Spider-Man 2 Greenwich Prowler Stash Location Guide

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October 23, 2023

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’ll have to locate and gather 10 Prowler Stashes containing Rare Tech Parts, and each one requires you to solve a light puzzle to get it. In order to access the Greenwich Prowler Stash, you will need to use Miles’ Chain Lightning ability to power up a few generators.

Where To Find the Greenwich Prowler Stash in Spider-Man 2

The Greenwich Prowler Stash is located in the southwestern corner of the district, on the roof of a red brick building, nestled close to the western waterfront. To help you spot it, the top is highlighted in a shade of pink. As you approach, keep an eye out for the pink Prowler icon that will appear on your map and radar.

You can find the Greenwich Prowler Stash in the southwest corner of the district, atop a red brick building, near the western waterfront.

How To Get the 2-on-2 Prowler Stash in Greenwich

After you land on the highlighted roof, hold down - GameClubz to open your scanner and keep your eyes peeled for a large grey panel near some air vents units. Please refer to the image below, just in case you need a visual aid.

Scan the large grey panel near some big AC units.
Pull the panel from the corner of the roof in front and above of it.

Once you’ve scanned it for the Prowler Code and finished the adaptive trigger minigame by matching the yellow dots with the grey area, zip yourself to the corner in front and above the panel and hold down - GameClubz and - GameClubzsimultaneously to pull it up and reveal a hidden door.

In order to open the secret door, you must first restore power to its generators. You don’t need to power up all four generators scattered across the roof, only the ones that are connected to the door. It’s important to remember that the door will not open until power is restored to the necessary generators.

Generator #1

The first generator is located on the southern edge of the green highlighted area on your radar, nestled between two air vent units. Approach the generator and hold down - GameClubz and - GameClubz to perform a Chain Lightning and power it up.

You can find the first generator near the southern edge of the building.

Generator #2

The second and final generator can be found atop the small building on the southwestern corner of the rooftop. Give it a nice whack with your Chain Lighting to power up this bad boy, too.

The second generator is located on the small building in the southwestern corner of the rooftop.

Once you’ve successfully powered up both generators, the door will unlock, granting you access to the Greenwich Prowler Stash rewards. You’ll be able to collect 300 XP and three valuable Rare Tech Parts.

While you swing around the Greenwich district, make sure to grab Marko’s Memory and capture the Photo Ops for some extra XP. Also, if you need a few more Rare Tech Parts to upgrade your Suit Tech, fear not, as there is another Prowler Stash in Hell’s Kitchen.

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