Spider-Man 2 Harlem Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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October 28, 2023

In the Harlem District of Spider-Man 2, there are three Spider-Bots you’ll have to find for the Funky Wireless Protocols trophy. Like most other Spider-Bots hidden throughout New York, the little robots are references to specific characters and events in the Spider-Man universe.

By collecting all Spider-Bots in Harlem, you’ll be able to unlock the Fast-Travel option faster, as well as obtain XP and Tech Parts. However, this time, I strongly recommend looking for the Spider-Bots collectibles only after you remove Kraven’s Harlem Hunter Blinds. The Anya Corazon, Ultimate, and Across the Spider-Verse Spiderbots don’t require any special skills, but you must know where to look for them, as they don’t get marked on your in-game map.

Where To Find the Three Harlem Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

The Spider-Man 2 Harlem Spider-Bots are found at specific locations: two of them on the southern side of the district and one of them on the northwestern side, as you can see on the map below.

The complete map for all Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Harlem Spider-Bots Locations.

Following the same order as the one on my map, here is where to look for them in the game and how to get them.

Ultimate Spider-Bot #1: On the Western Wall of General Grant National Memorial

The first Harlem Spider-Bot in Spider-Man 2 is in the southeastern corner of the map, close to one of the Spider-Bots in the Upper West Side. When you get to the location marked on my map, you’ll notice a beautiful building. Even if you are not from New York, you can quickly identify the General Grant National Memorial.

Remain on the ground and go around the building to spot the collectible behind the pillars on the western wall. The bot’s description (If I had to pick one Spider-Bot to rule them all, this might just be the ultimate) is a clear reference to the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series.

The first Spider-Man 2 Harlem Spider-Bot is on the western wall of General Grant National Memorial.

Anya Corazon Spider-Bot #2: On a Poster

For the second Spider-Bot, swing north of the previous collectible, and you’ll reach a large plaza surrounded by pink buildings. While standing near the eagles’ statue in the middle of the plaza, look around to spot the little robot on a poster (graffiti) depicting a book, a woman, and the head of a cat.

Pull the collectible towards you when close to the mural, and you’ll unlock the Anya Corazon Spider-Bot with the following description: “This one’s got a Brooklyn style and feel to it. Looks like something AC would make.” If you wonder who Anya Corazon is, you should know she is a Marvel superhero who debuted in 2004. She is also known as Spider-Girl, Araña, or Arañita the Hunter.

The second Spiderbot is on a mural.

Across the Spider-Verse Spider-Bot #3: In an Alley

The third Spiderbot in Harlem is a bit trickier to find if you don’t know where to look for it. As you can see on my map above, to get it, you’ll need to head east of the previous collectibles close to the border between Harlem and Central Park. Stay on the rooftops, and you’ll see the glowing pulse coming from a narrow alley between two buildings.

Pull the bot using Spidey’s web, and you’ll unlock another entry in your collection: “Is this the newest bot? That paint looks super fresh…just like this spider’s style.” The bot references the 2023 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse animated superhero film.

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