Spider-Man 2 Greenwich Spider-Bot Locations Guide

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October 24, 2023

Spider-Man 2 Greenwich Spider-Bots are the last three collectibles you’ll need to find to achieve 100% completion in the western New York District and the trickiest ones because they don’t get marked on your in-game map. Furthermore, the Greenwich Spiderbots can’t be found early in the game because you’ll need to progress the story and complete the 12th main mission, Science Buddy.

Nevertheless, the Spider-Bots in Greenwich District are mandatory if you go after the Platinum Trophy. Alongside Marko’s Memory, the two Photo Ops, and the Prowler Stash, we already revealed as part of our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Strategy Guide, when you visit Greenwich, you’ll also have to find the three Spider Bot collectibles revealed below.

Where To Find the Three Greenwich Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

As you can see on our Greenwich map, the three Spiderbots in Spider-Man 2 are scattered around the district; however, one is acquired automatically as part of the story.

A complete map showing all Spider-Man 2 Greenwich Spider-Bots collectibles locations

When looking for the Siderbots, you do not need to use your map because these collectibles aren’t marked on it. Hence, you’ll want to use our map and check the locations we have marked. Following the same order as the one on it, here is where to find the cute spiders.

Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Bot #1: Retrieved Automatically During Spider-Spy

The first Spider-Bot in the video game developed by Insomniac Games is retrieved automatically by Peter after the Science Buddy main mission. After you leave Henry’s office, you’ll trigger an intermission named Spider-Spy, mandatory for progressing the story. You only need to collect the small Spider robot on the roof. Its description reads: “Awesome! This looks like something from the future!”

The first Spider-Man 2 Spider-Bot collectible is unlocked during the story.

JJJ Spider-Bot #2: On a Daily Bugle Poster

The second Spider Robot in Greenwich is found on a poster of J. Jonah Jameson, the owner of Daily Bugle. Head to the second location I have marked above and look for a sketch showing the Daily Bugle’s current owner. The one and only JJ Jameson, doing what he does best. The tiny bot is moving on the poster. When you collect it, you can check its description: “There’s only one question I have about this one. Why?”

The second Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Greenwhich Spider Bot is on a poster showing  JJ Jameson

Flipside Spider-Bot #3: Above the Entrance to the Modern Building

The third Spiderman 2 Greenwich Spider-Bot is a bit trickier to spot. Head to the location marked on the map above, in the northwestern corner of the district. Return to the ground and look for a large building named Modern. Make sure you are close to the waterfront, and above the entrance to the Modern building, you’ll see the tiny spider moving on the ceiling. The bot’s description reads: “This one would make Ganke flip. Quite the machine.”

The last Spiderbot is on the ceiling above the entrance to the Modern building.
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