Resident Evil 8 Village Vasile’s House Items: How To Clear & Get Search Completed

by Vlad
May 17, 2021

Resident Evil 8 Village Vasile’s House or the northern East Old Town House also includes 5 hidden items you may want to get on your way toward the third boss in the video game developed by Capcom.

This northern Resident Evil Village East Old Town House belongs to Vasile, one of the Villagers, and you can figure this out simply by finding Vasile’s Testament.

Since this house is the first one you’ll have to explore in the area south of the Village Altar, below, I’ll tell you what items you should collect.

Or where to find all items in Vasile’s House in order to clear it and get the Search Completed blue marker on your map.

Before we begin, you should know that in Romania, or in my country, Vasile is a very common name.

It is pronounced v-ah-S-EE-l-eh.

Where To Find Vasile’s House In Resident Evil 8 Village

As mentioned, Vasile’s House is the first one south of the Altar in the East Old Town Area.

If you open your map, you’ll see it west of the Watherweel Weapon house, across the small river.

Furthermore, it is north of the Mechanical Door House, which is very important because it grants access to a treasure.

Vasile’s House Items Locations

Inside Vasile’s House, you’ll find precisely 5 items, even though one of them is outside.

This house also features a second floor, but it’s empty. If you follow the ladder inside the house, you’ll notice that the second floor is the roof.

So, back to our items.

Where To Find The Breakable Crate

The first item you’ll want to get here is the Breakable Crate in my image below.

When you enter the house, simply turn right, and you’ll spot it. Smash it for a random item.

Resident Evil 8 Village Vasile's House Items Locations
Get this crate first

How To Get The Herb In Vasile’s House

The next item inside this specific house is just around the corner from the previous one.

Simply look behind the blue wall near the crate above.

You’ll see the table below and on it a Herb you can use in crafting.

Resident Evil Village Vasile's House Items Locations
Don’t miss this herb behind the blue wall

Where To Find Vasile’s Final Testament & Ammo

The next two items here are easy to spot and close to each other.

By the window in front of you, as you enter, you’ll see Vasile’s body (pictured).

Resident Evil 8 Village Vasile's Final Testament Collectible
Don’t miss Vasile’s Final Testament near his body

Next to it is his testament you’ll have to investigate because it’s a collectible, and on the cabinet behind his corpse is a box containing Shotgun Ammo.

One thing worth mentioning here is that Vasile’s Final Testament appears only after you deal with the second boss in the game.

Or after you return from House Beneviento.

Where To Find The Second Breakable Box

After you get the two items above, Vasile’s House Search Completed objective is achieved; however, there is one last breakable box you don’t want to miss.

Exit the house, turn right, and keep going around Vasile’s House until you spot it by a white chair.

If you open your map, it should be in the southwestern corner of the building.

Resident Evil 8 Village Vasile's House Search Completed How To Get
The last item is this breakable box outside

Break it for a random item.

After you get this last crate, Vasile’s House in Resident Evil 8 Village is fully explored, so head east to get all items in the Waterwheel Weapon House.

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