Spider-Man 2 Williamsburg Marko’s Memory Location Guide

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October 21, 2023

Marko’s Memory in Williamsburg District of Spider-Man 2 counts as a collectible and allows you to continue investigating what happened to the Sandman before the events in the video game developed by Insomniac Games. The Williamsburg Marko’s Memory crystal is required to obtain 100% completion and to start the Remember side mission, which serves as an epilogue for Sandman’s story.

If you followed the order on our Spider-Man 2 Strategy Guide, Marko’s Memory in the Williamsburg District is the twelfth collectible you should get, following the one in Downtown Brooklyn. The crystal unlocks the memory or audio log named Imprisoned.

Where To Find the Williamsburg Marko’s Memory in Spider-Man 2

On the map below, you can notice that Marko’s Memory collectible in Spider-Man 2 Williamsburg District is found in the northwestern corner of your map. You don’t have to uncover the whole district to get it or to progress the story. Just make sure you reach the location I have marked for you.

The map shows the Spider-Man 2 Williamsburg Marko’s Memory location.

Marko’s Memory #1 (Imprisoned): On Top of a Factory Building

Marko’s Orange Memory Crystal at the location I have marked above is on top of a red factory building. When you get close, look for the factory’s stack on the roof, then climb the building. You’ll find the crystal on the building’s roof in my screenshot below.

Marko's Memory collectible in Williamsburg is on top of a factory.

Before getting close, make sure you are ready to face Sandman’s thugs that will spawn and heal if needed. There is only one wave of enemies you’ll have to deal with before being able to approach the orange crystal and interact with it. After you break the crystal, you’ll unlock the Imprisoned Memory.

According to the audio log, after returning home, Flint Marko was captured by his hunters and brought to a dungeon. The identity of his captors remains unknown, but it is clear that Flint Marko struggled and suffered because he didn’t know if his daughter Keemia Alvarado was still alive. To continue your investigation, you’ll need to retrieve the Little Odessa Memory Crystal.

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