Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Laboratory Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 18, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau’s Laboratory is the last Reservoir area you can explore after you defeat the third boss in the video game developed by Capcom, and also the richest area when it comes to Crafting Materials and other useful items.

The Resident Evil Village Moreau’s Laboratory or the Reservoir Laboratory can be accessed via the eastern gate the moment you enter the Reservoir.

It is basically opposed to the first Mill where the Windmill Labyrinth is found, as we already explained. So let’s see how to get inside and how the clear the Laboratory.

How To Get To Moreau’s Laboratory In Resident Evil 8 Village

To get to Moreau’s Laboratory, you’ll need to deal with Moreau first.

That’s because the Laboratory requires the Crank, which is found in the Drowned Houses section.

Without the said Crank, you won’t be able to get inside, and since there is no way to return from the Drowned Houses to the Reservoir’s entrance, it means that you’ll need to go through the Clinic.

Which you may remember is the area where Moreau awaits.

So, this Laboratory is basically one of the first areas you’ll discover in the Reservoir, but the last area you’ll get to explore.

Moreau’s Laboratory Items Locations

As usual, in order to clear the Laboratory without missing any item inside, try to follow the order in the guide below.

There is a simple path you need to follow, and you will move from one house to another.

Here are all items’ locations in this section.

Breakable Crate #1

After you open the gate using the Crank, follow the path up the hill, then turn right at the crossroads.

As you go up, just before crossing the bridge, you’ll see a crate you can break.

Resident Evil 8 Village Reservoir Laboratory Items Locations
Break the crate in front of the bridge

Mermaid Ball Key Item

Cross the bridge, then on the other side, turn left.

You’ll spot a small altar (pictured), and from it, you can get the Mermaid Ball.

Resident Evil Village Reservoir Laboratory Items Locations
Get the Mermaid Ball from the Altar on top of the hill

This item, as you may remember from Moreau’s Windmill guide, can be used to solve the Windmill Labyrinth outside the windmill across the road.

Don’t forget to complete it after you exit this area.

Sniper Rifle Ammo

Now, from your current location, turn around, and you’ll see a house.

Get inside, and in the corner, you’ll see a pile of cages. On top of them, there is some Sniper Rifle Ammo.

Resident Evil 8 Reservoir Laboratory Items Locations
Get the ammo on top of the cages

Breakable Crate #2

Awesome! Now while inside the same house, look around you to spot another crate you can break.

Do so, and the Search Completed blue marker for this house appears on your map.

Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau's Laboratory Items Locations
In the same house as above, find this crate


Awesome job! Now exit the house above using the crack in the wall, and in front of you, there is a small hill.

On this hill, you can notice a zipline you can use.

Head up there and while standing in front of the zipline, look to the ground to find a Herb.

Resident Evil Village Moreau's Laboratory Items Locations
Get the herb on top of the hill

Handgun Ammo

Next, from your current location on top of the hill, head to the house below. Or the one in front of you. Without using the zipline.

Enter the house, and on the small window, you’ll see a box of ammo.

Once you get it, the second house in the Laboratory area is marked as completed.

Resident Evil 8 Moreau's Laboratory Items Locations
Get the ammo sitting on the window in the second house

Rusted Scrap

Now that you are done with the second house, head west to the third one, where Moreau’s Hidden Weapon Treasure is located.

Before entering the house, go around it and look on the ground to spot some Rusted Scrap by the shed in the back.

Resident Evil 8 Village Laboratory Items Locations
Find the scrap in the back of the house

M1851 Wolfsbane & Moreau’s Diary of Experiments

After you get the previous item, enter the house through the hole in the back.

Make sure you crouch and after you deal with the Lycan inside, open the front door.

Now, you’ll want to check the table to find the M1851 Wolfsbane inside the box below.

This is Moreau’s Hidden Weapon in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Resident Evil Village Laboratory Items Locations
Get Moreau’s Secret Weapon and read his diary

Also on this table but on the left side is Moreau’s Diary of Experiments Collectible File. Make sure you read it.

Shotgun Ammo & Crystal Beast

Once you get your new weapon, exit the house, then turn right and check the shed where the wood is stored.

On it, you’ll find some Shogun Ammo (pictured below).

Resident Evil 8 Laboratory Items Locations
Don’t miss this ammo box

Get the ammo, then as you descend the hill, you’ll find a rather large Lycan. Kill him to get the Crystal Beast that can be sold to Duke.

You may want to try your new weapon on the angry Lycan.

Flashbang & Breakable Crate #3

For the final two items in this area, you’ll want to descend the hill and head to the southwesternmost area.

It is a dead-end, and there you’ll find a Well and another crate.

Resident Evil 8 All Laboratory Items Locations
Last but not least, find this well in the northwestern corner of the area

First, break the crate for a random item, then use the Well Wheel to get 3 Flashbang Grenades hidden in the Well.

Once you find the Well above and get the last items, you can leave the RE8 Village Moreau’s Laboratory area, knowing that you found everything.

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