Spider-Man 2 Harlem Hunter Blind Locations Guide

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October 24, 2023

Harlem Hunter Blinds, or the Spider-Man 2 Motorpool Blinds, are side activities you must complete in the Harlem District if you wish to achieve 100% completion in the latest video game developed by Insomniac Games for PlayStation 5. The Spider-Man 2 Harlem Hunter Blinds allow you to discover the location of the Hunter Base in Harlem, which means that they are mandatory for clearing Kraven’s presence in the district.

Since the Harlem Hunter Blinds in Spider-Man 2 are the first you’ll encounter during the story, it’s worth knowing where to find them and how to tackle these side activities. That’s because the Hunter Blinds in Spider-Man 2 are small hostile encampments you must clear before retrieving helpful information about the Hunter Base.

Where To Find the Harlem Motorpool Blinds in Spider-Man 2

To unlock the Motorpool Hunter Blinds in the Harlem District of Spider-Man 2, you have to progress through the story and complete the Bad Guys on the Block main mission, during which you’ll get to learn more about Kraven’s plans. At the end of the mission, you’ll get access to the three Hunter Blinds marked on the Harlem map below.

The map shows the locations of all Harlem Hunter Blinds in Spider Man 2

As mentioned, the Hunter Blinds in Spider-Man 2 are hostile camps belonging to Kraven and are usually found on rooftops. Kraven’s camps are masked using some sort of forcefields, but you should be able to spot them when you get close to them. To clear a Hunter Blind in Spider-Man 2, you must deal with all of Kraven’s mercenaries, then complete a minigame during which you’ll get additional information on the Hunter Base.

Before discussing these minigames, it’s worth outlining that how you deal with Kraven’s thugs is not important, meaning that there are no specific bonuses for taking them out silently; however, it is best to remain unseen because otherwise, the mercenaries will call for reinforcements. If you prefer a more brutal approach, then make sure you collect all Prowler’s Caches in the game and upgrade your Suit Tech accordingly. Now, here is where to find the Hunter Blinds in Harlem, also known as Motropool Blinds.

Hunter Blind #1: Where To Find the Comm Centre Hunter Base Intel

The first Hunter Blind in Harlem is found atop an apartment building in the district’s center. It is one of the largest Hunter Blinds, with multiple mercenaries overseeing the city. If you want to remain hidden, use the Web Lines to move around the camp and constantly scan the enemies below by pressing R3. When a target is marked as Safe, you can perform a takedown without alerting anyone.

Prioritize the snipers overseeing the camp, then deal with the remaining mercenaries below. After you clear the camp, you must gather intel on the Hunter Base. Approach the workbench marked below and interact with it. Now, move the left thumbstick to highlight the comm center on the hologram’s northern side (also pictured below).

Hunter Blind #2: Where To Find the Hidden Vulnerabilities Hunter Base Intel

West of the previous Kraven Hunter Blind, you’ll find the second one, which is smaller in size and easier to clear. Again, I recommend a stealth approach if you don’t want to face even more mercenaries. Since the camp is small, it’s relatively easy to keep an eye on all enemies and take them out silently.

After you clear the camp, look for another workbench and interact with it. For the next minigame, you must find three Hunter Base Vulnerabilities by moving the left thumbstick. When you find a vulnerability, press X to select it. Check the following locations (pictured above):

  • The center of the Hunter Base
  • The hangar on the right side
  • The southern side of the Base

Hunter Blind #3: Where To Find the Hunter Base

The third Hunter Blind in Harlem is on the western side of the district, at the location marked above. It is also relatively small, and you’ll find it on the roof of another building. After clearing out all mercenaries hired by Kraven, you’ll find another workbench next to an iron cage (first screenshot below). Interact with it, and you’ll see the map of Harlem. For this minigame, you must find the Hunter Base in the district. As you can see, Kraven’s Base is located on the northwestern side of Harlem.

After completing the three Spider-Man 2 Hunter Blinds, you can clear Kraven’s Harlem Hunter Base, knowing all its vulnerabilities. Once you remove his mercenaries from the district, continue progressing the story to unlock the Hunter Blinds in the Upper West Side.

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