Spider-Man 2 Central Park Marko’s Memory Location Guide

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October 20, 2023

Spider-Man 2 Central Park is the smallest area on the western side of New York, but despite its size, it includes a Marko Memory Crystal required to continue your investigation of Sandman’s past. If you already collected the Memory Crystals in Midtown, you know that Marko was captured by the hunters, who used a net on him.

Despite being an antagonist in Spider-Man’s universe, the Crystal Memories in the video game developed by Insomniac Games reveal that Marko was forced to turn into Sandman by the hunters who captured him.

The Memories you collect tell his story and how he turned into Sandman to escape the net used on him. To continue this tale, assuming you followed the order on our Spider-Man 2 Wiki, you must collect Marko’s Memory in Central Park.

Where To Find the Central Park Marko’s Memory in Spider-Man 2

On the map below, you can notice that Marko’s Memory collectible in Spider-Man 2 Central Park is located on the southern side, precisely at the border between Central Park and Midtown.

Marko's Memory in the Central Park area of Spider-Man 2 is found on the southern side.

Marko’s Memory #1 (Uninvited Guests): By the Lake

Make your way to the location you see on my map above and look around for a large lake. Marko’s Crystal is found on the shore of the lake, but as usual, you’ll be ambushed by several Sandman’s mobs. There are two waves you must defeat here before interacting with the Crystal.

spider man 2 central park marko memory location guide - GameClubz

After you break the crystal collectible, you’ll trigger a new memory audio log belonging to Flint Marko. The Uninvited Guests memory reveals that Sandman managed to escape the hunters and eventually returned home to her daughter Keemia Alvarado, but she was missing. Furthermore, he found his hunters inside the house.

Once you collect this memory, you’ll receive another phone call from MJ, who informs you that the last memory you have found agitated Flint Marko, but he is feeling better. Now, it’s time to continue your investigation and head to the southeastern side of New York for the Downtown Brooklyn Marko’s Memory Crystal.

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