Spider-Man 2 Downtown Queens Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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November 2, 2023

While exploring Downtown Queens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you can collect 3 Spider-Bots found at fixed locations. These collectibles are Gwen Stacy, Into the Spider-Verse, and the Stealth Spider-Bot. They will help you fill the progression bar, unlock the Downtown Queens fast travel option, and ultimately get two Hero Tokens to improve your Suit Tech.

The Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bots, as you probably know, are the trickiest collectibles in the video game, mainly because they are not marked on your map or HUD. To find them, you must explore each district, looking for their pink pulses, which can be time-consuming, in my opinion. The same goes for the Spider-Man 2 Downtown Queens Spider-Bots. If you want to save time, then here is where they can be found.

Where To Find the Three Downtown Queens Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

On the Downtown Queens map below, you can see that the Spider-Bots are located in the corners of the district. They are pretty easy to get, and they don’t require any special abilities.

The map shows the locations of the three Spider-Man 2 Downtown Queens Spider-Bots.

Stealth Spider-Bot #1: Near Keemia’s House

The first Spider-Bot collectible in the Downtown Queens District is very close to Keemia’s House. In fact, it’s behind Keemia’s House you’ll get to visit after finding all Marko’s Memories. Keemia or Marko’s (The Sandman) daughter lives in the northeastern corner of Downtown Queens. You’ll get to meet her while playing the Remember side mission.

The Spiderbot marked on the map above is found on a small house one street away from Keemia’s home.

The first Downtown Queens Spider-Bot is found near Keemia's House.

After you collect the small spider robot, you can read its description: “Looks like it has some kind of omni-harmonic mesh construction. If we could make a suit like this, we’d for sure hit the big time.” This particular Spider-Bot references Spider-Man’s Stealth Suit, which debuted in 2010. According to Marvel Fandom, Peter used the suit to combat the sonic screams of the Hobgoblin and to infiltrate Fisk Towers.

Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Bot #2: On a Baseball Court

The Into the Spider-Verse Spider-Bot collectible is west of the previous location. Head towards East River Bridge, and when you get close, look for a baseball court. Its location is also marked above. The little spiderbot is on one of the fields.

When you pick it up, you’ll see a new entry in your collection: “You know, that logo’s not bad. Kinda just makes you sit up and go, “Hey.” The collectible references the 2018 American animated superhero film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The second Spider-Man 2 Downtown Queens Spider-Bot is on a baseball court.

Gwen Stacy Spider-Bot #3: By the Western Bridge Leading to Little Odessa

For the last Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot in Downtown Queens, head south towards the western bridge leading to Little Odessa. Before crossing the bridge, while traveling south, you’ll find the collectible on top of a gray building. The spiderbot is moving on the back of the wall on the rooftop.

When you pick this one, you’ll get the following description: “Striking design on this one. Wonder who came up with it?”. The collectible references Gwendolyne Maxine “Gwen” Stacy or Spider-Woman, created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez.

The last Spiderbot in Downtown Queens is near the bridge leading to Little Odessa.

These are the three hidden Downtown Queens Spider-Bots in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Get them quickly, then look for the three Spider-Bots in Little Odessa.

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