Spider-Man 2 Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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November 10, 2023

In Spider-Man 2, you’ll find Spider-Bots all over New York City, including four in Downtown Brooklyn. But here’s the thing – they’re not marked on the map. So, it’s up to you to do some exploring and find them by the pink pulses emitted by the robots.

Locating all the Spider-Bots in the game can be quite a challenge and can take up a lot of your precious time. So, without further ado, let me guide you to the locations of all the Downtown Brooklyn Spider Bots in Marvel’s Spider Man 2.

Where To Find the Four Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

Take a look at the map provided below to locate each of the Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bots quickly. Most of them can be found in the eastern section of the district, except one.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bots Locations Map

To make things even easier for you, I’ll provide tips on how to find the Spider Bots in Downtown Brooklyn in the same order as shown on the map.

Peni Parker Spider-Bot #1: On The Side of a Glass Skyscraper

You can find the first Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot on the side of a glass skyscraper with white edges in the northeastern part of the district. This Spider Bot refers to Peni Parker, a Japanese-American superhero from Earth-14512, a parallel world in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. She is the pilot of the SP//dr armor, a mecha suit powered by a radioactive spider. Peni and the spider share a psychic link, which allows them to work together to control the suit’s powerful abilities.

Peni Parker Spider-Bot Location

Superior Spider-Bot #2: Under a Train Track

The second Spider Bot in Downtown Brooklyn is located right under a train track near Coney Island. You can easily spot it from the nearby street. This one is a reference to The Superior Spider-Man, a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the alter ego of Otto Octavius, a supervillain who transferred his mind into the body of Peter Parker.

Spider-Man 2 Superior Spider-Bot Location

Sensational Spider-Man Spider-Bot #3: On the Rooftop of an Apartment Block

This Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot can be found on the rooftop of one of the apartment blocks near Coney Island. If you have trouble finding its location, please refer to the image below. The Spider Bot refers to The Sensational Spider-Man, a clone of Peter Parker known as Ben Reilly. Created by the villain Jackal, the purpose was to replace Peter as Spider-Man. However, Ben cleverly escapes from Jackal’s laboratory and becomes a hero in his own way.

Sensational Spider-Man Spider-Bot Location

Mysterio Spider-Bot #4: Under an Overpass

This final Spider-Bot in Spider Man 2‘s Downtown Brooklyn is under the overpass on the western side of the district. If you’re having trouble finding it, just press R3 to ping the Spider-Bot or check the image below.

This Spider Bot refers to Mysterio, a master of illusion and deception, who uses his powers to create elaborate illusions that can confuse and disorient his enemies. Mysterio’s real name is Quentin Beck. You’ve probably met him already during the Master Illusionist main mission, when Miles Morales became a DJ in The Mysterium.

Spider-Man 2 Mysterio Spider-Bot Location

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to grab Marko’s Memory, snap the Photo Op, and unlock the Prowler Stash in Downtown Brooklyn. You’ll need all these collectibles to achieve 100% completion in the game. They’re absolutely necessary!

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