Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Clinic Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 18, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Clinic is the sixth Reservoir area you can explore on your way to the third boss in the video game developed by Capcom, and also the one where you’ll fight him, which means that it is quite rich in loot and hidden items.

The Resident Evil Village Moreau’s Clinic or the Reservoir Clinic, if you want, is extremely easy to navigate, and it is unlocked after you drain the Reservoir.

Without water, Moreau is defenseless, which means that you can put an end to him.

While doing that, however, you’ll also want to clear the area by finding all items in the Clinic. As such, below, I’ll tell you where they are.

How To Get To Moreau’s Reservoir Clinic In Resident Evil 8 Village

The Clinic in the Resident Evil 8 Village Reservoir area is reached upon draining the water.

Basically, you’ll need to power up the Gatehouse Console by completing the Drowned Houses section and collecting all items listed in this guide.

Then you’ll return to the Gatehouse and complete a small puzzle that allows you to drain the Reservoir (as explained here).

Now, when you exit the Gatehouse, you’ll see Moreau nearby, so you’ll need to follow him, thus entering the Clinic.

Moreau’s Clinic Items Locations

Since here you’ll get to fight Moreau, some of the items listed below can be collected during the fight or after you defeat him.

As such, in order to keep the guide spoiler-free, these will be approached after the actual battle; but there are also three items waiting for you before the boss fight.

Breakable Barrel #1

As you progress northeast following Moreau, you’ll eventually find a house. The Clinic area starts with it, and once you exit it, you’ll face Moreau.

Hence when you get to the first house, head left to get the first Breakable Barrel. It sits outside.

Resident Evil 8 Village Reservoir Clinic Items Locations
Break the barrel on the left side of the first house

Moreau’s Diary 1 Collectible & M1911 High-Capacity Mag.

Now enter the house, and just before exiting to the area where Moreau is waiting, on the right side, you’ll see a cabinet.

Open the drawer to get Moreau’s Diary 1 file which is a collectible, then on the left side, you can see a metal case.

Open it to find the M1911 High-Capacity Mag. You can see both of these items in my screenshot below. Left and right.

Resident Evil Village Reservoir Clinic Items Locations
Get both items in the house before fighting Moreau

Awesome! Now jump outside through the next door, and you’ll meet the third boss.

As said without going into details, the next item in the Clinic is the one dropped by Moreau. For defeating him, you’ll get the Crystal Moreau which is a treasure you can sell to Duke.

If you encounter difficulties with Moreau, you may want to try some explosives.

Breakable Barrel #2, Mine, Fist Aid Med & Handgun Ammo

After you defeat him, open your map and check the northernmost house.

In front of it, you’ll see an explosive barrel, in case you did not use it against Moreau. You can also see it below.

Resident Evil 8 Reservoir Clinic Items Locations
Loot this area to get a total of 4 items

From this house alone, you can get:

  • A random item from the Breakable Barrel on the left
  • Mine from the cupboard on the right side of the barrel
  • First Aid Med from the same cupboard as the mine
  • Handgun Ammo from the barrel on the right side of the cupboard

Breakable Barrel #3, Shotgun Ammo & Rusted Scrap

A little to the south, go around the central house.

Specifically, check its western side, and under a covered area, you’ll see another barrel (pictured).

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Clinic Items Locations
Now check the western side of the central house

Here, you’ll want to get the following:

  • A random item from the Breakable Barrel
  • Rusted Scrap on the table
  • Shotgun Ammo on the same table as the Scrap

Breakable Barrel #4, Chem Fluid & Rusted Scrap

The next set of items awaits you on the westernmost house. Look for a dead-end that happens to be in the area where you dropped from the upper house before the fight.

A third barrel is found here (pictured).

Resident Evil Moreau's Clinic Items Locations
The third spot containing items is near the western house

From this location, you can loot:

  • A random item from the Breakable Barrel
  • Rusted Scrap on the table
  • Chem Fluid is also on the table

Breakable Barrel #5, Gunpowder, Shotgun Ammo & Metal Scrap

Finally, on your way out, check the eastern house to find another location containing some items you don’t want to miss.

As you can see, there is a red carpet near the eastern house.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Clinic Items Locations
The last set of items is found close to the eastern house

From this last location, you’ll get:

  • A random item from the Breakable Barrel
  • Gunpowder on the table behind the table
  • Shotgun Ammo from the same table
  • Metal Scrap is also on the table

After you get these last items, follow the path north, and you’ll eventually reach a tunnel.

At this point, you may want to continue exploring Moreau’s Mines following the guide here, and you’ll reach the exit.

Before leaving the Reservoir, though, don’t forget to get back to the Boat House to clear the area (as explained), and also pay a visit to Moreau’s Laboratory, accessed via the eastern gate near the entrance to the Reservoir.

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