Spider-Man 2 Astoria Spider-Bot Locations Guide

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
November 1, 2023

The Mangaverse, Shocker, Blood-Spider, and Classic Spider-Bots are the four Astoria collectibles you must find in Spider-Man 2 to complete your collection and all side activities in the northeastern District of New York.

In Spider-Man 2, the Spider Bots are the most challenging collectibles because they don’t appear on your map or HUD. The little bots grant you XP and Tech Parts, allowing you to fill the progression bar of the associated District, thus unlocking the fast-travel option. Furthermore, the Spider-Bots, including those in Astoria District, reference characters, events, and even suits from the Spider-Man universe.

Where To Find the Four Astoria Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

As you can see on my custom map below, the four Spider-Man 2 bots in Astoria are found near essential landmarks, and they are scattered across the District.

The maps shows the locations of the four Marvel  Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bots in Astoria District.

Classic Spider-Bot #1: On Top of a Building Near Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

The first Astoria Spider-Bot in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is on Randalls Island. You’ll spot it on top of a building near the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, which connects the island and northern Astoria. The location is marked on the map above.

When you get close to the bridge, stay on the rooftops, and you’ll see the pink pulse of the Spider Bot on a gray building. When you collect it, you’ll get the following description: “Can a Spider-Bot feel old school? Because this one does – in all the right ways.” The Classic Spider-Bot in the game references Peter’s Classic Spider-Man Costume.

The first Spider-Man 2 Spider Bot in Astoria is near the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.

Blood-Spider Spider-Bot #2: On Top Eastern Wall of Today’s NYPA Building

After getting the previous bot, cross the East River and head to the second location marked on the map above. You’ll find a rather large factory that resembles today’s NYPA Corporate Office. The Spider-Man 2 Blood-Spider Bot is located on the eastern wall of the town in the center of the compound.

When you collect it, read its description (Looks slick, dangerous, and … is that red on its legs?), referencing the Blood Spider Costume used by Michael Bingham.

The second Spiderbot in Astoria is on the eastern wall of the NYPA building in Spider-Man 2 video game.

Shocker Spider-Bot #3: Floating Above Astoria Park

From the previous Spider-Man 2 collectible, head south until you reach Astoria Park. At the location above, you should see the third Spider Boat floating in the air. To get it, I strongly recommend using the air stream found on the roof of a building north of the collectible. You can see the collectible and the air stream in the following screenshot.

The Shocker Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bot is floating above Astoria Park.

Deploy your wingsuit and then fly towards the Astoria Park Spider-Bot to collect it. Now, read its description: “Some weird sound vibration coming off this one. I’m shocked no one has taken care of it yet.” The Shocker Spiderbot references Herman Schultz and The Shocker’s costume.

Mangaverse Spider-Bot #4: On Top of the Method Theater Tower

For the final Spiderbot in Astoria District, head east of the previous collectible. At the location on my map, you’ll find a beautiful complex known as the Method Theater. The Spiderbot is located on the southeastern wall of the tower.

The last Astoria Spider Bot is found on top of the Method Theater.

The description of the fourth Astoria Spider-Bot reads: “This reminds me of some of my favorite mangas – how did they get it to look like that?”. The Mangaverse Spider-Man was created by Kaare Andrews and made his cinematic debut in 2023 in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. After you get it, make sure you head south and look for the three Downtown Queens Spider-Bots.

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