Chimney we already cleared.

Once you have it, open the gate behind Duke, and you’ll enter the area we will cover below.

You’ll exit this section the moment you reach the Suspension Bridge.

Potter’s Field Items Locations

Before we start our locations guide, it is imperative to know that during your first visit to Potter’s Field, there are no items you can collect.

Or simply put, when you travel towards the second boss or Beneviento’s House, don’t waste your time looking for Crafting Materials, Collectibles, or Treasures, because you won’t find any.

Instead, enjoy the environment, and pay attention to the events that occur.

All items listed below appear on your way back from House Beneviento. As you are about to notice, the area is a bit changed since the curse was lifted.

Therefore, your search begins the moment you cross the Suspension Bridge, moving towards the Village after you are done with the second boss.

Where To Find The Breakable Crate & Large Crystal

After you cross the Suspension Bridge and enter the forest, you’ll eventually reach a small crossroads.

Notice that you are not alone here; however, once you deal with all enemies, hug the left mountain wall and stick to the path north. The one that leads to a dead-end.

Several steps away, you’ll see a crate you can break (pictured below).

Behind it, you’ll also see a gravestone. Take a closer look at it, and you’ll spot a shining spot also visible in my screenshot.

First, break the crate, then shoot the Large Crystal because you can sell it to Duke.

Resident Evil 8 Village Potter's Field Items Locations
Break the crate and the Crystal on the gravestone

How To Get The Vivianite

The next important item sits in the central area where more enemies await.

Once you deal with them, make sure you check the large gravestone by the tree. You can see a doll on the ground next to it.

On the gravestone (also pictured) is a Vivianite. This is another treasure you can sell to Duke.

Resident Evil Village Potter's Field Items Locations
Now, grab the Vivianite close to the doll

Where To Find The Golden Bird Cages

The last three items that must be found here look the same and are extremely easy to spot.

These are Golden Cages, and you’ll see them hanging from the trees nearby.

The first one (in my screenshot) can be spotted while facing the gravestone with Vivianite. Turn left to see it and shoot it down for a random item.

The second one is several steps behind the gravestone and the first cage, while the third one is also in this area but above the road leading back to the village.

Resident Evil 8 Potter's Field Items Locations
Shoot all three golden cages to complete the search.

Remember to shoot all three of them, and then you can continue your journey back to Duke because the Resident Evil 8 Village Potter’s Field search is completed.

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