Spider-Man 2 Harlem Photo Op Location Guide

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October 21, 2023

In Spider-Man 2, you’ll have the chance to discover a total of 23 Photo Ops locations. You’ll earn the New York, New York Trophy by capturing a photo at each one. One of them can be found in the Harlem district.

To access the camera, you have a few options. One way is to simply swipe up on the touchpad. Alternatively, you can navigate to the “Options Button” pause menu and select “Open Camera Gadget.”

You will also gain valuable XP and City Tokens as a reward for every Photo Op you uncover in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. When all 23 photos are taken, you will receive an additional 1,000 XP and 5 City Tokens as a reward for completing the set.

Where To Find the Harlem Photo Op in Spider-Man 2

In the Harlem district, there’s one Photo Op activity located on the eastern side of the area. To make things even easier for you, we’ve provided a map below that will guide you straight to the exact location of the activity.

You can find only one Photo Op activity in Harlem district.

Photo Op #1 (The City Game): The Basketball Court

Once you reach the marked location, look for some basketball courts. Snap a photo of two basketball players to complete this activity.

Take a picture of the two men playing basketball on the court.
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