Spider-Man 2 Upper East Side Photo Op Location Guide

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October 21, 2023

Spider-Man 2 brings back the thrill of being a webslinger and a photographer as you embark on a mission to find and capture 23 Photo Ops scattered throughout New York City. One of them is located in the Upper East Side district.

To take a picture and capture the Photo Op in Spiderman 2, you must open the camera mode on the PS5 controller by simply swiping upwards on the touchpad. Just remember not to press down on the touchpad, as that will open the menu instead.

Where To Find the Upper East Side Photo Op in Spider-Man 2

The Upper East Side Photo Op can be found on the rooftops of a building in the southwestern part of the district. Here’s a custom map that will lead you right to the spot you’re looking for. It’s like having a personal GPS, but without the annoying voice telling you to make a U-turn.

There is just only one Photo Op activity in Upper East Side of Spider-Man 2.

Photo Op #1 (The Roof Court): The Tennis Court

When you reach the Upper East Side, head to the southwestern area of the district, close to the Avengers Tower. Once you reach the location marked on the map above, you can witness a unique sight: players playing tennis on the rooftops.

Take advantage of this opportunity and capture the game in action by taking a photo. To capture this photo, simply go up to the next level of the roof. From there, you’ll have the perfect vantage point.

Take a picture of the Tennis Court on the top of the rooftops.
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