Spider-Man 2 Lights, Camera, Action Walkthrough: How To Get All Photo Shots

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October 23, 2023

Lights, Camera, Action in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the four Brooklyn Visions required to achieve 100% completion in Williamsburg and one of the three side-stories unlocked after the BV Club Fair mission. Besides the fact that the Spider-Man 2 Lights, Camera, Action mission allows you to complete Williamsburg District, it also grants you access to the Boricua Suit for Miles Morales.

To unlock the said suit, however, you’ll also have to finish the Homecoming and Senior Prank Brooklyn Vision side stories. For the Lights, Camera, Action, you’ll be asked to take a couple of photos of the academy and play around with a drone.

How To Start the Williamsburg Lights, Camera, Action Brooklyn Vision Side Story in Spider-Man 2

After finishing the BV Club Fair side story, you can start the Lights, Camera, Action mission by visiting the Williamsburg campus. It is one of the three missions that pop up immediately after the BV Club Fair. Head to the location on my map below and speak to Odyssey, the female student near the TV (second screenshot).

Odyssey has a slight problem she needs help with. Specifically, her drone went missing while she was trying to capture some footage for her senior project. As such, she needs help finding the drone. Luckily for you, the device is not too far.

To find Odyssesy’s drone, open your map, and 200 meters away from your current location, you’ll see the objective marker. It is on top of a building. Get to the roof, and you’ll find the drone near a ladder (pictured below). Make sure you interact with it.

The drone is found on top of a building northeast of Odyssey's location.

How To Get a Nice Shot of the BVA Campus

After Miles fixes the drone, you’ll get a phone call from Odyssey asking you to get a nice shot of the BVA Campus. If you completed all Spider-Man 2 Photo Ops, you know what to do. If not, you’ll want to remain on the roof of the building where you found the drone and get to the edge facing the Campus below. Pull out your camera by sliding your finger upwards on the touchpad, then move the camera around until you get a green marker on your screen. Press R1 to take a nice shot.

Take a photo of the BVA Campus.

High Vantage Photos Locations

After photographing the BVA Campus, you’ll get another objective from Odyssey. Specifically, she wants you to get two more high-vantage photos. Obviously, you’ll need to be on two different roofs marked on your map.

First, head to the building with a pink sign on the roof. It is 230 meters west of your location. Climb on the pink sign, pull out your camera, and photograph the enclosure below. You may remember it if you played the Homecoming side story.

Great! Now swing across the Campus and head to the second building, 260 meters southeast of your location. While on the roof’s edge, face the Campus below, pull out your camera, and photograph the recruitment office in my second screenshot below.

Student Life Photos Locations in Spider-Man 2

After getting the previous two pictures, Miles Morales receives another call from Odyssey, who wants three Student Life Photos. Specifically, she needs shots of the following:

  • Drone Club
  • Esports Team
  • Greenhouse

Let’s go over these one by one and see how to get the perfect shots.

How to Photograph the Greenhouse

To photograph the Greenhouse in Spider-Man 2 Lights, Camera, Action, open your map and head to the northernmost icon depicting a camera. Land on the roof, and you should be able to find the Greenhouse pictured below. Climb the nearby lower roof and, while standing on it, pull out the camera and take a photo of the small building.

The Greenhouse is found on the roof of the Campus.

Where To Find the Esports Team

Next up is the Esports Team. Open your map again and select the eastern icon. Swing to the location, and you’ll see the Esports Team inside the Campus. Since they are inside the building, you must photograph them through the windows. So, place yourself on the roof nearby (marked in the picture below).

The Spider-Man 2 Esports Team is found inside the building.

Drone Club Location In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Finally, open your map again and select the last icon depicting a camera to find the Drone Club. Swing to the baseball field, and you should see several students playing around with drones. Simply stand before them, pull out your camera, and take a picture.

The Drone Club is on the baseball field.

How To Follow the Camera Drone Without Landing

Now that you have taken all the photos, Odyssey will call one last time, asking for another favor. She wants Miles to follow the camera drone but without landing. Don’t worry because it’s easier than it sounds. The first thing you’ll want to do is to head to the nearby building marked on your map. On the roof, you should see some smoke marking the starting position. Interact with the drone while standing beside it, and the race starts.

Follow the Camera Drone by swinging next to it.

To complete this objective, remember it’s a chase, not a race. So, start by jumping off the roof, press Triangle to deploy your Web Wings, and stay close to the drone marked above. The idea is to follow the drone’s trail. If you lose altitude, you can swing instead of flying by tapping R2. Stay close to the drone that moves around the Campus, then land near the finish line.

After the chase, you’ll return to Odyssey, who congratulates Miles Morales for a fantastic job. The Lights, Camera, Action mission is now complete, but to get the Boricua Suit, you’ll need to complete the remaining Brooklyn Vision missions.

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