Spider-Man 2 Little Odessa Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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November 2, 2023

In the Little Odessa District of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you can find the Scarlet Spider, Electro-Proof Spider-Man, and Black Cat Noir Spider-Bots, which will help you fill the progress bar and unlock the fast-travel option. Alongside other collectibles and side activities such as the Little Odessa Prowler Stash and the EMF Experiment, the Spider Bots are required to reach 100% completion in the game.

Because Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Spiderbots are the only collectibles that don’t get marked on your map or HUD, they are the trickiest and require a bit of legwork unless you know their locations. Luckily, these locations are fixed, and once you learn where to look for the tiny robots, you can collect them in less than 5 minutes.

Where To Find the Three Little Odessa Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

The map shows the locations of the three Little Odessa Spider-Bots collectibles in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the video game.

Scarlet Spider Spider-Bot #1: On a Round Factory Tower

Following the same order as the one on the map above, the first Little Odessa Spider-Bot is found in the northeastern corner of the District. At the location I have marked, you’ll find a construction yard, and you should be able to spot a crane. Next to the crane, there are two round towers. Pay attention to the pink pulse of the Spider Bot, and you’ll see the collectible on the tower closest to the yellow crane.

When you pick it up, don’t forget to read its description (Colours are fantastic here. Cool blue, deep scarlet red) referencing the Scarlet Spider costume.

The first Little Odessa Spider-Bot is on a round tower.

Electro-Proof Spider-Man Spider-Bot #2: On a Building Under Construction

The Electro-Proof Spider-Man Bot is the second collectible marked on the map above, and as you can see, it’s south of the previous Spiderbot. It’s easy to spot after reaching the location on my map as long as you remain on the ground. Look around for another crane placed near a building under construction.

The hidden Spiderbot is moving on the eastern wall of the building. Once you pick it up, if you read its description (Super insulated shell, immune to electrical overcharge. An Electro-proof Spider-Bot? Nice…), you can quickly figure out that it’s a reference to the suit Spider-Man created while fighting Electro alongside X-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #425.

Another Little Odessa Spider-Bot collectible is found on a building under construction.

Black Cat Noir Spider-Bot #3: On a Building Under Construction

The last Spider-Bot in Little Odessa District is west of the previous collectible. Swing to the location on my map and look for a a shiny round building with multiple windows (pictured below). On top of it, you’ll spot the glowing pink pulse from the Spiderbot moving on the pergola on the roof.

The Spider-Bot’s description reads: This bot looks to be just about purr-fect and is a reference to Felicia Hardy’s Suit that first appeared in Spider-Man Noir #1 (December 2008), according to marvel.fandom.com.

spider man 2 little odessa spider bots locations guide - GameClubz

After you get all the collectibles above, I recommend moving further south to find the two Williamsburg Spider-Bots.

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