Spider-Man 2 Central Park Photo Op Locations Guide

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October 21, 2023

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Photo Ops are a type of Collectible, and in order to achieve 100% completion in all Districts, it is necessary to find and collect all of them, including the ones in the Central Park district. Completing them all will be worth it because it unlocks the New York, New York Trophy.

When you come across a Photo Op in Central Park, simply swipe up on the Touchpad to bring it into focus. Once the screen flashes green, you’ll know it’s ready to be captured. To keep track of all the Photo Ops you’ve discovered, you can conveniently access them through the Collections tab in the pause menu.

Where To Find the Two Central Park Photo Ops in Spider-Man 2

In the Central Park district of Spider-Man 2, you’ll find several Photo Op activities waiting for you to complete. Don’t worry; there are only two of them, so it won’t be too overwhelming. Let’s get ready to have some fun capturing those perfect shots using our handy map below.

There are only two Central Park Photo Ops activities available in Spider-Man 2.

Photo Op #1 (The Truth): The Conspiracy Theorist

Are you looking for some valuable insights on extraterrestrials? Look no further than Central Park, where you’ll find in the northern end of the district a remarkable individual who genuinely cares about the safety of others. Make sure to snap a picture of him to complete the Photo Op activity.

Take a picture of the cospiracy theorist waving his hands.

Photo Op #2 (To the Beat): Breakdancing Contest

If you happen to find yourself swinging along the southern side of Central Park, keep an eye out for a group of people gathered around some incredibly talented breakdancers. Trust me, you won’t be able to miss the excitement and energy they bring to the park! Don’t forget to capture the incredible moves to finish the activity.

By the way, if you’re a fan of Miles Morales and have played his game, you might recognize this spot. It’s the very same place where Miles picked up his first suit from Peter, the iconic “Great Responsibility” suit. And guess what? You can also find that suit in this game too!

Take a picture of the breakdancing contest.
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